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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 25th – Little Julie Chickens

Zach, Eric, and Dick do indeed get into the hot tub. Daniele is curled up on the outside couch, not talking to anyone. I can’t tell if she’s asleep or not. Jessica comes down with her wine from the HoH basket as Amber is going to put on her bathing suit. Jessica and Amber join the party in the hot tub, except that the vibe isn’t really like that of a party. Could be because Amber still looks like someone ran over her dog. Again.

Jameka joins the hot tub gang, while Daniele continues to keep her distance. There’s really not much going on, until the girls decide that they want to try and pull down Eric’s shorts. There’s a bit of a struggle, but Eric reigns victorious (and clothed).

The hot tub party is over now, and Eric heads upstairs with Jessica. He talks about winning the veto earlier, and how hard Zach and Amber fought for it. Jessica says that she feels like she missed an opportunity to put Daniele or Dick up if Zach or Amber had won the veto. Eric points out that this way Jessica won’t have to make any more enemies, and says that keeping Dick and Daniele in the house guarantees that there’s still another solid pair to go after if one of the four doesn’t win HoH. Jessica agrees, but still doesn’t seem too convinced.

Jessica asks who Eric would put up if he won HoH next week. He says Zach and Jameka, or maybe Zach and Daniele, but says that his target will be Zach. So it looks like Amber’s a goner this week, at least as of right now. We all know how quickly that can change. He says that he doesn’t want to make promises to either of the nominees yet because he wants to wait until Wednesday night when these things usually get decided. Finally, he’s understanding that promising a vote before his orders from America arrive is a bad move.

Eric tries to work out what he’s going to say during the veto meeting. He thinks that he’ll stress that he’s not a fan of backdooring people, and that he’s going to respect the nominations as they stand because of that. Jessica still looks nervous. I think what Jessica is scared of is that the people she betrayed in making this final four deal are actually going to find out, and not want to hang around with her so much.

Dick and Daniele are having a civil, almost enjoyable conversation outside, rehashing the previous competitions and events in the house. They talk about the butter comp, and laugh because Nick asked Daniele’s permission to touch her before wiping butter off of her. There’s some chatter about today’s veto comp, but not knowing what it entails makes it very difficult to decipher. The talk moves to how annoying Amber is, and Daniele mentions that on their trip all Amber would talk about was herself and god.

Zach joins the HoH couple, bringing along the rat that is apparently their love child. Jessica mentions that its name is Baby Teacup. They talk about the comps, of course, and wonder what their parents will think of them getting naked for a two-minute shopping spree.

Amber goes outside to join Daniele and Dick. She paints Dick’s nails black for him. Not much interesting here in the way of chatter, although before going back inside, Amber asks Dick if she can talk to him later. He agrees, and when Amber goes back inside Daniele wants to know what that was all about. Dick doesn’t know, and says that he’s waffling over who should go this week. He knows it should be Amber, but he’s so sick of Zach lately.

Eric is upstairs getting a back massage from Jessica. She’s got lotion and everything. Daniele and Dick come in, asking if they’re interrupting. Of course Eric and Jessica say no, but Eric looks a little disappointed. Or maybe it’s relief, I’m not sure. He’s just not all that comfy making the moves on the girl he has a crush on.

Dick says that they just wanted to come up and make sure that everything was still solid and that there aren’t any side deals with anyone that would derail the final four plan. They talk a lot about the other houseguests, how they’ve been dominating the competitions, blah blah blah. They’re pretty loud, and if anyone is in the kitchen or living room they could probably hear the laughter at the very least. But I can’t tell if anyone is listening because this is on all four feeds.

Daniele mentions that she’s not allowed to talk about the trip yet, but she wants them to know that she saw a “new Amber” there. She’s emphatic that it should be Amber leaving this week, because she’s coming too close to winning a competition lately. Does this mean that Amber beat Daniele in The Power of 10? I have a hard time believing that, but I guess stranger things could happen. After all, Booger did win last season, so anything’s possible.

Eric stresses that the four of them have to absolutely stick with the deal, and make no side deals or try to pull anything off. I’m not sure if he’s talking to Jessica or the Donatos now. Dick wants to tell Zach that he’s going to vote the way that Jessica wants him to this week. Hee. Eric mentions that if Jen went to sequester (which she did), that whoever is in the final two should just ignore her jury question. They decide to meet up again on Wednesday night to make the final decision on who’s going home.

Amber is talking to Jameka, saying that she thinks that Eric might save her with the veto and then they can backdoor Daniele. Jameka isn’t sure because she thinks that Eric might be in an alliance with Daniele and Dick. These two girls honestly think that Eric is just spoon-feeding Jessica about the nominations and what she needs to do, and that she has no mind of her own and just listens to him. Unbelievable.