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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 28th – Amber Throwing Everyone Under the Bus, Left and Right

Dani joins Eric and Jess in the HoH for just a short time, saying she is avoiding everyone, then joins Amber and Jameka in the hammock. Here she says it’s boring as there aren’t enough people to talk to. I thought you were avoiding everyone! Amber has quite a different tone with Dani than she had with Dick. She wants to pin everything now on her getting along with everyone. She say she could trash Zach at this point, but she’s not going to. She doesn’t want to make deals she can’t keep.

Once Jameka leaves, Amber says she would never put Dani up, but didn’t want to say that in front of Jameka. Well, that’s a huge warning sing in and of itself. Amber tells her complete conversation with Dick to Dani, and DAni can’t even getting a word in. Amber also completely bashes Eric, saying she knows Jen is a liar, b out she thinks a lot of the stuff she said about Eric was true. Dani bails on Amber, saying she has to go inside because of the bugs.

Inside, Dick lets everyone know they are not getting dinner tonight as they tough, but it will be tomorrow night instead. He thinks he’ll just ma up hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone. After their bath together, Jess and Eric are taking separate showers. He tries to blade his body so she can’t see through the glass, and when he’s out, she gets in, and he offers to clean everything for her. Her body or her room? When she’s out, she says she wants to get drunk tonight, then says she can’t get rid of Jameka who sits on her bed every day. She’ll get rid of Dani and Dick, but Eric says she can’t because of their agreement. They leave the HoH room to go downstairs for dinner.

In the kitchen, everyone is excited there is a full case of beer tonight. Dani tries some OJ, but says it went bad, and that it tastes like toilet water with crappie it. Now that leaves an image. Everyone sits down to a dinner of hot dogs and cheeseburgers, and talk about playing quarters later than night. Jess says she was asked when she was 6 what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she said either the president or a waitress. Dick puts his foot in his mouth, and repeats it differently, but I didn’t catch it, and Dani gets extremely upset for the comparison of a waitress to a stripper.

Dani storms off banging dishes around, and Dick goes outside for a smoke and asks whoever is listening why they’d isn’t put him in there with one of his ex-wives, as he would have had to put up with the same shit. Gotta love him. Zach comes out and Dick says he wonders if she talks to her boyfriends the same way or if she saves it for him. He figures she talks to them all the same.

Dick goes in and confronts Dani, asking why she has to speak to him like that. She asks what he wants her to stay, and he explains he’s been in a bad mood all day and now he wants to talk about it. She suggests if she puts him in a crappy mood, maybe he shouldn’t talk to her. She keeps walking away from him, but he keeps following her around. He goes outside and talks to Amber, saying he’s been hearing the same thing for seven year. She says Dani asked her if what he as bothered her, but Amber said she didn’t think Dick mean it that way. He says he was not comparing Dani to a stripper, and Amber says they can talk about it when they get out of the house in four weeks. She asks if he needs a hug, and he says no, he needs a Xanax.

Amber and Jameka go up tot he HoH, and Jameka lets on the Jess said she is regretting her noms. She doesn’t want Amber to blame Jess, though saying she just doesn’t want to be the first of the four to leave. Jameka sees this as a great time to to get in with Jess, and make and alliance of Amber Jess, and Jameka, but Amber doesn’t want her on her bandwagon. Amber just wants Eric out very badly. Amber talks about a deal like she had with Dust, then says she thinks they will keep her there because she gives everyone advice. Yeah, that’s it. They still don’t see a final four deal here, but realize that Eric and Jess aren’t looking to put up Dani and Dick. They think Eric won’t try for HoH this week, because he knows he’s safe.

While everyone starts to play quarters downstairs, Jess comes up to check on Jameka and Amber. They barrage her and start to tell her all sorts of stuff about Eric to get her not to trust him, but Jess assures them she will break the tie to save Amber, she just needs to be sure she can get that second vote. Amber wonders about the whole good person thing, then thinks maybe Eric’s idea of who a good person is is different than hers. Duh. She wants to ask Jess something else, but Dick comes in to say the game of quarters is starting. Jameka says she wants to wait 30 minutes after eating (are they now playing quarters in the pool?) and Amber says she will be right there.

Amber then asks Jess why she put Dick and Dani up two weeks ago, but this week put up her and Zach. She wants to know what changed, and that is a very valid quested question, I have to admit. Jess says what she tried to do two weeks ago backfired and what she is trying to do this time is backfiring as well. Amber wants her to realize Eric could be taking advantage of her. She says she now realizes Dustin was doing the same thing with her and she feels she is a much better player without him in the house, and the gal has a point. She also brings up the whole thing about him not wanting HoH because he didn’t want pictures on the wall (which we know is a ruse to cover up AP), and tells Jess to look at the fact that everyone Eric has wanted out has left.

Jameka tells Jess that if Eric did win HoH, he would put Jess up. That is so not true, and I hope Jess is seeing right through this. She also brings up the deal with the Donatos and Jess denies it, prompting Jameka to figure that must mean Eric has a side deal. Amber says she doesn’t understand why Eric wouldn’t use the veto to backdoor Dick or Dani when they did it to him. Amber and Jameka just keep pushing this that there is some deal with Dick and Dani, and they’re 100% right, but Jess is lying to them that she doesn’t know anything about it. Dick is downstairs wondering what is taking them so long.-Eric figures they’re getting a pitch and tells Zach to go upstairs and check into it. He doesn’t want to and tells Eric to do it himself.


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