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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 28th – Amber Throwing Everyone Under the Bus, Left and Right

There hasn’t been any clear indication of who’s going home this week, Amber or Zach. It would seem America is going to vote for Eric to get rid of Amber, so that’s one vote against her, but Jameka will surely vote to keep her. That leaves Dani and Dick who seem to be leaning towards getting rid of Zach, even though for the moment, Amber seems to be the better competitor. I’m waiting for a decision to be made who will leave, meaning Eric will need to talk to Dick and Dani and try to get them to change their minds. That should come after Eric gets his directive very late, about 1:00 AM.

Well, maybe it won’t seem that late, as the HGs are allowed to sleep in until noon before getting their official wakeup call. Dick and Zach seem to be the only one listening to BB, and after initially going outside, Dick comes back in, and walking past the workout room, says, “Run, Forrest, Run!” to Zach on the treadmill. Dick then goes and gives himself more eye drops. He smartly wonders out loud why there are five people left to evict, yet only three more evicted. It would seem there has to be a double eviction week or two coming up soon.

With no one really out of bed yet, we get trivia, and when we come back Dick is complaining about the makeup music this morning, and says the ogre is the only one that knew the “cat song.” Jess and Eric agree the music was really awful this morning. It somehow included numbers or something, as Jen says she’s not good at math, so someone just needs to tell her what this answer is. It seems it’s about how much time is left in the house by days, hours, minutes, etc. Eric thinks BB8 is blowing All Stars out of the water based on entertainment value.

Jess and her noisy shoes come walking by, and Dick tells her she’s going to start a fire with her feet. She says she’ll start one w it her eyes. Once outside, Jess is laying out with Eric who asks if she’s stressed. She worries she put the wrong people up this week. Basically she’s worried worried that Dick and Dani will stick to their word. They don’t get a chance to talk much more about this, as Dick comes up wanting to talk about the time left in the house and whether there will be a double eviction week or not. He wonders if there always is a double eviction week every season, but Eric doesn’t think so. They talk if there are any special powers or tricks left in the game, or if it’s just going to be played straight. If Dick only knew he’s sitting across from a twist talking to him.

Eric wants to go up to the HoH and talk with Jess, but she offers to do it later, as right now it would be too obvious. Eric thinks Zach is going to offer Dick a crack deal of a lifetime to stay. Dick jokes he could become his personal trainer. Eric doesn’t think Zach will work him, thinking he’ll just work on Dani, Dick, and Jess. He also declares he won’t make a decision until tomorrow, until he listens to both of their deals, but we know that’s because he’s waiting for what we tell him to do. Apparently everyone is annoyed with Zach this morning, as at 7 AM, he was called into the DR, and got angry about being woken up, walking around yelling and slamming doors. That wasn’t wise, Zach, to piss people off when you’re looking for their votes.

Zach is called to the SR to pick up a pair of scissors. He wants to cut his hair. Jess asks if he’s g owing to shave it, and he says no, just cut. Jameka is going to do the honors, and they pull a kitchen chair into the bathroom. Outside, Dani is trying to explain something to her dad, and he’s not understanding her, and she gets very irritated. Before long, it ends in a battle. She feels entitled to feel the way she feels, and he explains every conversation goes this way when he’s made to look like the jackass. He’s right, ‘know. He says she doesn’t know how shitty she is to him sometimes, and she says, “Oh my God! You always have to get in the last word!”

Jess and Eric make their way up to the HoH for their talk, and she is still second-guessing her decision this week to leave Dick and Daniele safe. She put two people up that weren’t even after her. Yes, they were! Amber is lying! She cries and says Dick and Dani don’t eve like her and don’t understand how she feels. Jess clings to Eric, hugging his knees. Eric says he feels badly, because he wasn’t open to all the possibilities, and Jess feels she took the easy way out.

Eric tries to convince her that Amber doesn’t like her and is lying to her. She’s afraid for their final four, she’ll be the first to go. He explains he’ll act like an ass like he did when Dick and Dani were up, and he’ll be sure to be evicted over her. Besides, he remains convinced that the Donatos have their backs. They have all had a chance to screw each other over since their deal, and none of them have. He doesn’t think they would be that safe with Amber and Jameka. Eric doesn’t think she’s in danger anyway, since everyone tends to blame him for the decisions that are made. He promises to never campaign against her.

If they let Amber and Zach float by every week while they went after the bigger targets, it would be like handing Amber and Zach the money. Going after Zach, Eric says he wants a free pass, to never get nominated, and makes the same deals with ever HoH. By not targeting Dani and Dick this week, it gives them even more safety next week, if one of them should win HoH. Jess is still worried Dani or Dick will come after her, and Eric assures her if they do, they’d be after Eric and not her. As they usually do, they end it with a laugh. They joke about trashing each other if they make it to final two. He says he’ll be saying, “She never did dishes!” She thanks him for the laugh, saying she needed it.

Eric jokes that he’s bipolar, saying he’s confident one minute, but not the next, and it’s by far the most stressful two months of his entire life. He knows his life won’t be the same after BB, whether it be the money or relationships. Eric won’t be going back to the same life, and Jess agrees. They cuddle in the bed together, and he assures her he’s playing for her as well as himself. Eric wonders if she’s usually a trusting person or is more guarded, and she says she’s usually more guarded and asks why. He explains he just wants her to be herself in there. How can you be?


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