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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 24th – Better Late Than Never?

The talk goes back to their comp, and Eric says he’s unwillingly now seen all the guys naked. Jess thought it was funny that none of the girls had a bush. TMI. Eric picks her brain to find out if she was surprised about how anyone really looked. Jess thought Amber’s boobs were smaller than she had expected. They agree it would have been awkward if the comp would have been coed. I’m running through my head the morality of all of that. They talk about having to sit around in the bubbles, naked, and solving puzzles. … Who thought that up? They talk about Amber not wanting to do it at first.

Eric and Jess figure they should start figuring out game scenarios with each other and should also do some Jed drilling. They know Zach is on his way up and Eric tells Jess the thinks Zach will act like a baby, stay in bed, or make veiled comments. Jess says she’ll just say “whatever.” Zach does the same thing he does every week, promises to throw PoV their way and vote whatever way they want if he isn’t put on the block. He hints that Dick and Dani should be targets, but certainly doesn’t name them. He thinks having five strong people in the end would be really difficult. True, but isn’t that how it should be, though? Zach says he’s not afraid of Dick, and uses the fight he and Dick recently had as evidence.

Dani, apparently deciding her father is worth talking to now, tells him she’s worried about the noms. They know Zach is up in HoH right now, probably working on Jess And Eric. Dick proclaims himself over Zach, but Dani is still worried other will be trying to work deals with Eric or Jess out. Upstairs, Zach is still pleading his case, and tells Jess he thought she was just dead weight, with Eric being the brains behind the operation, and while he sees it a little differently now, he’s still afraid of Eric, as he knows too much about the game. Jess apparently knows it’s not that easy to get rid of Zach, so she says she’s going to get a sandwich to get that break.

Zach works on Eric, pointing out there’s two 21 year olds left in the house. He also talks about Dick’s temper, and Jess then comes back to HoH. Is she only doing this to save Zach? I’m surprised they haven’t worked out how to avoid situations with Zach like this. He asks if they want him to leave so they can talk, but they really don’t know what to say, s nice Zach is goin up regardless of what he does right now.

Amber is still straying on new clothes and is seen downstairs switching tops, and doesn’t even have a bra on, showing all she has, which, don’t forget, Jess isn’t impressed by. Then she does the same thing with her lower half, changing pants without having underwear on so that she can try the bikini bottoms on for this as well. Apparently she lost all her inhibitions pretty quickly.

When Zach finally leaves, Eric points out he thinks he has him figured out. He wants them to put up Dick and Dani so that one of them gets voted out. That allows Eric and Jess to then become targets, and one of them will be voted out as well. Meanwhile it gives him two more weeks. Eric says he’d rather go against worthier opponents in the final four.

Dani comes up to the HoH, and Eric fills her in on Zach’s visit. She doesn’t care who leaves this week, Zach or Amber, and doesn’t think either could win PoV to save themselves. Dani thinks it’s interesting that Zach is proud to be a floater, yet promises his allegiance to everyone, whoever is the HoH that week. She also tells Eric and Jess that he said if he was in pour this week, he’d put up Jameka and Amber, so that kills his big thing about the need to put up stronger players this week. As far as Amber, she’s never heard anyone compliment themselves as much. Amen! Eric doesn’t think Zach throws comps, since he seems to try very hard in food comps. Yeah, but only in those!

Zach must know he’s in danger here, as he comes in and interrupts the conversation, followed by Jameka who is trying on some of her new stuff. Maybe she’s working on impressing that cameraman she likes. Eric goes back to an old topic, bashing Jen, and says he thanks she was used to being told she was hot, then to be told in the house by all the guys she wasn’t, she didn’t seem to like it or understand it too much. The feeds are also showing Amber still trying on clothes and still baring all to the camera. Dick’s in the backyard, trashing the Raiders once again.

Dick joins the growing crowd in HoH, noting there was no food comp, no one is on slop, the girls got clothes, and he got to play in bubbles with naked men. He wonders what else a guy could ask for? Despite the fact it’s pretty written in stone, Amber pulls Jess aside and asks if she knows what she’s going to do. She says if she’s not put up, she’ll do whatever Jess wants, but if she is put up, she just wants to go up now so that she has a chance to fight for herself in the PoV comp.

Dani and Dick compare notes outside, and neither are happy with Zach for saying they should target stronger people this week. It’s obvious to everyone he’s talking about them. They talk about Jen, saying she was in sane, and this is most likely because last week, when they should have been talking about it, Dani wasn’t talking to Dick. They agree Jameka thinks she is going up and fighting very hard to stay. Dani says Zach is going to be “butt hurt” to be nominated, and Dick is surprised he’s never heard that expression before. The two discuss the thought to leave the stronger people in at final four, and agree that’s what they want as well.

Upstairs, Eric comes back in from a trip to the DR, and it appears they told him to pass on to Jess to not wear new clothes in the veto ceremony. Jess puts on one dress and declares it to being a fat day dress for her. Dick is wandering the house, complaining about his eye. He wants a transplant, and thinks one blue and one hazel would be cool, as he’s be like an Australian Shepherd. I don’t know who would ever think of something like that, other than my daughter.


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