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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 22nd – Father and Daughter Fighting Again!

The last few days were exciting enough on Big Brother, and that was for a Monday and Tuesday, normally slow days around here. Now that everyone is making nice again I can’t see the day going that badly, but then again, it is Big Brother.

Jen is the first one awake, perhaps wanting to make the most of her last few days in the house. She gets up and brushes her teeth, opens drawers looking for something, goes outside by the washer and dryer to look, then into the SR, where two suitcases are waiting. I’m sure that’s not what she was hoping to find. I think she wanted to find something to wear after Dick hid everything. She relents and goes back to bed. Dick gets up as does Jen, once again. They pass each other a few times, but Jen ends up in the workout room and Dick outside. Jen somehow finds one of her bikinis and heads outside, taking a quick shower, then jumping into the pool for some laps.

We lose the feeds to trivia, and it seems BB woke the rest of the house, probably out of safety for Jen and Dick, as there is no way they should be alone together right now. Zach comes outside and laments no Edema for the wakeup music. Jess leans out and asks who’s in the pool. When she’s told Jen is doing laps, she says Jen looks Chinese. Dick points out that’s because she doesn’t have any makeup on, because remember, that’s something else he hid from her.

They think she’s intending to swim the 440 laps that BB says constitutes a mile, and Jess wonders if there is some special power in the game if you successfully swim all 440. Eric is just hoping she gets another ear infection, and he also notes she has full on sideburns. Dick mentions that all she has is her bikini because he hid her clothes in the storage bin outside. I wonder if she would have rather have just lost gracefully at this point.

Dick, Jess, Zach, and Eric are gathered in the kitchen and Dick decides to make waffles for anyone that wants them. They continue to joke about Jen swimming outside, as Jess says, “Congrats! You swam a mile! Now, you’re safe from eviction!” Amber and Jameka are separated from them and are taking it much more seriously, thinking Jen probably will get something tomorrow for swimming the 440. Jameka thinks BB wants Jen to stay because of the drama she causes, and Amber suggests they leave it in God’s hands, as they peruse the Bible.

Perhaps Eric is revealing too much when he suggests America voted to get Jen the f*** out of here. Well, those might not be our exact words, but I think it probably is the general gist of it. No surprise here as he’s called to the DR. Jess yells out the sliding door to Jen and asks why she’s doing this, to which she hears back, “I don’t know.” Jen says she’s just about done, and they all figure there is no way she could have done 440 laps. Dick suggests they tell her it’s 440 down and back that constitutes one lap, round trip, not just one way. Jen stops, proclaims herself done, and says she was going to go for two miles, but decided to stop. Dick suggests she should go for 10 miles, then offers a waffle to Dani as she walks by. She ignores him.

Dani heads outside to do her hair, which is odd since she has the HoH to herself, and she talks to Jess about Jen saying she only likes to ride in private planes. Both of them are anxiously awaiting her removal from the house and discuss her thinking America loves her. Jess counters America doesn’t love quitters and mentions it being a good thing they’re getting rid of the “other pretty girl,” and Dani says she thinks Jess will be winning HoH this week, yet Eric says whoever does will will have to go through him. Yeah, right. We know he’ll throw it again.

It’s not water Jess wants Eric to bring her today but a nail file, and he does. Eric says if the HoH comp is endurance this week, he doesn’t think he’ll win, prompting Jess to say it will probably be between her and Dick, thinking Zach and Amber wouldn’t last. [Having watched Thurs. show while writing this recap, Jess was right, even though it wasn’t endurance!] Eric suggests it might be whoever poops and fills up a bucket first wins, and Jess notes she usually takes a hearty dump on Thursdays, so she’ll just save it then. Dick, very amused, says she’s right, as he’s been in the bathroom after her. [Let’s be glad Eric wasn’t also right.]

Jen, done with her swimming and laps, is eating again. Eric talks about how he didn’t get much sleep last night, and she says at least they didn’t go to bed mad at each other. Huh? Everyone is upset with you right now, but no one went to bed angry? Everyone is making fun of you and you have become a pariah, but you’re happy people didn’t go to bed mad at each other. As they talk, there are bubbles coming over the fence from the outside world. They figure it’s production testing something out for tomorrow’s HoH comp.

Dani walks around with her HoH camera taking goofy pictures like her M&Ms, Zach’s mouth, Zach with Nick’s picture in his mouth while making a heart sign with his hands, Amber sleeping, and Eric laying on the ironing board. Eric also gets inside a suitcase and the washing machine for a picture. He goes to climb in the dryer but gets yelled at by BB. They also get one of Dick sleeping and Zach standing over him with a croquet mallet. Jen interrupts to ask if Dani knows where the rest of her clothes are, and she replies she told her dad she didn’t want any part of it and doesn’t think they’re still in the HoH. She turns around and goes back to snapping pics.

Jen finally finds her stuff out in the pool shed. Hopefully there aren’t any remnants of Howie’s bodily fluids out there from its old use as the jack shack. Dick tells her to not touch anything of his again, or he will throw her stuff over the wall. Apparently it’s just in time, as right after this her bikini top breaks and there she is for the whole world to see. She asks Jameka for help, and she bends down to pick it up. Jen covers up with a towel and goes in to change.


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