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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 26th – Rainy Days and Sundays

Boy, this is a really interesting day. Amber goes inside, takes a pill of some sort, puts laundry away (where’s it from if the washer is broken?), then reads the Bible and cries. Zach comes out to join Dick, and when asked if he had a nice nap, says it was part of the FSA, Fake Sleep Alliance. He couldn’t sleep. Dani’s inside baking something. Thrillsville.

Jameka goes up to the HoH to chat with Jess, and it seems she’s looking for info on what Eric is going to do with the PoV. She seems to be supporting Amber coming off the block and Dani going up in her place. I agree with Aurora’s comments in yesterday’s recap. Do Amber and Jameka really not get this final four thing with the Donatos? Perhaps she feels it’s a losing battle, as then she goes for the big guns, and gives it all she has, telling what she knows about Amber’s girlfriend back home and telling how Jen and Dani had an alliance, and that all this explains her words on the way out the door. She also says Jen told her about the final four deal, and Jess pulls a Jameka, saying, “Mmm hmm.” She ends it saying Amber wants to talk to Jess later.

Jess and Jameka go down and join the others that are getting ready for dinner. They’re all making tacos together and Jameka says after everyone has gotten sick the other times they have made them, maybe they should drain the fat. Umm, ya think? They talk about Jen’s cookies and Zach refusing to try them. Dani mentions to Dick that Zach took off his sweaty shirt after he was through working out and dipped it in the pool to clean it. Gross. It’s not like they’re on Survivor. BB, call the Maytag man!

Zach starts to talk about stories from a friend that used to work at Taco Bell, then thinks better of it. Dani doesn’t stop, though, and says she had a friend that worked at Wendy’s, and it was their tradition to crap in the chili every morning. What do you think ole Dave has to say about that?

Eric finally gets up from his nap, meaning it will probably be another late one for him tonight, since it’s after 7 PM, and as he’s called to the DR, Amber tells him she’d like to talk to him later. Of course. She’ll be begging for him to take her off the block, using all sorts of reasonings like it’s for her daughter, she’s a good person, she had a vision, etc. When he returns from the DR, Eric refuses to eat the tacos because the shells weren’t heated. Dick and Dani caim they never knew you were supposed to do that.

Perhaps this explains Zach. He doesn’t have mother issues, but grandma issues. His grandma burned a waffle of his really badly and he didn’t want to eat it, but she made him, saying just pour a lot of syrup on it. She took little Zach to see a movie with a bear in it, and when the bear ended up dying, he was really upset by it. She also took his brother and him to see Howard the Duck, and both he were very upset by it. Looking at the movie it’s understandable, but really is all this really enough to scar the guy for life?

From the Only Eric file, he wonders if the word “dollop” is exclusive to sour cream, saying we don’t seem to use that word for anything else. I know there’s other instances, but I can’t think of any either. He also has a childhood traumatic story to match Zach’s. When he was 3 he leaned against the painted wall in an elevator and it was green. He thought he was turning into the Incredible Hulk, and was deeply upset.

After dinner, Amber talks to Jess finally and says she wants someone good to win, and the only good people left are Eric, Jess, and Jameka. She asks if she is the target this week, and when told she’s not, she starts to cry. She also still thinks of herself, Jameka, Eric, and Jess as a group and thinks Dani and Dick have an unfair advantage as father and daughter. She thinks one of them should replace her on the block. Jess says if it’s a tie she’ll evict Zach and not her. Amber says she would never put up Jess or Eric. Remember when she said she never lied in the house?

Jess tells Eric in the bathroom what she and Amber talked about and warns him that she wants to talk to him as well. Elsewhere, Dick opens up the door on Zach while he’s taking a crap, and Jameka is washing her hair in the sink. Zach’s getting it from all the Donatos as Dani gives him a hard time for not closing things up up before he puts them back in the fridge. Dick gets excited when he sees Reese’s and Snickers, and says he’s full but having one anyway. Turns out they were unwanted by Jess.

Zach has checked into the washer/no clean towel problem. The part for the washer will be in tomorrow, and it will be fixed then. In the meantime, they can give them new towels if they want. Zach said he thought he could make it another day with his, but he didn’t want to speak for everyone else. Dick wants a new towel, because his stinks.

After cleaning up the HoH, Jess comes to sit with Dick, and tells him it’s because she’s trying to avoid everyone else. She tells him Zach hasn’t come to speak with her today but Amber has, and explains their conversation an that both of them want to talk to Eric. Dick seems to be leaning towards taking Zach out more and more. He calls him a pig for washing his shirt in the pool.

Amber follows Eric to his bed and asks if he wants to be left alone. He’s fine with it. She talks about liking his rat instead of telling him what she wants to. He tries to hint it seems, telling her he hasn’t gotten a lot of sleep the past few nights. They go up to the HoH to talk. She cries and wants him to keep her, while Zach is outside playing tetherball with Jess, asking her what she plans to do. She claims to not know what Eric is going to do, and Zach thinks if things stay the same, he’s doomed.

Eric finally gets around to hearing why Amber wants to talk to him. She says pretty much the same thing she did to Jess, and her big thing is she wants Dick or Dani on the block, as she doesn’t trust them. Eric just goes on and on, as he’s prone to do when nervous, that he’s not a fan of the backdoor, and nearly everyone has gone home this season by the backdoor without even a chance to play for PoV. Amber wants to know if she should be worried, and he says everyone should be worried every week. He explains he’s playing the game and wants to win. It’s no contest whose company he prefers, but in the scope of the game, she’s come in 2nd place several times and is well-liked, while Zach has no friends, no competitiveness, no relationships, etc. He refuses to make guarantees, which is good, because we haven’t advised him yet.


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