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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 21st – Jeneral Chaos

Daniele and Amber are back now, and there’s a lot of excitement and hugging going on. They say that they aren’t allowed to talk about their trip, but the rest of them will know about it in a few days. Amber says that they got to ride in a limo and a private jet, and went to New York. She adds that they had to wear dark sunglasses the whole time. Eric wants to know if they got to talk to anyone, and Amber says no, just the handlers. She mentions though that she found out that Michael Vick got in trouble for something. Wow, with everything that’s going on in the world, that’s the new tidbit that she picks up out there?

Eric wants to know if BB has told the girls what’s been going on in the house since they left, and they say no. He wants to wait and let the others fill them in. Dick suggests that they all go outside to talk about it, and when Jen makes a move to join them, he tells her that they’re going out to have a discussion without her. She says no way, this involves her so she’s coming along.

They all go outside, and Dick does most of the talking explaining everything to Daniele and Amber. He’s actually pretty accurate, and not going too overboard with this. Eric mentions that Jen “attacked” Dick outside, slapped him, and tried to grab his cigarette. They mention the house meeting and how Jen now has a penalty vote against her. Amber wants to know what a penalty vote is. Oy.

Amber is riled up, asking Jen why she would go and bleach Dick’s cigarettes. Jen says that she thought it was okay to do because she was told that she could destroy cigarettes. She’s been saying this all along, but there’s no way that the producers told her that she could do that before the game even started. I don’t buy it for a second. Or for a dollar.

They mention that Jen has been saying that she will refuse to go to sequester and Eric is shouting about how Jen is ruining the integrity of the game, blah blah blah, we’ve heard all of this before. Jen says that she can eat until Thursday now, when the penalty vote is played, and then she has to start over on slop. Does she really think she’ll still be there? She mentions that she will have to be offered a lot, and not just money, to go to sequester. Amber is asking her why she would do all of this, and Jen says it’s because she hasn’t had the whole experience here, and she’s only doing this for the experience. She hasn’t had an America’s Choice or a luxury competition yet. She also wants to know what it’s like to be in the final five. Good grief. Eric wants to know if they’re all supposed to let her get to the end of the game so that she’ll have “the experience.”

There’s a lot of bickering going on, with Dick, Eric, and Amber all up in Jen’s face. Jen is saying that she’s never even seen the show before (BS) and that she had no idea people would take all of this so seriously. Amber is saying that she’s there for her family to help them start a new life, so of course she takes it all seriously.

Jameka leaves the group and heads for the storage room, where she is repeatedly thanking god that she’s not “that person” any more.

Amber is really worked up now, going off on Jen saying that she’s upset Jameka with all of this, and that she has no respect for anyone. She says that Jen should be kissing Jameka’s ass for using the veto on her a few weeks ago, but instead she’s treating her like shit. Jen says that BB brought this on themselves because they lied to her about being able to destroy the cigarettes. This makes everyone even angrier.

The group splits up a bit. Eric follows Jameka and Amber into one of the bedrooms, and says that it was so weird. Jen just went psycho while the rest of them were all napping. They all thought that she was leaving the house.

Jessica and Jen are outside talking, and Jen is saying that she knows that this all means a lot to the rest of them, but it just doesn’t to her. She really doesn’t understand why everyone cares so much if she eats. Jessica is trying to be reasonable with her, saying that she’s a competitor and should take the backdooring as a compliment on her game skills. Eric comes outside to join them, and starts in on Jen again. He says that she didn’t talk to anyone about anything, she just went on a tear. Jen says that she felt like everyone was avoiding her and that she was alone in the game.

Jen is saying that she didn’t try to get on the show, and that the producers begged her to be on it. Eric asks her why she accepted the offer then if she didn’t want to be here, and she says that she didn’t. What the hell? Eric says that she must have cared – she made up all of her shirts. He wants to know if she just appeared like a phantom on the show without signing the contract or anything, and she says, “Pretty much.”

Amber is back out there now, saying that she feels really bad for the producers of the show because of this. Oh, don’t feel bad Amber. They’re loving it! Eric is still ranting, saying that Jen is shitting all over the game and it’s not fair because 30,000 other people wanted to be in the house but didn’t get that chance. Jen wants to know, if so many other people applied, where are they then? She can’t be that vacant. She just can’t. Can she?

Jessica says that she doesn’t think Jen did any of this to hurt Jameka, and Jen agrees. She says that she just did what she did without thinking of the others. She mentions that Dick and Daniele have tried to make alliances with every person in the house, and Jameka pipes up to say, “Not me!” Hee. Jen is talking again about sequester, and Amber wants to know why she came on the show if she wasn’t planning on following through. Jen says that she has an amazing life and has missed out on so much to be there, so she doesn’t have time to sit on a beach in Mexico for five weeks.

The group breaks up once more, and Jen and Amber are left outside talking. Jen is crying a little, talking about how great her life is and how she has the best life out of all of her friends, and that they’re all probably wondering why she would even stoop to do this show. She says again that she doesn’t have time to sit on the beach in Mexico, that she needs to get back to her life. She adds that she needs to talk to Vanna and her agent before she will agree to go to sequester, and if they say that there are things going on that she needs to be there for, then she just won’t go.