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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 21st – Jeneral Chaos

Jen comes out of the gym and goes to get a bowl of cereal. She then takes her bowl full of food that isn’t slop outside to eat it in front of everyone. Don’t tell me that she isn’t flaunting this. Suddenly the skies cloud over and everything turns gray. Okay, that doesn’t happen, but most of the people in the backyard who were previously animated are now quite sullen and quiet. All except for Zach, who is still imagining fun things to do to relieve the boredom in the house.

As has been the pattern lately, the boredom catches up with the hamsters and it’s now nap time. Maybe next year Red Bull will become a sponsor.

Zach gets up to do his laundry, and approaches Jameka on his way through the yard. He tells her that she has his vote because he can’t tolerate a cheater. He goes on about Jen for a couple of minutes, about how he can’t respect her and how she’s made things so difficult for all of them. Then he adds that he doesn’t understand Jameka’s reasons for giving up 5 HoH’s, but he can respect that she did it and is sticking to it. Because what, she could just jump in and play an HoH competition if she wanted to, but is choosing to stick to her word?

Jameka thanks him, and they continue talking. Zach says that he loves games and that Jen is an incredible competitor, but he hates that she’s cheating after seven seasons of people following the rules. After a bit of banter about Amber and Daniele’s trip and when they might be returning, the camera shows Jen, sitting out in the backyard. She must have heard this entire conversation.

It’s time to make some dinner, and Jen is coming out of the storage room with her food. Dick asks her if she could make her food later, after the rest of them who actually care about the integrity of the game have made theirs. She refuses, and says that she’s getting a penalty vote so that should be good enough for them. This leads to a brief name-calling exchange between the two of them.

Zach is sure that Daniele is just outside the house, and he thinks that she and Amber are entering with bags over their heads. Heh. He says this a couple of times, and then goes into the living room to sit on the couch and wait for her. Which is kind of creepy, since he’s just going on instinct. Or, you know, lack thereof.

General banter is going on in the kitchen while Eric is making meatballs and pasta. He wonders if anyone else thought it was weird that Amber wanted to hold Dustin’s penis while he peed. You know, when this season is over, it’ll be worth the time spent to go through all of the daily recaps and make a list of Amber’s insane behaviour, just for posterity.

More talk about where Daniele and Amber might have gone on their trip. Jessica says maybe they’re visiting a landfill, and Dick offers that it could be a coal mine. They all laugh, and Jessica mentions that there have been three accidents in mines so far this year. Every season they talk about hurricanes or other things that mirror what’s happening on the outside, and it’s pretty weird when it happens.

Everyone except Jen sits down at the table. Zach isn’t eating because he’s already had a sandwich, and Jameka is on slop. So the others dig in to Eric’s past dinner, still speculating on where Amber and Daniele have gone. There’s no way they could guess, but it’s fun to hear what they’re thinking.

After dinner, there’s some wine and beer for the hamsters. It’s a pretty dull evening so far, with the main highlight being Jessica singing an “original song” about herself. It goes a little something like this:

I love the sun and the sun loves me,
I love slop in my tummy.
They thought I would be another Holly,
And Eric never gets to play the PoV.

This leads to a couple of games, like taking the letters in each person’s name and coming up with words that start with those letters to describe them. There’s chatter about all of the alliances in the game, and the people who have left the house. Really, not too much to report on unless you’re dying to know where the ants in the kitchen are coming from. There’s a short discussion about Canada, and how French Canada sucks but Vancouver has cafes that allow you to smoke pot in them. Yes, yes they do. There are some in Toronto too, and even in the smallish town that I’m living in as well. Do we get extra cool points for that?

Jen is up and about – I guess she had been taking a nap. The rest of the group is talking about other reality shows that they’ve watched. It’s no surprise that Eric has seen just about all of them that are mentioned. Eric, if you want a job recapping or writing commentary, we’re here for you man.

Jen goes back to bed after discovering that no one is talking about her. Eric and Zach decide that they’re going to wedge her bedroom door closed so that she can’t come back out and bug them. They and Jessica all head into the living room, and Eric is jamming something under the door. BB is all over this one, telling them to stop that. Jessica says that Eric is endangering his fellow houseguest. Heh. We get a brief Vortex while BB gives them hell.

Our bored hamsters head to the kitchen, where there is a cake with all of their pictures on it sitting there. Ah, this is the cake they got for their party the other night. Jessica says that it’s hard now, and I’m wondering how the ants haven’t found it yet. Eric takes Jen’s picture off of the cake and sticks it on the fridge. Hee. Then he proceeds to damage everyone else’s pictures with a fork, except his own of course.

Jen’s back up, and she’s eating again. She’s baking cookies and eating what I think is cereal at the same time. Multi-talented, that girl is. They’re all talking about Amber and Daniele, and think that they’re back and in the DR.

Zach and Dick go outside. Zach is wondering what started Jen’s whole meltdown, and thinks it was an argument with Dick. Dick says no, she took his cigarettes so he took her stuff to hold hostage until he got his smokes back. He had no idea at the time that she had ripped them apart and bleached them. He says that no one in the DR has asked him about her slapping him and going after his lit cigarette. Zach wants to know why she suddenly started eating then, and Dick says it was because she was pissed off about being backdoored and his cigarettes being replaced.