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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 25th – Little Julie Chickens

We kick this morning off with a lengthy round of Big Brother 2 trivia. Why, I have no clue. When we return it’s almost 10am and the hamsters are (mostly) awake and doing their morning thing. Jessica and Eric decide that they won’t tell the rest of the houseguests that they only got about an hour’s sleep, and will try their best not to look tired today. Not sure what the point of this is, but that’s the plan.

Eric stays in bed in the HoH room, saying that he’s not going to bother getting up until it’s time to pick the magic ping pong balls for the veto comp, because after that it’ll be at least another hour of waiting for the comp to begin. The boy has a point.

Amber gets up, does her hair, and heads back to bed armed with a bible. Probably looking for the page where god tells her that she will win the veto today, take herself off the block, and then envision herself winning the game. Jameka joins Amber and they once again discuss the possibility of Eric, Jessica, Dick, and Daniele having an alliance to the final four.

Daniele tells Zach that she misses Google, Dictionary.com, and CuteOverload.com. Zach wants to know if she uses Dictionary.com to look up words. She does indeed. For example, let’s look up “doofus.” Here we go. Doo.fus: [doo.fuhs] (noun) Slang. A foolish or inept person. Also dufus. Yep, sounds like Zach.

More trivia appears as the hamsters do their veto-picking thing. Guess what? Eric gets to play! He’s very excited about this prospect. Dick is the only one not playing this week, so he gets to host. They wonder what will happen next week when everyone plays for veto, but there will be no one to host. Personally I’m hoping for something with that robot voice that we heard last season in the comp where Booger cut his foot open. That was awesome.

Eric and Jessica are talking about the veto comp in the HoH room. Eric wonders if he should try his best, or not worry about it and just take prizes. Jessica says that she will try to win the veto and that he can go for prizes, because she would expect him to let her go for prizes if he were HoH. I know, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me either. For some reason they think the comp will have something to do with cats, which both of them hate. How can you hate cats? I mean, dogs are clearly superior, but hating cats? Say it ain’t so.

Amber is telling Jameka that she’s going to win HoH next week, and put up Jessica and Eric. Then, if one of them gets off the block with the veto, she’ll put Dick up. Jameka mm hmm’s without suggesting that Daniele and Dick should go up together, which tells me that Jameka has about as much faith in Amber winning HoH as the rest of us do. She mentions the numbers 1, 5, and 7, but I really have no idea what they’re in reference to.

Amber says a little Amber-prayer, in which she explains to god how much she needs the veto, and asks him to please let her and Jameka win the game because they’re good people and deserve to win. God bless you amen. Jameka tells Amber that she prays well, and loves it when it’s real. This is coming from the same woman who sees Amber on the cover of magazines, so take that as you will.

Jessica, Jameka, and Zach sit in the kitchen and quiz each other on the events of the season so far. The girls are pretty good with their memories, but Zach, notsomuch. Fortunately BB takes us away from this riveting session of not-quite-Jedi drilling and instead gives us trivia. Again. Hopefully this means the comp is on.

A couple of hours later, we’re back. There’s some chatter about the competition, which apparently included riddles about the hamsters. I don’t hear anything about cats, nor do I know who won it yet. But wait, Jameka is asking Eric how it feels and he’s going on and on about how he was almost eliminated several times. Eric won the veto? Wow. Zach is upset because apparently one of the rounds was very close and Eric beat him out.

Jessica is upstairs in a bikini shaving her legs, and Dick is talking about making tuna melts. Mmm, tuna melts. Amber is sitting at the table looking bummed. She walks to the storage room, telling god that she trusts him and knows that he will do what is best for her, although she admits that this is a bad day. I’ll bet she cried during the veto comp, too.

Daniele is walking around modeling some more of her new clothes. She whispers to Dick, “Now do you see why I think Amber should go?” My guess is that she came close to winning again.

Jameka is upstairs in the HoH room waiting for Jessica to come out of the bathroom. When she does, Jessica says that she doesn’t think that Eric will use the veto, but that he might because he usually has some kind of plan in mind. She adds that Zach will be all over Eric now, and Jameka says that Zach picked Eric to play for him, so it’s no surprise.

Everyone heads down to the kitchen for tuna melts, which have caused some controversy with Zach because he was surprised to learn that people put pickles in their tuna melts. I know, fascinating, isn’t it? Zach is anxious to learn how Pirate Master ended. Heh – with cancellation. That’s how it ended. Daniele says that she asked someone about Pirate Master while she was on her trip, but they didn’t know what happened with it. Jameka asks what veal is, and if it’s lamb. Uh … Dick explains to her what veal is, and then she asks what lamb is called. Someone pass the Tylenol.