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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 22nd – Father and Daughter Fighting Again!

Jen thinks her going out this way is pretty funny, since she said in her pre-interviews that watching the other seasons, about the only way she’d go out is with a backdoor. Hmm. Hasn’t she also said she never saw the show before? Still looking through her stuff, she finds a dollar. Eric gets up from his nap, upset that they are still on lockdown and wonders what they’re doing out there. Jen wonders if they’re throwing a party for her, and Eric notes that would be a real change of events.

Proving her narcissistic stamp, Jen wonders if maybe they are planning some type of special comp just to keep her in the house, because she thinks she helps ratings. Didn’t they just give her a penalty vote?

The lockdown is finally over and Eric’s ticked. He just got out of the shower. Dani gets up and promises to make Jameka breakfast when she’s off slop. In other words, code for don’t worry about anything; you’ll be here still in a couple days. Dani asks Eric what would happen if everyone was on slop and everyone ate real food. Eric thinks they would all get penalty noms.

Out in the hot tub, Eric tells Jess and Dick that Dani told him Amber was crying her eyes out and didn’t want to come back to the house yesterday. Dick then notes how Amber’s been mopey for the past hour.

Later, Amber asks Dick and Zach if they have … had a need for the jack shack … and while neither of them will admit to it, Dick says he knows Dustin did it, and Amber says he did it three times. Zach and Jameka counter that he did it four times, and Dick is pretty disgusted that they know this. I echo that.

A beer pong game is in the works and a quick check shows 12 beers and a bottle of wine in the SR. Dani suggests they save it and all get wasted before the live show, but they know they would get in trouble. Of course, leave it to the recent 21 year old to come up with this idea! It’s too risky, if you ask me, which nobody is, as whose to say that BB wouldn’t take the beer and wine back, and here they would have missed out on drinking it tonight.

Jameka says she put in a request to the DR that Jen should get a party of some sort because of her 400 laps in the pool. Is she serious?

Beer pong dies out and the spin the bottle game from the other day is resurrected, but that doesn’t last long either. Zach tries to get the grill going and has a hard time, and Eric and Jess flirt in the hot tub again, worried about underwater cameras. When they emerge from the hot tub, Eric covers up right away with a towel, apparently hiding his joy.

All joy is now gone, as Dick finally has it out with Dani. He wants to know why after he took her off the block she doesn’t even have the decency to include him in this deal with Amber. She refers to him as Dad of the year, and he returns the favor calling her daughter of the year. He points out she has no relationship with anyone else in the family, and she says that’s none of his business. He wants her to realize it has to be her if she doesn’t get along with anyone else in the family, not just him. She kicks him out of her HoH room, and he leaves in a huff, throwing his stuff over the balcony. She says she hates this house after he leaves.

Dick, of course, goes outside to smoke and talk to himself. He talks about how everything always has to go Dani’s way. He is deciding he is done with the relationship inside the house and will deal with this on the outside. Jameka comes out to ask if he wants pizza, but he declines. She informs him Jen is eating it all as well as making banana bread. She asks if he has HoH predictions, and he says that’s Amber not him. He’s hoping for a double eviction, but Jameka thinks that will take away from the live shows. She asks if he’s ready to go home yet, and he says no, running through highlights of his time here. The king of hem all, though, is Jen getting backdoored.

After Jameka leaves, Dick falls asleep outside, and Dani tells Jess she did a good job of faking it with Jen this week. Dani then talks things over with Jameka, and says she can wait until Jen’s gone, as she’s made things miserable for everyone this week. Jameka says she isn’t made at Jen, and Dani just has to give her credit, wondering how she does that.

Dick gets up and comes inside to talk to Dani in the kitchen. He tells her he loves her more than anything, and he just wants a relationship with her. He just wants to forget about what happened and move past it. She finally breaks her silence and says that’s the problem. He always wants to us just forget it, but for her it’s not that easy. She is upset about the things he says to her, as she would never say them to anyone else. Dick apologizes and says she says things that are hurtful. She says she get upset when he talks about her personal relationships. It’s a pattern he says, and she explains she’s different than everyone else in he family. Do you think she thinks she’s like Marilyn Munster?

Dani is sorry she wasn’t brought up in a nice, loving family and thinks that’s why she’s not close to any of them. She talks about her friend Lindsay’s family and says she is close to them because they have been there for her, making Dick say she doesn’t let people get close to her. He wonders if she takes any responsibility for the problems in their relationship, and she says she has and warns him not to look at her like that. She complains he never sees her side, and he counters she’s the one that left. She says she can’t do this right now and runs upstairs. Why was it Zach said Dick always runs away, it’s Dani.

Amber heads upstairs to the HoH and consoles Dani while Dick goes to bed. Amber suggests Dani work with her dad on the game right now, but save working on their relationship until they get home. Surprisingly, she actually gives great advice here. She says she thinks he realizes their relationship is f’ed up because of him. That’s why he follows her around, trying to fixate it, but he doesn’t realize he just needs to give her some space. Dani admits that one of the reasons they are fighting is because of the deal between her and Amber. Jameka sits outside during all of this by herself praying and crying.


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