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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 26th – Rainy Days and Sundays

Dani goes into the DR, and it seems she was asking for a quarter. The game switches back to regular quarters, with a person making three quarters making up a new rule. Amber doesn’t get it. What does she get? Jameka adds a rule that every time a quarter is made, Eric has to such his thumb. Dani makes up every time it’s Jess’ turn, Zach has to oink like a pig. For who wants to look through Amber’s robe, it’s Jess, and she also is named the one that wanted to look through the bubbles in the luxury comp. Jameka is named as the one who misses Jen the most, and Eric calls out “alliance!”

It just doesn’t stop. Amber’s question is “Who loves me in this group?” Argh! She asks who will be evicted next and it lands on her … twice! Then she asks who will be the next’s HG to make out with someone, and it lands on Jessica, then on Eric, and she gets upset that the bottle is telling the truth. She asks who is her friend in the house and it lands on no one. Get a clue.

Dani and Eric confer on a new rule. Every time Eric goes, Jameka has to expose her bra and say Carol’s boobs are bigger than mine. She tries doing it with just her bra strap, and when they call her on it, she lifts her shirt and says it. There are only four beers left for them to play with, and a rule is made that when the cup changes person to person, Eric has to lift his shirt, play with his piercing and say he is so horny for Dick. Jameka does some question that mentions bestiality and Amber, of course, has no idea what it means. She also makes a rule that every time Dani has a turn she has to put one leg on the chair and shimmy, but Dani doesn’t want to stand, and besides Jameka hasn’t been lifting up her shirt and comparing boobs.

The beer is all gone, all 18 of them, and a bottle of wine is now opened. Jameka makes yet a noter new rules, that for every quarter made, Dick has to run up and kiss Jen’s picture. Zach is called to the DR in the middle of the fun, and out of the blue Eric yells out the text of the banner from last month, “We heart Nick. Eric and Amber are liars LNC are the new nerd herd.” A new rule is made that every time Zach shoots his quarter, Eric has to call him a panty muncher. In addition, Amber is supposed to say she has panties that need munching, Oh Zach. Amber asks the bottle who is going to be evicted, and it lands on her again!

Zach and Amber switch places at the table and DR, and Jess gets the hiccups. Zach cures her by grabbing her hand and telling her to squeeze it as hard as she can and look him in the eyes. She does, and her hiccups are gone! No one told him of the new rules, so when Eric calls him a panty muncher, he’s a big confused. Zach makes up rules that every time Amber talks, he has to say the bottle doesn’t lie; you’re going home on Thursday. If she says one of her catch phrases they all have to wave their hands in the air and say it back. Amber comes out talking and Zach keeps repeating the phrase making everyone crack up.

Jameka has another rule for Zach to go up to Nick’s pic on the wall on his tipsy toes, lift his shirt, rub his stomach, and say, “It’s your loss, not mine.” Amber says “how sad,” and they all raise their arms and do the same. Eric is now called to the DR. Every time Eric takes off his shirt now, everyone has to take turns saying, “You have a big ***; remember when I poked it?” Amber now has to say she did everything she could to turn Dustin straight before she shoots her quarter. But bottle says Zach will win BB8 and Dani will come in second.

On Dick’s turn, Jess will now have to straddle Eric and say Oh Eric. Dani has to kiss him on the forehead when she says it wasn’t Nick she had the hots for. On Zach’s turns, Jameka and Jess will each hug a though of his and say 6’5″ is not enough. They need more Zach love. Added in is that Dick has to push Jess off Eric and says it’s his turn, pull his nipples and say ride me. Eric adds, Oh, I’m erect. Man, I want to go drinking with these people.

Beer and wine all gone, everyone agrees this was the most fun they have had in a long time and say they should do it much more often. I agree. Many go outside and to the hot tub, and Zach goes to bed. Amber eats. Jess and Eric are getting close in the hot tub, with her telling him he’s getting some “side boob,” and Dick breaks it up, coming in after a cannonball into the pool.

Jess leaves the hot tub, changes, and hops into bed to watch the spy screen. Jameka joins her and likes about Eric, saying Amber told her that Eric called her a f***ing whore, and she thinks he might be using Jess. Eric comes up shortly after, and when Jess falls asleep, Jameka loses the battle of wills, retreating back downstairs. Eric wakes her up to talk about the veto, but she has no desire to. She’d rather talk about if Jameka is mad at her for falling asleep. He asks if she is okay with him not using the veto tomorrow, and she says yes.

Dick and Dani are talking outside, and he says he’ll be pissed if the HoH comp is one where you need to buzz in, as everyone knows Eric is really good at that. Dani talks about the very first veto and says she hated playing for it when she didn’t even care who came off or stayed. It’s been so long I can even remember what the comp was! She makes fun of Amber saying she couldn’t do it again for All Stars, and Dick is pretty sure Amber won’t be invited back. Dani thinks if Jess doesn’t come in fourth, it will be her, and she worries about having to go to sequester with all those people she hates.

They finally go to bed about 6:00, and I”m personally hoping for more of these game nights in the future. That was a lot of fun. Of course, if Zach and Amber stay on the lock, we’re headed for more nights of tears and more nights of offers for deals.

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