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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 28th – Amber Throwing Everyone Under the Bus, Left and Right

Amber and Dick join in in the HoH bathroom, working on Dick’s hair. While they do this, Eric and Jess go out to the bedroom and look at her pictures, discussing the people. Jess cleans up the HoH, and the lockdown ends. Dick and Amber go outside, and he now has a plastic shower cap and plastic wrap on his head, assumably he’s getting it dyed. It’s honestly a funny sight. But wait, there’s a odd humming going on. It’s not a shower cap, but a hair dryer.

While he still has his head wrapped, he tells Amber he knows if he keeps her in the house that she will put him and Dani up. Amber said she doesn’t know and doesn’t want to make deals. Well, she already promised Eric and Jess they wouldn’t go up. Dick says says he doesn’t want a deal, he’s just explaining his concern, the same as he did for Zach. He suggests his vote will got to the person who hasn’t thrown him under the bus, and that he knows they both have.

Dick talks about the week Eric went up on the block, and Amber blames it all on Dustin, saying he was the one that flipped, and she couldn’t because of the promise on her daughter’s life. He says the whole house was against him after that, and he and Dani ended up on the block, only to survive. Amber says she’s never been against Dani. He says he’s not holding the past against anyone, but they are the reasons he can’t trust her or Zach. She admits to lying to Dick, but says it was for her best friend in the house.

Additionally, Dick says he understands what it’s like to be on the block. And up until shortly before the eviction, he thought it was going to be him. Amber wonders what happened with them, saying they used to be so close. Dick says people were accusing him, Amber, and Dustin of being in an alliance, so he created that distance. Even though he told Dustin he trusted him the most, he really didn’t, as he had a feeling Joe was right about him. Dick thinks Amber was wrong to put so much trust in him.He asks Amber how she can have this serious conversation with him with this thing on his head. And y’know, that’s a valid concern.

Dick won’t give out any promises now, and ays he still needs to talk to Dani about what they will do this week. Amber admits her track record isn’t the treaties and that she has lied, but she is just doing the normal save yourself from eviction thing. She promises if she does leave this week, she won’t hold any grudges. And if she was smart, if she did leave, she would give this guy her vote other than Eric and Jess. As he is the only one in the house that is being honest with her.

Without a doubt, Dick knows he played hard in the game, and in the process, blew up a lot of bridges. He said stuff that went to the heart, but did so because he felt people were fighting Dani unfairly, holding his stuff against her. Amber says she tried to point that out to Dustin, and to tell him to take it down a notch. Dick adds in that by the time Dustin was wearing the crown and robe, everyone had had it.

After playfully arguing about Eric not saving Jess from her long talk with Zach, she announces she is taking a bath, and when he asks if she will be alone, she invites him to join her. What he didn’t know was that Jameka will be there as well. Fun.

Amber says she still wants to talk to Dani, and Dick says he will talk to Eric and Jess, as he wants to know if Zach threw him and Dani under the bus or not. Wait until he finds out Amber did too. He also says he wants to hear about her time on Power of 10 when she’s allowed to talk about it. Amber says she is nothing to Eric, and Dick explains that Jameka totally changed the game saving Jen, and that’s something people need to realize that the game was formed by what everyone did and said.

Jess bathes and Eric clips his toenails, while Jameka sits and tells him he is doing it wrong. Jess and Eric discuss what his life will be like moving from the fast life of Manhattan to Wichita, all to be with the love of his life. Eric will work and go to Jess’ dance things while she finishes college. He wants to know what Jameka things about “someone” telling him he needs to cut off his friends and family and not even see them on holidays. Jameka fills in as mediators here. Eric then goes down and gets hot boiled water to pour into Jess’ tub.

Eric joins Jess in the bathtub, and Jameka meddles some more, showing him how to add bubble into the tub. She also asks why Jewish people have Jewish names and Muslim people have Muslim names, but no one else has special names. He says it has something to do with names being handed down through generations.

Amber sits alone in the backyard, and Dani is alone in the kitchen. Zach joins the HoH bathroom crew, saying he took a cold shower, because all the hot water was being used for this bath. He goes back downstairs, and Dani talks to him about being homeless after the show. She can’t live at Kris’ house because he will be leaving with his parents. She says she does want to travel, and when he asks with who, she won’t say. We all know she means Nick, though. Apparently Zach does as well, as he asks Dani if she wins, will she really buy Nick a monkey. She says she thinks he changed his mind. Oh, I get it. It’s like the Barenaked Ladies song, If I Had a Million Dollars …

Jameka finally leaves Jess and Eric along in the bathtub, and Jess says at first she wanted to keep Amber, but not any longer. Amber keeps begging not to go to sequester, and it’s annoying. Eric admits Zach is bothering him less and less as well, but Jesse is worried that he’s working with Dani and Daniele, and that they’ll put her and Eric up. Eric points out Dick hates Zach too much, and thinks it will make Dick win HoH. Eric does not trust Amber, but Jess does. Jess still fears Dani and Dick, but Eric thinks there is a greater chance Zach and Amber will put Dick and Dani up.

Sometimes I just want to shake Amber silly. She now takes all the honesty Dick gave her and runs straight to Jameka with it. Amber thinks Jess is full of it for saying Dick and Dani were her targets, as she says it seems Dick, Daniele, Eric, and Jess have a deal. H however she thinks it’s a one week deal, and doesn’t realize it extends through final four. She says Dick wants to keep whoever can promise that he and Dani won’t go up, and she told him she couldn’t make that promise. She wants to show Jess for who she is to Dick.


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