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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 21st – Jeneral Chaos

Eric apologizes to Jessica for barging in on her conversation with Jen. He says that he was trying to defend her, but Jessica says that she didn’t need defending. She says that she doesn’t see the need to attack people, she’s just not like that. She goes to talk to Jameka, and says that she’s worried that people will think that she was sticking up for Jen, when that wasn’t what she was doing at all. She feels badly for Jen, but also knows that she is completely responsible for her actions, and that this situation was unprovoked.

Outside, Jen is telling Amber not to trust anyone in the house. Amber specifically asks about Eric, and Jen says no, don’t trust him. Jen tells her all about the alliance that was supposed to happen between herself, Zach, and Daniele when Dick was going to be evicted last week, and about all the stuff that Daniele told her during that time.

Eric is called to the DR, and when he comes out he goes straight to Jameka and promises her his vote. Then he says that the vote will likely be 4-2 to evict Jen. So I’m not sure what America voted here – he’s either sure of his vote to evict Jen, or he’s covering his ass in case there’s another “hinky” vote.

Eric, Dick, and Jameka are talking in the bathroom about Jen, saying that they can’t believe she acts this way, that there are actually people who are like that. Jameka says that it would be one thing if she were born into money, but flaunting her life like she does is crazy. Dick points out that she talks about her maids and her gardeners, when she is just staff herself.

Dick goes outside to talk to Daniele. She says that she doesn’t want Jen’s stuff in her HoH room because she doesn’t want to be in the middle of all that. Dick wants to just keep it all in there for one more night and take it out in the morning, but Daniele insists that it needs to be out of there now. She talks about how she was able to talk to two people on her trip about life in the house, and how it felt so good to talk to someone who wasn’t involved in all of it. Dick mentions that he went to the DR the night before and asked what the hell was going on, Jen was smacking him and going after his cigarette. They told him about the penalty nomination and asked him not to say anything about it, and then Jen came out and told everyone anyway.

Cut to Eric and Jessica in the small bedroom. Eric is apologizing again for getting involved in her conversation with Jen, saying that he’s just so wired about the whole situation that he couldn’t stand back and do nothing.

Now we join Dick and Daniele, who are in the HoH room arguing. Dick is saying that Daniele treats him like shit, and that he’s not the only one in the house who has noticed it. Daniele isn’t saying much except for, “Oh my god!” Dick says that he’s really trying here, but doesn’t feel that she is. Sounds like he’s upset that she made a deal with Amber and didn’t include him in it. He says that he’s looked out for her the entire game but apparently it doesn’t work both ways.

Dick leaves, but then comes back to apologize. Daniele starts in with her, “I’m sooooo sick of this! I haaate this hoooouse!” She says that she didn’t want to come back there after her trip, and how she doesn’t want to be here every single day with him. Dick says that they have so many problems with their relationship that he really thinks they need outside help. Daniele says no, she’s not going to do that but he can go alone if he wants to. Wow. That’s low. She says that she wants to go to bed, and Dick is angry about her just quitting and walking away when things get heated. He says that she has no relationships with her mother, father, brother, or grandfather. She asks if that’s her fault, and Dick says that it’s too many, it can’t be just him. He leaves, and Daniele goes into the bathroom for a good cry.

Dick goes into the backyard and talks to Amber about the situation. He says that Daniele is nice to him when things are going well in the game, but when it gets stressful she treats him like crap. He’s tired of trying to suck it up and do what she wants him to do all the time. It has to go both ways, and he doesn’t feel that it’s working out that way. Amber is very sympathetic with him. Dick says that it’ll be fine tomorrow because he’ll apologize and give her the space that she wants. Amber suggests that maybe he shouldn’t apologize, because he’s not the person that she wants him to be and probably never will be. He should be able to be himself and still be accepted by his daughter. Wow, such words of wisdom from Amber! Who would have thought?

Dick says that he has a great relationship with his son. That he won the veto and used it on Daniele, and won a slop pass and gave it away. He’s not a bad guy. Amber agrees and tells him that he’s a good dad. She says she’s there for him when he feels that he needs to talk. Dick says that Daniele misses out on family relationships by the way that she treats people, and he just wants her to acknowledge that he’s done things for her instead of blaming him for everything. He says that he’s playing the game for both of them, but she’s only playing for herself.

Amber gets up to go to bed, and we’re taken to Eric and Jameka whispering in the bathroom. I thought they had both gone to bed. Whoops. They’re trying to figure out who would go on the block depending on who gets HoH. Eric thinks that if he were up against Jessica that he would be the one leaving. He says that he can’t understand how anyone would think that the two of them are more threatening than Daniele and Dick though.

Dick comes in the bathroom, so Jameka heads out to talk to Amber, who has still not gone to bed. They both migrate back to the now-empty bathroom to chat. Amber is asking what Jameka talked to Eric about, and Jameka admits that Eric wanted to know if Amber made a deal with Daniele. Amber says that she’s not mad at Jameka, but she’s annoyed that she told Eric about the deal. Jameka realizes that she broke a confidence and apologizes profusely. Amber is worried that Dick will find out.

Amber thinks that Eric has to go next, because he’s going to mess up their game if he stays. They think that Daniele and Dick would rather the two of them stick around than Eric and Jessica, because the two of them keep their word and can be trusted. Jameka wants to talk to Daniele and make it clear that Daniele can trust her. Amber rants on Eric some more and says that she’s done with “the group.” Amber, honey, the group has been done for a while now.

The two of them think that Jameka can get Eric and Jessica to trust her and give her information, while Amber can do the same with Dick and Daniele. Then they’ll play the two pairs against each other. Amber is ranting about Jessica now, wondering why she thinks she can get away with doing nothing in the game and not helping with anything in the house. They talk about Zach and how he’s with Dick and Daniele. Amber says that she won’t go after him if she gets HoH because she doesn’t want to waste her week on him. And this is exactly why he’s still in the house.

Amber and Jameka hug and head off to bed. Dick was up and out for a smoke, but now he’s in bed too. Looks like it’s finally time to call it a day. Whew!

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