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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 27th – Jameka and Amber Get Desperate

Back outside with Zach and the Donatos now. Daniele says, apropos of nothing, that if anyone watching wants to buy her a car, she’d be okay with that. Zach is surprised and says that it’s a very “Jen” thing to say. The guys poke fun at Daniele over this, and she gets annoyed and leaves. She ends up in the gym attempting a workout, saying, “Yes America, this is what it’s come to.” She’s so bored that she’s working out. Zach’s there trying to help her get the hang of the elliptical machine.

Amber’s awake now, and complaining to Jameka that Zach asked her if she was finished reading “that book” yet. She told him no, and goes off on what an asshole he is. She says that god heard him say that. Oh brother. They talk about Eric and Jessica, and wonder if they can pull Jessica away to team up with them. Amber says that she doesn’t want to win HoH this week – she’d rather throw it and win it next week to help keep Jameka safe. She really does live in a fantasy world, doesn’t she? I almost feel badly for her, because she’s obviously not very bright.

As if to prove my point, Amber says that she talked to god this morning and told him that she’s not mad at him. If it’s her time to go, then she’ll know that it’s because she was put in the house to be discovered as a model or motivational speaker. She thinks that Daniele will vote to keep her because they’ve had some good talks about her boyfriend. This leads to Amber saying that she did some awful things to her own boyfriend, like hitting his truck with rocks and smashing his windows. Then she says that god must be so proud of her because everything she’s been reading in the bible applies to her and she’s been spreading his word. I can actually feel myself getting dumber listening to this.

Moving on, we find Daniele, Dick, and Eric laughing at Amber and Jameka. Yay, something I can relate to. Eric tells them about Jameka talking to him just before the veto ceremony and wanting to know if there was still a group. They make fun of the “good people” alliance, and Eric says that Amber told him that she still thinks he’s a good person because she can see it in his eyes. This leads to pondering over Amber’s perception of reality.

Daniele goes back to the gym to work out some more. Amber comes in, and says that she wants to talk to Daniele later.

Zach asks Dick what his chances are this week, and Dick says that if he votes to keep Zach in then he’s going to have to be sure that he can trust him. Zach says that he’s voted twice so far to keep Dick in the house, so that should prove something to him. We get the Vortex of Doom, followed by trivia, for about an hour.

When we return to the house, it appears that the hamsters have seen the tape of the Power of 10 starring Daniele, Amber, and god. They aren’t allowed to talk about it yet though, so things are a little awkward.

Jessica and Eric are discussing their future plans with Daniele. Eric wants to know if he can take a few months off after he moves to Kansas, and Jessica very emphatically tells him no, because he knows how she feels about that. She will not be supporting him. They talk about the prices of apartments in Kansas, which are apparently much lower than in New York or California. Eric is going along with this, but he keeps making comments that lead me to believe that the idea of life in Kansas just isn’t all that appealing to him. He points out that the plan is to live there for a year, and then move out to LA. Jessica says that they’ll decide that later. Heh.

Dick is once again on dinner duty. I’m not sure if he likes to cook, uses it as a relief from the boredom, or is actually the only person in the house who can put a meal together. Tonight’s menu includes chicken breasts stuffed with cheese, spinach, and mushrooms and then coated in marinara sauce. Sounds good to me.

Jessica and Eric keep talking about their future. This consists basically of Eric asking if he can do stuff, and Jessica telling him no. Can he go to New York for Thanksgiving with his family? Nope. Can he buy furniture from IKEA? Jessica doesn’t know what IKEA is. Can he take six weeks to get everything settled in New York before he moves? No, because he was able to drop everything and be on BB with little notice, so he should be able to do the same thing with moving to Kansas. Eric seems more and more nervous as this conversation goes on.

Jessica goes inside and is excited to find beer in the storage room. Can I have some? I think I’ve earned it watching the feeds today. Amber is laying in her bed, all alone, tracing her tattoos with her fingers. Sounds kind of erotic, but it’s Amber. Think about it. Daniele comes in to ask if she’s okay, and she says that she is in that voice that we women get when we’re not really okay but would feel dumb just spouting out all the reasons why. Daniele leaves and Amber starts talking to god, telling him that he can enter her heart any time he wants too. There’s more, but I just can’t with her.