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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 25th – Little Julie Chickens

Upstairs, Eric the Puppet Master (snicker) is joking that, if they make it to the final four, he and Dick should dye their hair blonde like the girls. Their alliance has been dubbed “Little Julie Chicken.” Or the LJC for short. I heard the entire conversation, and I’m still not 100% sure on why this was the chosen name, or where it actually came from.

Jameka and Amber are in the kitchen now, waiting for the HoH meeting to break up so they can go up there and snoop. Jameka finally gives up and just pops her head in the HoH room door to say goodnight. The LJC are immediately silent, and Jessica calls out that Jameka can come in, but she doesn’t. Jessica is worried and says that in the back of her mind, Jameka has to know what’s going on there. Eric says that he really doesn’t care.

Daniele says her goodnights and goes off to get ready for bed. Dick mentions how funny it was last week when Jen didn’t get picked to play for veto. Jessica agrees, and says the funniest part was that Dick was laughing so hard and Jen couldn’t understand why. Dick decides to go downstairs and let the lovebirds have their alone time. He heads to the backyard to smoke and spin in the teacup for a while.

Eric and Jessica agree that the LJC talk went well and they’re much more reassured about the path they’re taking in the game. There’s a bit of game talk now, and a lot of stuff about their home lives, what they like to do, what kinds of movies they watch, etc. Just regular, normal chatter that is interrupted every once in a while with random game stuff.

They talk and they talk and they talk. It’s hours, honestly. Finally Eric asks if she wants him to sleep up there with her tonight, and she says he can if he wants to. It’s way past anything resembling “tonight” by now anyway. More like 6am. Eric goes to get his sleep shorts and heads back up. He gets in bed next to Jessica and they’re actually cuddling under the covers instead of taking up residence on either side of the bed. The only problem is that Eric’s still talking. The only way to shut him up? Is to kiss, which they are now doing. A lot. Finally.

Jessica tells Eric that he’s a good kisser, but he .. keeps … talking! He wants to know if he had bad breath, or if she was nervous, and how dark it is in there with the lights off. They kiss again, and again, and then Eric wonders if he might need some Chapstick. Eric! Shut the hell up! Jessica is starting to look like she’d like to just leave this as a really nice moment and drift off to sleep, but Eric cannot stop yapping.

They wonder if their kiss will make it onto Sunday’s show, or if the producers will put it on Tuesday night. Good grief. Jessica says that Eric is such a good kisser that she wonders if he’s had a lot of practice. He says no, very little. They kiss again. Then, they talk. And talk. And talk.

I won’t bother to recap the whole conversation, because it’s all game stuff that we’ve heard before, or Eric wondering if the kisses and caresses he was giving Jessica’s face and shoulders were nice, or stuff about living in Kansas, or Jen bashing. They talk until 9:30 in the morning, and finally drift off to sleep. I’m glad they got the kissing thing over with, but wow that was awkward!

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