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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 26th – Rainy Days and Sundays

After Jess and Eric finally shared their first kisses, albeit awkward (but let’s face it; Eric is an awkward kind of guy), it sure leaves me wondering what’s to come of this. After all her worries about cameras watching them, they did it in the dark, but above the covers so we could see. It certainly didn’t seem like passion just got the best of ’em, so it will be interesting to see what happens after this.

BB seems to take pity on them not getting to sleep until later after their lovefest, as they don’t wake up the HGs until 1:00 PM, although several HGs made appearances to potty, change batteries, skate down the hall, etc., but they all went back to bed until now. Zach makes eggs and turkey bacon, while only wearing a pair of shorts and no shirt, and dancing. He offers Dani some, but she declines. She may have been wondering what he was putting in ’em. Jameka’s in her bikini already and Amber’s reading the Bible while wearing a bathrobe.

A lockdown is announced starting in fifteen minutes. Amber doesn’t make a move, and Zach rushes into the shower to get that finished beforehand. He asks Dani if she’s going swimming today, and she asks if she ever goes swimming. Of course, why start now. Eric and Jess are still in bed as well, and she finally gets up and tells him she’s going downstairs. Once the lockdown is announced, no one seems to be in a big hurry to move, including Eric, but he eventually gets up, gets some cereal, and heads outside. He and Amber seem a little disappointed in the weather since it’s cloudy.

Dani has her calendar all screwed up apparently, as she asks when they change the clocks. Her dad explains to her that’s in October and also explains the reason for it is because of the farmers needing more daylight to get their work done. They move to talking about Dog the Bounty Hunter, and Dani says she hates his wife’s boobs. Dick talks about Dog getting arresting in Mexico, and says he wouldn’t want to go to Mexican prison. He almost did and won’t be going back. C’mon Dick. Think of the beaches! The food! The margueritas! You just have to stay out of trouble, that’s all.

The talk outside is of the live feeds, and most agree once they’re off the show they won’t be watching them. Well, they wouldn’t be live anymore, would they? Because they’ll all either be final two or in sequester, and won’t leave until all is said and done. Dani wonders how much Gretchen makes for House Calls, and decides it can’t be much for Marcellas to leave. I got the idea it wasn’t about money, though, for the reason behind him leaving.

After some non-chatter and some sleep outside, the HGs begin to feel some rain drops and wonder what they do when they’re on lockdown and it starts raining. Dick says if he gets wet enough, he’ll just go swimming, and asks Amber if she has enough of the watermelon she’s eating for the whole class. Jameka says she had a dream that she woke up and it was movie night. Would they really do two luxury comps in a week, though?

Dick goes to get in the hot tub, so apparently he’s wet enough, but decided he wanted a little warmth. Everyone is complaining they don’t even have clean towels since the washer is still broken. Does the Maytag man not make house calls to the BB house or something? What’s with BB not getting it fixed or replacing it. Zach issues out a verbal note to BB that there is approximately $30,000 worth of mic equipment getting wet. Everyone talks about their favorite things to do on rainy days, like look out the window, play board games, eat chicken soup, etc.

Everyone seems to be beyond boredom. Dick is cleaning the hot tub, and Jameka is looking at spiders wondering if they are a delicacy anywhere. Even the cameraman is bored as he shows us an extreme close-up of a zit on Dani’s chin. Dick moves to the pool and back to the hot tub, and everyone talks about Jen’s lap-filled day when it looked like she was drowning. Eric suggests maybe they are closing one of the bedrooms, which is a pretty good possibility. Hopefully for them it’s the one with the small beds. Dick might lose his single occupancy status in the round bedroom. Still haven’t figured out yet why Zach hasn’t moved into the other round bed after Jen left.

The talk outside moves to computers, Macs vs. PCs (I’ve been using Macs since 1988, myself), and Zach mentions he can build a PC as fast as they come for $400, but notes it wouldn’t have Windows. What’s the point? He declares Auto Cad the best drafting software around, but says it’s only on PCs. Does he have something against Macs? And he’s a graphic designer? Everyone has lost interest in this conversation long ago, yet he keeps going and going and going about all his computer knowledge.

The lockdown is over and we get trivia for a s hot while. Amber stays outside, still on her fruit break apparently, this time with a peach. Jameka plays tetherball alone, and Zach and Eric go to take naps in the small bedroom. It doesn’t appear the bedrooms were changed out yet. Dick comes outside and says there is only so much Zach he can take, because he’s such a know-it-all. Amber, of course, agrees, ready to make everyone see why she should stay. They talk about how he’s bee promising dinner for Jameka for several weeks now, and now that he’s on the block, now he’s finally going to see to it that it happens. Jameka says she wants to make dinner tonight, and Dick offers his assistance.

Amber, alone again, naturally (just a reference for an oldies fans out there), talks to God. She asks for help because she’s so depressed. She promises Him she’s not mad at Him and won’t be even if she goes home, since she knows it’s all pre-determined. It’s harder than she thought it was going to be. She is learning to be a better person. Jameka comes outside to eat, but instead of joining in the prayer, starts humming. Dick comes back out as well.

Amber says she thinks something is wrong with her since she’s been eating all day. A peach and watermelon? Seems a ploy to get people to feel sorry for her so that they’ll keep her this week. Of course she joins in on the Zach bashing with Jameka and Dick, as they say he spends too much time being buddy/buddy with everyone kissing up to whoever the current HoH is. Amber wonders if there is a TV in sequester, and Dick tells her no. They switch up to talking about their first days in the house, and Dick says he thought Joe and Dustin were in some weird alliance, because they said so many similar things. He still thinks Dustin lied about his STD results.


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