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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 24th – Better Late Than Never?

First, my apologies for being this dang late. Sometimes life gets in the way of the stuff you want to do. And I want to watch me feeds and let everyone else know what’s happening in that crazy BB8 house. My weekend was long, stressed, and busy unlike anyone would believe (would kill Kohl’s to remember to take the security tags off a dress you need because you have to wear it to a banquet the next day?), but I’m back and ready to get this all cleaned up. Forgive me for not proofreading this before I upload.

Dick gets up around 6 AMish and sits down at the kitchen table staring at the memory wall. It’s not long before his head drops a little, and we hear snoring. He wakes himself up, sits awhile, then goes back to bed, complaining that he can’t sleep and happy as hell that Jen is gone.

Later, when we get trivia, it must be the official wakeup call, as Jess and Dick are both seen awake. For whatever inexplicable reason, he’s lying in bed singing Tiny Bubbles. Joyous moments without Jen apparently bring out the Don Ho in Dick. At least it’s not the other way around.

Dick, Zach, and Dani discuss the songs that were played – Tiny Bubbles , Car Wash, Rubber Ducky, and Dirty Laundry – and think maybe the comp this morning has something to do with dancing prompting Zach to say the only dance he knows is the Q-Tip. I would think the common denominator there is bubbles, plus some of the HGs saw bubbles coming over the fence the other day and figured it would be in a future comp. Here they are. I can’t believe they’re missing the obvious. Dani’s just upset that they aren’t celebratory songs for Jen being gone.

Slop is apparently doing Jameka bad … or good, depending on how you look at it. She has lost six pounds and is at 130. She says she has to get the little man out of her mouth, and Zach asks if she means Eric. She replies, no, that’s what she says when she has bad breath and needs to brush her teeth. Am I the only one that finds that odd?

There’s a comment going around that Danielle’s butt looks like that of a 12 year old’s and Jameka wonders who should be more insulted. Apparently Jameka thinks she’s answering questions posed to a centerfold, as she lists her dislikes as being pubic hair and people that yawn and don’t cover their mouths. She and Zach then try to get Amber to yawn saying if you talk about or see someone doing it, you’ll yawn in three seconds. Hmm. I just yawned. This goes into saying gesundheit after a sneeze, and Dani says the practice of saying “God bless you” started because sneezing makes your heart stop. Dick says it has something to do with clearing you of your evil spirits. Instead, Eric just blows his nose, and gets yelled at by Jameka for din git at the table.

Still waiting for the food comp to start, everyone starts discussing school. Jameka asks if anyone used skip class, and Dani says senior year she did it constantly. Eric complains that his obese Spanish teacher passed out on top of him one time, and Dani says she had a teacher that sweated so profusely, he’d completely soak through his shirt. Jess and Jameka talk about students getting handcuffed at their schools when they’re in trouble. Wow. I don’t think I’d ever miss an assignment there. Zach asks about Dani’s school grades, and she says she had a 4.24 average.

Looking at the picture wall, Eric says today is the first day in a long time he can honestly say he doesn’t hate anyone in the house, and everyone else agrees. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Kumbayah and all that.

The school talk has opened up nostalgia, and Jameka asks Dani if she did the dishes when she was growing up. She says she didn’t have many chores at all, as her grandparents took care of everything. And she dislikes her upbringing because …. Everyone talks about shows from their youth such as Hey Dude, Saved By the Bell, Saturday morning cartoons, and the different shows on Nickelodeon. Jameka’s done with all this. She just wants to know if anyone isn’t going to mind going on slop this week, because if they aren’t, she does not want to be on their team.

We lose the feeds at this point for about an hour, and when they return we find they haven’t had a food comp, but a luxury comp. It seems to have been girls against the guys, and the girls seem to have one. They’re working under a time limit an shopping for clothes. Jameka takes her time picking out just the right things, but Amber and Jess are seen just throwing all sorts of clothing on over their heads. Dani is behind a rack and out of the view of the live feeds. When the time is up, everyone is herded outside for a lockdown, and the guys are wearing brown terry-cloth robes. Jess drags along with her earnings the top half of a mannequin.

I don’t know what Zach is thinking, but for awhile he had one leg propped up on the other with his robe below his waist open wide. It almost seemed purposeful. Once they’re allowed to go back inside, Jameka pulls Eric up to the HoH room right away to talk. She wants to know if he still agrees with what he said last night, because Zach wants to talk to her. They don’t get to talk about anything else, as Jess comes up complaining that Amber wants some of the other girls’ clothes, but only wants to trade if something doesn’t fit her. We then find something else out about the comp. The guys all had to get naked and by no surprise, Zach was the first one to drop trout But wait, the girls did the same thing! It seems the sexes separated, and both groups had to get naked. Erik says he didn’t want to look at the other guys, but he told Dick he didn’t mind so much losing as he’d rather see Jess naked.

Dani tries on all her new clothes from the comp and yells at the camera to not watch her, calling it a pervert. Jess and Eric get a chance to talk about the noms, and they decide Amber and Zach are the best choices. They don’t have to make any deals now, and if they decide to keep Zach, they can make a deal later in the week. Eric jokes that if you put up two people that annoy you the most, the worst thing to happen would be them talking to you less. They decide not to put up Dani an Danielle this week, as they know they’d only end up going up next week. For some reason they then start talking about the cameraman Jameka thinks is hot and Eric just can’t believe it, and we lose the feeds. I almost wonder if they find things like this to talk about so the feeds will be stopped, and they’ll get to sneak in a stolen kiss or something.


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