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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 27th – Jameka and Amber Get Desperate

It’s veto ceremony day, so BB wakes the hamsters up at 9:30am. You know what this means, right? Lots of naps later today so that they can all stay up into the wee hours of the morning.

Jessica wakes up and groggily tells Eric that he needs to think about his jury speech. He wants to know if it should be nice or mean, and she says nice because he needs to think of the jury votes. Eric doesn’t seem too concerned about the jury, because to him it’s a lost cause.

Eric goes downstairs, and Jameka senses that Jessica is alone and ripe for the talking. She immediately runs up and starts campaigning for Amber, saying that Eric hasn’t been clear lately about what his plans are. She brings up the “good people” thing again. I’d really like to know exactly what is required for membership in the “good people” alliance. Jessica is in the shower, but Jameka is still talking. She says that the reason that Eric hasn’t won HoH yet is because he’s afraid that he’ll get pictures of himself with his girlfriend and that would put a cramp in his playing of Jessica.

Jameka continues ripping Eric apart, telling Jessica that Eric told Amber that he doesn’t want to be beside Amber or Jameka in the final two because he wouldn’t win against them. She thinks that this is some kind of slight, that he thinks he could win against Jessica because she isn’t one of the good people. Jameka goes on for a while, saying that she’s been honest in the game so far and that she hasn’t betrayed the group. She just wants Jessica to think of all the things she has said earlier in the game, and not have to regret going back on them later. Nice. Jessica says that it’s time that they all have to start really playing the game, but it doesn’t seem to sink in with Jameka. She’s all about the good people group, which may or may not include Eric.

Jameka leaves and Eric comes back up. Jessica tells him right away all of the things that Jameka has been filling her head with. Eric is understandably upset, but turns his attention to his veto ceremony speech. He wants to say that he’s not a fan of the back door, and so he will respect the HoH and her nominations. Jessica doesn’t like that because it throws responsibility at her. Which of course she’s not willing to take. Eric says that he’ll just joke around then and act like he’s taking Zach off the block.

Eric turns back to the fact that Jameka and Amber are trying to sell him down the river. (Sounds better than throw under the bus, no?) He doesn’t like that they’re making it personal, and then throws out the usual Ericisms – they’ve unleashed him and he’s going to win HoH on Thursday, etc.

Eric gets called to the DR, and as he’s on his way Jameka gets to him for one last attempt at saving Amber. She tells him that the group is still a group, and that she and Amber have his back. He tells her that the veto is different from the vote, and that there’s still lots of time to talk everything out before Thursday.

We get to see (but not hear) Eric in the DR for a moment, where he’s talking quite animatedly as usual. The rest of the hamsters are on a backyard lockdown. They’re discussing past houseguests, and Jameka admits that she didn’t understand the Jensa Member t-shirts. The guys tell her about Mensa, but she doesn’t know what that is either. She works in a school, right?

We get trivia for a while, and when we come back Amber is telling Jameka that Jessica told her that she’s not the target this week, but she doesn’t believe it. She thinks that Jessica, Eric, Dick, and Daniele are up to something. Eric goes to Amber and tells her that he’s sorry, and that he hopes they can still talk later. Amber tells him that she’s not mad, it’s not a problem. Jameka wonders if this is a sign of things to come.

Jameka goes upstairs to talk to Jessica again. I have a feeling the rest of the week is going to be full of this kind of thing, with Jameka working overtime to try and reel Jessica back in. They’re talking about who Eric might put on the block if he wins HoH. Jessica is just listening to Jameka go on and on, tossing out theories and getting very little response. Jessica says that she was prepared to make a speech if Eric took Amber off the block. Uh, what?

Eric comes up and tries to explain again that using or not using the veto has nothing to do with the votes, and that there are still several days left before any decisions need to be make. Jameka and Jessica compliment him on his speech during the ceremony. Daniele comes up and the topic of conversation turns to Zach and his hygiene habits.

The afternoon drags out, as we get to watch people making their lunches in the kitchen, heading out to the yard to get some sun, and yes, taking naps. There’s barely any conversation at all for quite a while. Dick, Daniele, and Zach hang out taking about computers and stuff. Laura will love this – both Dick and Daniele use Macs.

Dick moves on to do some housework, complaining that the others are all just laying around while there’s so much to do. See, he thinks he doesn’t understand women, and then he comes out with something like that. He’s also upset that Daniele has been monopolizing the washer and dryer with her clothes, when there are still towels and everyone else’s stuff to be washed. Sounds like life in the BB house is getting to Evel Dick today.