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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 24th – Better Late Than Never?

Father and daughter talk downstairs, and she says she wants to send Jess home before Eric, because people see her as nice, but he’s rubbed some people the wrong way. Dick still wants to keep to their agreement with them, and she says she does too, but she’s talking about when it gets to that point. She wonders if Jess has a deal with Jameka, but Dick who is always very trusting until you burn him, says he doesn’t think they do. He thinks they’re just friends and that’s how far it goes. They discuss names for their alliance, and Dani says her and Jess are the anti-brunette alliance. Dick suggests KanJewNatos for their proposed final four. They talk about it being boring this week, and Dani suggests they throw scalding hot coffee on Dick to spice the ratings up. That’s kind of out of nowhere and just weird.

Eric joins the Donatos, and they all think it would be funny if it was a tie vote this week, and Jess had them play rock, paper, scissors to decide who was leaving. Dick says Zach asked if either he or Dani won the PoV, would they use it on him and take him off the block. Eric notes it’s kind of funny, as he was also up in the HoH asking for the Donatos to be backdoored. He thinks Zach has a problem distinguishing between fantasy and reality, and with all his crazy theories, Zach’s just hoping to be right at least once. Dick mentions KanJewNatos to them, and they decide to braining for good name.

After a trip to the HoH, Eric comes right back and says they didn’t want him up there. Dani tells him Jess was talking about him and his wiener earlier. He says, “Whoah!” She swears it’s true, and he seems kind of happy with this information. Instead, Jess and Jameka are upstairs in the HoH wondering why Eric isn’t coming back with the win he promised. They watch him on the spy screen and wonder w hat he could be talking to the Donatos about. Eric is talking about public perceptions of the HGs and how they fit into certain molds. Dick wonders if the religious right is outside complaining against him, but Dani points out Kail mentioned liking Dick because he was entertaining. She laughs that Amber thinks she’s #1 with the viewers, but she’s probably not that popular at all. And … she’s right, and Eric knows it because of our votes for him.

Jess reads over her letter from her mom saying “stay focused on the game,” and wonders if it’s a secret message somehow. She wonders if her mom is telling her not to trust Eric, and Jameka, needing allies really badly, tries to help sway her mind that way. Eric comes back up and Jess asks where he’s been all night.

Downstairs still, Dani talks about being on the trip with Amber, and says everyone kept asking her if she was friends with Amber, since she brought her on the trip with her. Dani says she explained to them she didn’t have a choice at all. Yet, Amber kept talking the entire time about how much everyone likes her. Dani thinks America hates her, but Dick argues that spot belongs to him, and she agrees that has to be true. He says he’d like Jess to put Jameka up if Zach wins PoV, but he’s been been on the block two times, and it’s enough. He is not pulling a Dustin.

Dani also is upset with the luxury comp and having to expose herself the way she did. She feels now like all that time hiding under covers and in the bathroom changing were for nothing. She talks about missing Nick and Mike, but notes Jen’s only been gone for one day! (Wow, now I know I’m behind typing this up.) She and Dick wonder who Kail is rooting for now, and Dani thinks it’s her. Dick wonders who’s rooting for him, and Dani explains Joe, Nick, and Mike probably are. Certainly not Dustin! Dick is more worried about his eye right now. Something happened to it during the comp today. Dick says he’s going to bed, but is going to go outside for a cigarette first. He goes to hug her, yet she’s facing the other direction, and asks what he’s doing. He says he’s hugging her goodnight, would she like it now or later. She replies, “Never,” yet, she hugs him back with a smile. We’re making progress!

I think Eric and Jess want a little private time up in HoH, but Jameka isn’t moving. Dic sits outside smoking, bitching about his eye and talking about the next few weeks to himself. He’s glad Dustin and Jen are gone, and can’t believe he might be stuck with Zach in final five, because he’s mad at him now. He starts to wonder about taking Jameka to final five instead, but I think that’s a mistake, as I think she’ll be done with her no HoH thing then. And she’s way too likable to take to final 2.

Jameka finally leaves the HoH and asks if Eric is sleeping downstairs or not. He says he’s not sure. Wow, that’s a leading comment. I guess it’s all up to Jess. Once she’s gone, and Jess tells Eric how she walked in on Jameka praying and crying. They talk about Amber and how Dani was upset at the way Amber talked about how great she was constantly. Oddly he asks Jess if she liked Amber naked, then starts to push her name as the one to vote out this week, saying she’s been getting better at comps. He also gets a little upset that Jameka and Jess were talking so long with out him, then were giving him quite the ribbing when he came up. She tells him it was all in fun.

You’d think now that they were alone, Eric and Jess would be working on this pseudo relationship of theirs. Instead, they bash Jen for awhile. It makes me wonder why no one ever mentioned leaving Jen around to take to final 2 with them, since everyone dislikes her so much. They also have much to say about Jen’s words for Amber on her way out the door, and wonder what that was all about. He finally comes clean and tells her more about his girlfriend, and about whether she’s current or past. He says they have always been on again/off again, and the last time he saw her was a week before he left for BB, and there was no commitment as she refuses to make one. He didn’t expect to have feelings for someone else on the show, and she admits to the same, and says she doesn’t have anyone back at home either.


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