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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 26th – Rainy Days and Sundays

Repeating again, Eric says he has no chance against Amber in final two. She says she thought he wanted a good person to win. She thinks the fact that she’s a god person and gets along with everyone is being held against her. He retorts there are things that are being held against him as well, so he understands. He’s not so sure anyway, that she still considers him one of the good people. Amber says she understands why he voted Dustin out and tells Jameka all the time that she can see in his eyes he’s still a good person, when in reality, she has spent every moment trashing him and Jess, saying if she gets HoH, she’s putting them on the block. She asks if he’s scared Dani will win HoH and put him on the block next week, and he says no.

They notice that Jess is sitting outside of the HoH on the couch and ask her in, but she declines, saying she’s thinking. They go back inside, and Eric apologizes to Amber, but says he doesn’t know yet for sure w hat he’s going to do, and might not until 10 minutes beforehand. He encourages her, if she stays on the block to come talk to him later in the week, and assures her he is still her friend.

Amber leaves and Jess comes in, worried, and says she’s second guessing their decision. How do they know Dick and Dani will stick to their word. Eric says they don’t, but says the can’t trust Amber and Zach either. If they took one of Dick and Dani out this week, he’s worried the other would come back for them the following week. Zach wants to come in, but is told to give them a few minutes. He says he feels like he’s at the principal’s office.

Eric says it is something to consider and a big risk, but he’s trying to still figure out how they as a four make it to final four. Jess says she’s looking at if Dani leaves this week, Eric only has to compete against Dick next week for HoH. Eric points out that by scratching their backs, it assures them they won’t leave the following week. There is no guarantee he would win HoH over Dick. Right now all four of them are down 2-0 on the jury. He doesn’t think there is any way Dustin or Jen would vote for any of those four over Amber. But against Dick and Dani they stand a much better chance. Jess isn’t worried about final four, though, she’s worried about next week. Ah-ha, but you should be. Dick and Dani have the same concerns Eric does, and that ensures they will all keep each other safe.

Dani comes and joins them upstairs and says Amber and Zach are fighting somewhat about campaigning. Eric jokes that Zach offered to be his trainer for the physical and endurance comps. They talk about Amber as well, as Eric tells both Jess and Dani about her saying she wants the four good people to win. Dani notes that she can’t stand anymore Amber constantly giving herself compliments and talking about how much America loves her. Eric says the kicker will be when she goes home to find that her popularity was only at 0.5%.

Amber goes to Jameka and says she’s pretty sure Eric isn’t going to use the veto, and is now worried that he’s going to go to Dani and Dick and tell them she was trying to throw them under the bus. Jameka knows they’ve talked a few times about wanting Zach out, so that gives her hop if Amber stays on the block. Amber calls the guy she just said was one of the remaining good people left in the house a “piece of shit.” She thinks it’s ridiculous that he and Jess tell each other everything. And you’re doing what with Jameka right now?

Zach comes up to the HoH and Dani leaves. He asks Eric how it feels to hold all the power in his hands, and he answers terrible. Zach brings up the week Dustin checked the noms out to be sure it was in everyone’s best interests to ensure his safety, then went and took prizes in the veto comp. He says since then he has vowed to follow the HoHe’s wishes, yet no one has even asked him to play hard for them yet. I can feel another one of his stories about being picked last for P.E. coming up.

Moving on, Zach says he’s not there to bag on Amber, but does want to make sure no one has falsified who he is to Eric. Since the time Eric asked for his vote and he gave it to him, and he has felt they played the game together since then. He has always followed up on his word, and he understands why he’s on the block, because Jameka is a friend, and they don’t want to piss off the Donatos. He wants Eric to take him off the block, and wants Jess to put up Dani or Dick, and in exchange he promises them his vote for one week, to not go against them. He tells him Dick’s final five plan is like going to battle without a knife and gun.

Eric says the same thing he told Amber, that he doesn’t know what he will do yet, and might not make up his mind until ten minutes before. He says it sounds great for Zach to keep him safe, but there’s no guarantee he will be safe with the others, and he knows after that move he’d be a big target. He separates vote and veto and does not see them as the same and the same decision. He does believe the seven of the are there for a reason, and not in that weird way Amber is always saying, but there’s something else there, which is kind of funny, as Dick has always felt the same.

Zach and Eric leave the HoH and head downstairs. Finding Dani and Jess, they decide to play games tonight. Jess then invites everyone into the living room for drinking. They decide to play zuma zuma together. They are playing with the names of evicted HGs, and no one wanted to be Jen. Amber wants to be “Dust Dust,” Jess is Joe, Dani is Nick, Eric is Kail, Dick is Mike, and Zach ends up beg Jen. Jameka is drying her hair, but everyone wants her to be Carol. They scratch all this and decide to play quarters with a nickel, but Zach changes the rules to a weird thing with making it, drinking it, and passing it around the table.


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