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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 28th – Amber Throwing Everyone Under the Bus, Left and Right

And now for why Jess needs to trust Eric, he’s going to slam her friend. He says anyone that would let Jameka slide for five weeks without HoHes then let her win the next one, should throw themselves off a bridge. He worries that she feels he talked her into these decisions this week, but she assures him he didn’t. Jess doesn’t think she can influence him, but he says he falls apart every time she’s upset. He promises again to win HoH this week and wants a big celebration. It’s going to be the biggest thing to happen to him, so he wants her to wear a shirt with her boobs falling out, as those are the biggest things in the house. He strokes her hair through much of this and asks if she is more affectionate outside the house. She says she is, but the house makes it seem weird.

Amber interrupts this scene and swears on her daughter’s life that she doesn’t hold the whole Dustin thing against them. Yeah, right. That bridge-you thought people should jump off if they kept Jameka? I’ll sell it to you if you believe that. Amber cries, of course, and says it sucks to be up against Zach, as she’s a bigger threat than he is at comps and she knows no one wants to face her in the final two. Eric says he’ll let her know on Thursday which way the game is going. She would like to stay in touch with them outside the house and she really thinks they are good people and deserving of winning. She thinks the Donatos are bad people and that it’s unfair that people want her out just because she has two friends already in the HoH house. Yeah, I thought you were trying to talk them into keeping you, as you’ve sat there and given a list of reasons why they should get rid of you.

Eric explains there are a few decisions in the house he wishes he could take back, because he mad them too early and it affected his game. He made up his mind then he wasn’t going to do that again, and that’s why he refuses to commit to keeping anyone. For herself, Amber says it’s always in her heart who to vote for, but she can respect him for not being like that. Eric is extremely honest here and says it’s hard for him to separate personal and strategic in the game, but he personally likes Amber, and wants to go to Vegas for a visit. But he needs to play strategic. The Dustin thin bothers him today on a personal level, but not strategic.

Amber leaves, and Jess says that’s why she wants to get rid of Zach and not Amber, as she thinks they can put the group back together. (We’re on a mission from God! – Blues Brothers) She thinks Zach will just go back to Dick and Dani. Eric thinks, though, he can get to Zach and get him on their side. He thinks Amber has tried to f*** with them on a personal level, and will then talk to Dick and Daniele, only to now say she doesn’t like them. He likes the final four of himself, Jess, Jameka, and Amber on a personal level, but he’d rather go against Dick and Dani than Amber. Amber made some good points, but he thinks Zach will too. He admits to wanting to ask her who made her the person to decide who the good people are.

Amber can’t keep all that inside, of course, and runs to Jameka to whisper all to her. It’s hard to hear what she’s saying because of the whispering. She does want to talk to Dani, though, and Jameka assures her she needs Dani’s vote. She knows God is proud of her for going up there and talking to Eric and Jess. It’s interesting that when she talks to God or about God, she puts herself in a classic children’s role. Yes, I know He’s supposed to be the father of us all, but she becomes a child and acts like a child during those situations.

Only watching a few parts of a few different seasons, Amber had no idea what she was getting into. It has scarred her for life, and will make her even more of a crier. More? More???

Eric and Dani meet up in the kitchen and compare situations with their partners in the game. She says even if you were here with your best friend, you’d still get sick of them. She and her dad have had a lot of fun, but he annoys her when he wants to act like a father. Eric says when that type of stuff happens, he can see it coming, as it’s like a runaway train, yet he can’t always stop it.

Jess comes out of the DR and wonders why they’re on lockdown for so long. The speculation is that there are banners out there. Sounding like Amber, Jess jokes the banners are saying they love Jess and that she is the best HG ever. She and Eric joke that the banners are saying they are both liars. Dani is starting to wonder how far Amber’s lying goes. She wonders even if she does have a daughter. Eric says he has considered the same thing, but Jess hasn’t. They joke that maybe the banner outside says, “Amber is still a liar.”

Zach joins them in the kitchen, and Jess announces she wants to stop being called Jessica, Student, and instead, Jessica, Eric’s Future Wife. She and Eric decide in the DR they will start referring to each other as the love of the life. Zach wonders how Jess will know if her mom approves, and she thinks her mom will tell her after the show whether his DRs make him acceptable or not. Eric follows Jess up to the HoH to use her bathroom, and she asks him to please excuse her underwear laying about. He asks what kind she prefers to wear, and she says cotton thongs.


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