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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 24th – Better Late Than Never?

They both saw they think about each other, and a knock on the door interrupts them, but there’s no one there. He knows the girlfriend that isn’t a girlfriend back home is proud that he is on the show, but imagines how he must feel watching him and Jess together, and doesn’t want her to feel badly. Eric points out at first he and Jess were just joking around and flirting, and she admits she doubted him in the beginning, and doesn’t know when those feelings changed for her. He tells her she knows who he is in the game (well, not entirely), and admits to cheating and manipulating, but says she already knows that. He tells her she will be happy later to see how he was playing the game.

It turns back into the game situation as they talk about wanting to tell the others how they feel about each other, and Jess says, “we’re in love.” Eric says he thinks if they get to the end, it will be just them, so he thinks they should stick with Dick and Daniele, especially since between Jess and Dani, they’ve won the last 4 Hoes. They wonder who they will put up if they have to this week if either Amber or Zach win, and they don’t want to put up Dick or Dani, so wonder if they should put up Jameka and tell her she’s safe. They decide one of them has to win it. They talk about keeping Jameka until final five, as that way if she win’s HoH, they can evict Dani. Perfect final four for them.

They finally go to bed, but still talk. They are glad they talked over their relationship, yet Eric thinks it’s weird, and Jess doesn’t. He doesn’t think they would have ever gotten together outside the house, as he doesn’t think they would have talked to each other. They finally fall asleep after discussing the game a little more. I have gone to loving them as a couple, to not liking him, to loving them as a couple once again. I think there is something so sweet and innocent about them together, it’s heartwarming.
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