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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 22nd – Father and Daughter Fighting Again!

Jess’ name is brought up by Amber, and she says everyone is so obsessed with her. Dani knows her dad is and says she doesn’t mind her as they can take about blonde jokes. Amber complains … a lot … about Jess not helping out around the house. She also complains about Eric and that he freaks her out. They both agree he’s a “smart cookie” and about Jess and Eric hooking up. Dani says she told her dad they would, and he didn’t believe her. Amber and Dani discuss Jen and how it’s going to kill Kail to see what Jen did this week. Dani says she just wants to go hit the food out of her hands.

Amber asks Dani to be her partner for the food comp, but Dani seems to weasel out of that situation. Dani switches the conversation to Nick and says she can’t believe he’s been done for three weeks. She mentions how much she hated the Citadel shirt he wore, as it smelled like B.O. They both come to the conclusion that this house is harder than they thought it would be. Watching the spy screen, they see Dick, and Amber advisees Dani to get it out of the way and go talk to him. While Amber thinks Jen is the person America loves to hate, Dani thinks it’s her dad. While he seems like he’s waiting downstairs for Dani to come talk to him, she and Dani are talking about Amber’s dog and how much it must be missing Amber. Amber says she can’t wait for the wrap party, the same thing she asked a few weeks ago what it was.

Dick goes to bed, and Amber and Dani come downstairs and have some banana bread that Jen baked. Jameka joins them, and they talk about playing in the comps. Dani predicts she will learn much about life when she leaves the BB house, and knows she already has to some extent. Amber leaves, and Dani tells Jameka about traveling after the show, admitting she and Nick had talked about it. They talk about the pics on the memory wall, with Dani saying she hates Dustin’s because he looks Asian, but of course Amber loves it. Jameka thinks Mike’s looks like a vampire, and Dani thinks Nick’s looks like a 10th grade pic. Amber says her own is ugly as usually she is so photogenic. Argh with her and those comments about herself.

The talks moves to when they close off a bedroom who will sleep with who, and Amber says they might not do that, but Dani says they always do. Dick has gotten up and gone outside for a smoke, and the girls talk about the dryer not working. Dani mentions that the outfits she wore for comps were hideous, and Dick walks in past Dani, and asks Amber why they’re all up so late. She says they can’t sleep. Jameka asks Amber what the first thing is she’s going to say to “her baby,” and she replies that she’s so in love with him. I think Amber was talking about her daughter, not her boyfriend, but it seems to show where the priorities lie, doesn’t it? She talks about the relationship a little, and Jameka has her pegged enough to say, “And now you’re going to say when you get out of here he’s going to propose.”

As the girls finally go to bed, Dick gets up again complaining that Jen is making cow noises and talking in her sleep. At least they won’t have to share a room too much longer. It’s kind of funny in retrospect that Kail and Jen, after finally getting out of the HoH, needed a place to sleep, and chose the round beds with Dick and Mike, and that after Mike and Kail left, Dick and Jen, arch enemies, still continued to share a room. It seems like after Thursday night, though, Dick will finally have the room to himself.

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