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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 25th – Little Julie Chickens

As Jameka and Amber do the dishes, Amber complains how hard it is coming in second place all the time. She says she can’t. Just once I’d like to hear her finish that sentence. She can’t what? Handle it? Express it? Expand her vocabulary?

Now it’s hamster nap time, which is only slightly more interesting than watching endless loops of trivia. Zach gets up to use the washroom and comes out without washing his hands. Which I don’t usually bother reporting on, except that the camera person shows us a close up of the soap after Zach leaves the bathroom. Hee. He goes off to work out in the gym while the rest of the hamsters sleep on. We get to watch Zach on the treadmill on all four feeds for what seems like a lifetime.

Zach goes back to bed, and we get to watch Daniele sitting outside for the next 15 or 20 minutes. Boy, this is sure a fun day in BB-Land. There’s a bit of stirring as Daniele is called to the DR and Jameka heads upstairs to work on Jessica some more so that she’ll see the light and put a bad person on the block to replace Amber, since good people don’t belong there.

Jameka is interrupted after only being able to tell Jessica that Amber is worried. Zach comes in complaining that the washing machine is still broken, and says that he washed the towels. I’m not sure how he did that, but after watching him work out, get all sweaty, and then just hop back into bed, I’m not sure I’d be touching those towels with a ten foot pole.

They talk about the veto competition, and Zach says that he’s not ready to leave yet and really wants to stay. He doesn’t get much of an answer. Jessica decides to bail and go downstairs, leaving Jameka and Zach talking to each other about the game. Which is almost as weird as those few days when Dick and Jen were getting along with each other. But not quite. Zach is laying the compliments on thick, telling Jameka that she’s doing so well with not being able to play for HoH. He’s saying that this week is going to be interesting to see what side of the fence the apple falls on. Once again, I don’t pretend to understand everything. I’m just the recapper.

Jessica ends up outside talking to Dick. They’re going over the veto competition, and Jessica is disappointed that she was out first. Daniele comes out and they rehash the luxury comp.

Amber has made her way up to the HoH room, where Zach is listening to Jessica’s CD and Jameka is sitting on the bed making faces at him. She and Amber are mouthing things to each other, but I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble to figure out what they’re saying. I’m pretty sure Amber is saying that she can’t, though. Zach leaves, and Amber says that she’s sure that Eric will use the veto on her because he loves her. Since day one he’s loved her. Ugh.

Jameka tries to coach Amber on what she should say in her pitch to Eric. She thinks that Eric wants recognition in the game, and that he would get it if he became the guy who took Daniele out. Jameka has the whole thing planned out. She says that Eric will get Daniele out this week, and then Dick will go after Eric next week, leaving Amber and Jameka off the radar once again. Someone needs to sneak in and whack these two with a clue stick. They’ve speculated a few times about the final four alliance, but then seem to be in denial that Jessica and Eric could possibly be working with Daniele and Dick instead of against them.

Dick is back in the kitchen cooking again. Daniele is sitting watching him, and reading the BB rule book out loud. This brings us to intermittent shots of trivia, because for some reason we’re not supposed to know that sleeping on the bedroom floors or the living room couch is frowned upon. Dick asks Zach to wash the potatoes, which sends Zach into a bit of confusion. He never washes them, just throws them into the pot.

With Zach on potato duty, Dick assigns carrot peeling to an unwilling Daniele. She peels carrots by laying them flat and then running the peeler along the sides very slowly. Dick points this out to her, and she whines at him. He takes his frustrations out on some innocent chicken breasts by pounding them with one of the utensils. Because BB apparently thinks a meat mallet resembles a dangerous weapon, and is therefore not allowed in the house.

While the scintillating kitchen action has been going on, Jessica has been upstairs with Jameka and Amber getting dressed up. She’s wearing a pink wig that came from Jen’s drawer, and has on a big dress with something stuffed in the front to make her look pregnant. She comes downstairs looking for Eric, who is still napping. She wakes him up and tells him that he owes her child support. Okay then. The group jokes about Jessica and Eric’s love child, which is apparently a plastic rat that was liberated from the veto competition earlier.

Daniele is busy making garlic bread out of pitas. She goes to put it in the oven, but Dick admonishes her that it’s too early to put the bread in. Daniele has had enough of Daddy for now, so she takes off to join the pretend paternity fun in the bedroom. Amber is in there holding the plastic rat to her chest like an infant. Weird.

Dick continues cooking, talking to himself. Daniele comes back in and sits reading the rule book while Dick cooks. I can’t believe no one has offered to help him. We get to watch dinner prep for quite a long time, and Daniele is acting pretty snotty the entire time. Dick asks her to turn the oven on, and she makes a big deal out of it. That kind of thing. Eventually she gets off her butt to set the table, as Dick’s meal of chicken cutlets, baked potatoes, carrots, and broccoli is nearing completion. And now I’m hungry.

The hamsters all come out to eat dinner. Lots of chatter going on now, and they’re still somehow talking about Eric and Jessica’s wedding and all that goes along with it. Surely there are better things to discuss, no? Maybe not. After dinner there are lots of compliments on Dick’s cooking, and Jameka and Amber stick around to do the cleanup. The rest of the group makes plans to hit the hot tub.