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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 27th – Jameka and Amber Get Desperate

Everyone except the two nominees are gathered in the kitchen waiting for dinner to be ready. Looks like a few people are pitching in this time, so Dick doesn’t have to cook alone. More chatter about Eric’s Big Kansas Adventure. It’s oddly more fun to watch Amber though. She’s balancing a water bottle on her forehead in the small bedroom. After a brief trip to the vortex, she’s laughing and repeating “Thank you very much. Thank you very much.” She goes outside, where she sits laughing to herself, saying, “I love that guy! Thank you very much.” I think she’s talking about one of the production crew, but who the hell knows. Then she starts rattling off the order of things that have happened in the house, because she thinks she’ll still be there to compete in the next HoH comp. Oh boy, the tears on Thursday are going to be brutal.

Jessica goes outside to join Amber, who is now eating nuts. Is the “you are what you eat” thing too obvious? Amber says she’s worried, and Jessica tells her that she has Jameka’s vote for sure, and maybe Eric’s. Jessica! Eric’s vote? Come on. I know she wants to try and keep as many jury votes as she can, but doesn’t she realize that these people will eventually find out that she’s been lying through her teeth here?

Dick comes outside, and they end up talking about Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Nicole Richie. Three people who I care even less about than Amber. The conversation degenerates further so that they’re talking about farts, and the merits of pushing them out versus letting them pass naturally. I wonder, if I walk into my kitchen, will anyone have left me a bunch of beers? Because I could certainly use a few now, even more than before. And I don’t think it’s too much to ask for BB to pick up the tab.

Time for dinner, but there’s not much to report here. Jameka has made a pasta salad to go with Dick’s chicken dish. They talk about holidays – Jessica and Dick say Halloween is their favourite, while Daniele’s is her birthday. Go figure. Eric and Zach are on dish duty tonight.

After the meal, Amber has a revelation. An incorrect one, but at least it shows some kind of brain activity. She tells Jameka that Jessica put Amber on the block to show Dick and Daniele that she’s not part of their group any longer, and put Zach up to make Amber and Jameka think that she’s still with them.

Upstairs, Eric is angry again about Amber and Jameka running off at the mouth about how no one seems to want good people to win the game. He says he’s never seen anyone put people into good and bad categories like these two, who claim that they’re the good people and then talk so much crap about everyone else. Dick comes up and says that he thinks Daniele is depressed. Jessica wonders if it’s because she missed out on a chance to see Nick during her trip. But of course they’re not supposed to talk about that yet.

Zach comes out of the DR and says that BB will be calling them all in tonight. There’s much complaining about having to go into the DR at 10:00 at night, when they all really just want to go to bed. As if. These people stay up so late, there’s no way any of them would be in bed before the ShowTime thing is over at the very least.

Amber is still in the bathroom messing with her hair and stuff. Dick comes through and she says she wants to talk to him later. He says fine, any time, ’cause it’s not like he has anywhere to go or anything to do.

Jessica, Jameka, Dick, and Eric are outside now talking. Eric wonders if this is more boring for the viewers or for them. Dick says that the viewers can get up, go play on the computer, jerk off … so it must be more boring for the hamsters. Hey, the only thing on that list they can’t do is play on the computer. And we paid to watch them – they’re getting paid to be there. So who is getting the short end of the stick here?

More chatter now, about Catholic school, what animal they’d be if they could choose, and what kinds of ice cream they like. Amber is getting into bed, and it’ll be a miracle if she actually goes to sleep and we don’t have to hear from her again for the rest of the evening.

Daniele comes outside, complaining that she was sleeping and BB woke her up to do her DR session. Then she says that they made her do two sessions, one with her makeup on and one with no makeup. She’s not a happy hamster. Jessica gets called to the DR, and she’s out pretty quickly and back outside saying goodnight to everyone. Wow, could we really be this lucky? Are they all going to bed at a decent hour?

Jameka says goodnight as well, and goes into the bedroom where Amber is laying in bed playing with her hair. Time for some whispering. They’re talking about votes again, and how Jameka will go nuts if Amber leaves and she’s stuck there with Zach. Amber plans to talk to Dick tomorrow. Jameka climbs into her bed, and they sign “I love you” to each other.

Eric, Dick, and Daniele are still outside talking. It looks like everyone else has gone to bed. They’re ripping on Amber, and to a lesser extent, Zach. They’re saying that all of them will have people hating them when they leave the house, and Eric says that they’ll need security for all of them at the wrap party. In what season did the wrap party start to become such a big deal? Eric goes inside, undoubtedly to crawl in bed beside Jessica.

Dick and Daniele talk about a possible America’s Choice thing coming up, and who they would want a phone call from. Apparently Eric put Bill Cosby down as the person he’d most want a phone call from in the game. Hee! I don’t know why, but I think that’s incredibly amusing.

Dick gets called to the DR, and Daniele ends up going inside and getting ready for bed. Eric is coming out of the bathroom, and he goes back outside to sit in the hammock for a while. Dick comes back out, as Eric goes inside to go to bed. Dick putters around for a bit, and then he’s off to sleep too.

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