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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 24th – Better Late Than Never?

We lose the feeds for awhile to the nomination ceremony, and when we come back Zach and Amber have indeed been put up. Jess hugs Amber and tells her it’s not personal. Amber is then seen, you guessed it crying, and Jameka tells Jess she knows she struggled with this this week, that’s why she wasn’t going to bug her. Zach is on the treadmill and Dani jokes maybe he’s pulling a Jen and is running 20 miles. Daniele just wants to joke, saying Jen was right that this house is nothing without her. Y’know, if she would quit whining and cut her dad a little slack, I wouldn’t mind her. Dick says he’d miss herpes more than Jen.

As the talk in HoH is about how interesting the PoV comp will be, Jess is still upset about Zach saying before he thought she was dead weight when he was talking to Eric. Jameka and Jess talk about he comp, and say if they had to choose a guy from the show to be naked in front of, it would be Eric. I don’t think that’s necessarily a good thing for him, though. When they’re alone, Eric tells Jess they need to sit down with the father/daughter duo this week to reaffirm their alliance. That would definitely be a smart thing to do, although it does seem they are all on the same page. Eric and Jess now they stand a better chance at getting the votes at that end than Dick or Dani does. A little too obviously, Eric wants a date night in the HoH this weekend. He apparently feels the need to reaffirm his alliance with her as well.

Janice talks to Amber who is busy reading the Bible, and shares that it says you need to believe in God and he will give you what you need. Jameka whispers to Amber for a bit so that we can’t hear, and you can bet it isn’t about God. Dani then talks to Ameba and the talk turns to Jen. They wonder if she followed up on prognoses or whether she did go to sequester. Dani thinks she did, so that she can go to the wrap party and ask mean questions to the final 2.

I missed what led up to this switching feeds, but Zach is n the HoH room talking about customer service at WalMart. This leads to Eric talking about the tech support-people that come from India. Personally, I find the latter more annoying. Zach wants to know if anyone is afraid of sharks. What is with his line of questioning? He wont’s stop as he asks what the biggest fish is that the others have ever seen. He know brings up evolution. Jameka admits she used to steal money when she was younger. Maybe this is behind her saying before that she isn’t “that person” any more.

Dick is busy during all this cooking something on the grill and pasta inside. He’s bitching about Zach not cleaning the grill and says he’ll vote to evict him based on that alone. He must have watched a little of Hell’s Kitchen while in sequester, as when others complain he left a mess on the kitchen floor, he says he’s a messy cook, so he wouldn’t last in Hell’s Kitchen, but at least he doesn’t take food out of the trash. Certainly seems like he’s talking about this year’s show with “their” Jen. Dick says he made this one up as he went along, and Jess things this looks like her mother’s pork chops. Everyone in unison, “Pork chops?” The sauce is something with mushroom soup, garlic, butter, and half and half. Talk about rich!

Finally Jameka is called out by Dick for her overuse of “Mmmhmm.” She says she didn’t realize she did it that much. Amber has come out of the DR, but still doesn’t join them for dinner. Dick goes to check on her, and she says she’ll join t hem when her “face clams down.” Meaning, she’s crying and nothing is new. Eric is still talking about not playing at all in the veto comps so far. We get it already. Shut up. Sorry, it’s late, I’m late. I want to get this done. I’m cranky. Shut up, Eric.

Dick and Jess talk outside after dinner, saying they really don’t are which of the two noms go this week. Dick is still fired up with Zach, not over the grill, but about him saying last week that he was responsible for Dick staying the week before. Zach joins them and the talk turns to getting the washer and dryer fixed. Jess goes inside,
Dick gets up and goes inside to see if he can get whatever it is in his eye out, and Eric brushes his teeth.

Zach Jess to the HoH and says he was irritated that when he talked to Jess earlier, he had to do it in front of Eric. He’s also quite confident when he tells he thinks he isn’t the target this week and thinks Dani or Dick are going to be backdoored. Umm, that’s because that’s what you were practically screaming at them to do, but I really don’t think they’re entertaining the idea. Yet, he presses on, still saying he’ll use the veto and take himself off the block so she can put one of the Donatos up. Zach says he understands Rewhip she nominated him, as she wouldn’t want to nominate her friends or the Donatos, yet he keeps pressing how much of a threat Dick and Daniele are. Eric comes in to let them know they now have beer and wine downstairs.

Jameka tells Dick he’s done, and that he’s not going to win any more vetoes. They discuss Kail and what befell her, and Dani mocks feeling sorry for her, saying she won’t be able to be on any more reality shows, yet hopes Jen can get her on Wheel of Fortune. Dick and Dani want to play beer pong, as they haven’t in two weeks, but Jess and Zach are busy talking still. Jameka and Amber team up to play against them, and Eric officiates. Eventually Jess emerges to play, and Dick gets called to the DR so the teams change once again. Zach stays behind in the HoH listening to music.

Later, Eric goes to talk to Amber and make sure she is okay. She says she spent a lot of time crying in the DR. Great, that means we’ll be treated to many, many moments of that this week. He was nominated before, so knows how tough it is. She just doesn’t understand, as she says she isn’t a huge threat in the game, but Eric points out everyone is a threat. He talks about Zach, too, saying he made mistakes bet not getting to know everyone earlier in the game. Meanwhile, Jameka is up in the HoH with a box of Kleenex, crying and talking to God. Jess walks in and interrupts her, and tells her she understands, because she’s “way into God, too.”


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