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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 22nd – Father and Daughter Fighting Again!

Jen comes back out and says she’s glad she found her clothes just in time, but she’s still missing a couple of white trash bags. Dick tells her she should have waited for the live show to take her top off. He then says she’ll never find the rest of her stuff, and that he’ll give it back to her five minutes before the live show, and she’ll be lucky if it’s not all broken and bleached.

Amber talks about a $5,000 chip she got as a tip once from an Asian man for a pack of cigarettes that was hard to find. He told her he could tell be looking in her eyes she was a good person and gave it to her. Other than that, the most she’s received is $100. She and Dani talk about how stingy Asians are, and Zach says they’re going to get hate mail. Dani points out they bring calculators to figure out tip to the exact cent, and once Zach points out how easy it is to figure out in your head, they really don’t have too much else to say.

Dani tells Eric that Amber was crying on the way back after their trip, because she didn’t really want to come back. He tells her that Jen has been telling others that Dani told her about the final four deal. He told Jen she didn’t know what she was talking about. Meanwhile, she’s still tearing around looking for her stuff, not being able to deal with the fact she won’t have her makeup for the live show. She asks Dani again if she’s sure it’s not up in the HoH.

Dick is told he has to return the rest of Jen’s stuff, and when she’s called to the DR, he goes around the house collecting it. When he’s done, Eric and Dani tell him that Amber was mad at them for using Dustin’s crown in the HoH camera pictures. She also made Dani take three separate pictures of her kissing her necklace and giving her secret sign to her daughter. When Dani returned the camera, she deleted those shots.

Zach tells Jen that he’s not mad at her, but he doesn’t like it when people don’t follow the rules. Rules were meant to be followed. She says people are twisting her words, and she just didn’t think it was fair that he got to hide all her stuff, yet she didn’t get away with destroying his cigarettes after she was told she could, and that BB then went and replaced them for him. She claims she wasn’t gloating, just commenting. He says it wasn’t fair for Jameka.

Zach also tries to explain to Jen that if she doesn’t go to sequester, it will affect everyone else’s game. I think she’s counting on that, Zach. He compares the whole thing to playing World of Warcraft. She says she has an important life and doesn’t want to waste her time sitting on a beach. He tries to tell her it’s wasting her time and that getting that last vote in the game is important. Jen just goes on about being backdoored and that Dani is a liar, and Zach loses interest, as do I.

Yet, it picks up interest again. Zach goes to Dick to explain the conversation with him, and Dick gets upset with Zach for saying he thinks Jen is eating to make herself more comfortable since she knew she was leaving. Dick argues he and Nick both knew they were leaving up until really close into it, and they never ate. He gets up to leave, and Zach tells him just to run away from the situation because he’s good at that. Jen then jumps in and tells everyone she hopes they’re looking forward to getting more of that from Dick once she leaves.

This could be a first. Dick comes back out and apologizes to Zach, and basically asks if they can just agree to disagree and says Zach in an okay guy. He says he’s just been on edge since the argument with Dani. Zach says that’s okay, and he understands. Dick then finds Jameka and seeks out a little understanding. She tells him people sometimes don’t appreciate family under later in life. Dick suggested to Dani that they go to therapy earlier and she refused to go. He feels like she expects him to change, but hopes that after the show they can at least sit down and figure out where to go from here. Jameka thinks he displayed good father potential when he took Dani off the block. Yeah, and you’d thank she’d be a little more appreciative, wouldn’t ya?

On an inside lockdown, Jen asks if the others were asked about her lap swimming this morning, but no one else was other than her. She explains the reason why she was swimming laps is because all she had was a swimming suit, and had no sneakers, shorts, tank tops, etc. to work out in, so swimming was all she could do. She also explains she had a dream that reality TV shows were begging her to come on their shows for lots of money, but Dick was mad because they didn’t want him unless she was there too. Umm, I think she’s going to be shocked to find what we really think.

Jen talks to Zach about her diet, saying she poops quickly because she eats a lot of fiber. TMI. They both agree they miss Olive Garden, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go there again after it was attached to the comment about Jen pooping. Jameka joins them, so Jen stops talking about food. Now she’s considerate. She hopes to see the kids she nannies when she gets out, and wonders if school is back in session. Jameka says it starts next Monday (Today for those that live around here.)

Jameka gives Amber a back rub, and Jen says she doesn’t think she’s ever gone this long without a massage. Hint! Hint! Jameka tells her she’ll appreciate them more, and Amber asks Jameka to walk on her back, and also asks what Bengay is. I’ll ask again, how does she take care of herself and her daughter? Jen just doesn’t like to lose, as she gets the juice that Dick just brought from the SR and dumps it down the drain. She finds another bag of her clothes, notes that Dick took her pillow too, then tells Amber who is finally getting to the end of her back rub that she can have her eye liner if she wants it, because she’s a nice person. Amber says she got a lot of compliments about her eyes yesterday from random people.


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