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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 21st – Jeneral Chaos

Things sure have gotten interesting inside and outside the Big Brother house over the past few days. We’ve got damaged cigarettes, violated rules, a penalty nomination, and fans up in arms over all of it. Before we get into Tuesday’s recap of the live feeds, I want to make something very clear. Jen’s penalty nomination was the result of her eating real food while she’s supposed to be on slop. It wasn’t because of the cigarettes or her tiff with Dick over his blowing smoke in her face. She broke the rules and now she has to live with the consequences. Which, of course, she doesn’t really care about anyway. But all of this bickering over whether or not Dick’s verbal tirades and dumping iced tea on her head were worse than her actions are pretty pointless. Jen wouldn’t have received any sort of “punishment” for what she did if she hadn’t eaten food rather than slop.

Okay, now that I have that out of my system, let’s move on with the recap.

Dick is up first, smoking in the backyard and telling the cameras that if we weren’t watching last night, we missed the greatest meltdown in the history of BB. I dunno, it was damn good, for sure, but April cowering beside the toilet when Howie went all Busto on her was up there too. He requests Buckcherry’s “Crazy Bitch” as the wakeup song for today. He decides to go back to bed, and a few minutes later BB wakes everyone up. This happens quite often for Dick. I’m sure there’s an intern there who does the morning shift, and just waits for Dick to crawl back into bed before pushing the “wakeup call” button.

Zach rushes outside and hollers at the pool, “I’m awake! I’m awake!” Um, okay. Everyone except Eric is gathering in and around the kitchen, exchanging morning pleasantries such as, “Good morning, crazy bitch!” I’ll bet you can guess who said that, and to whom. Daniele and Amber are still away on their trip.

Zach, Eric, Dick, and Jessica are talking about the events of the previous night. They all think that there’s a huge difference between taking a bite of food to be spiteful, and continuously eating in front of everyone. They call Jen a cheater, and Eric especially seems very upset that she’s ruining the spirit of the game for everyone. He feels that if she can continue eating with no consequences, then Jameka should be able to compete in HoH competitions. Zach and Dick look like they’d rather not pursue that train of thought. This conversation, and many to come I would guess, is constantly interrupted by the blue Vortex of Doom.

Jen comes out, and she asks them if they’re talking about her. They admit that they are, and immediately they’re jumping down her throat saying the same things they were saying a few minutes ago. Eric yells about Jen ruining the integrity of the game, and that he can’t believe she’s violating the rules so flagrantly. Jen asks them what they think a suitable punishment would be, and Dick says, “eviction.” Eric is on a tear now, and says that it’s not for them to decide, but there needs to be a sliding scale of consequences for something like this. He says that she walks around eating in front of them like she’s proud of it or something. More Vortex of Doom.

Jen leaves and goes to sit in the sun. Zach and Eric continue to bash her and talk about beating her to death if she’s still there next week. Oddly enough, Dick is only laughing at their comments, not adding his own. The only thing he’s worried about is if Jen is going to do something to his clothes before she leaves. He says he plans to give hers back.

Eric goes over to Jameka and Jessica and apologizes for his outburst at Jen. He says he’s just so angry over the whole situation. Jameka is worried that she’ll be voted out because of Jen’s penalty nomination next week, but Eric reassures her that they all want Jen gone as soon as possible. Jameka wonders if the producers are trying to bring Kail back in to replace Jen. Eric says no, because she’s seen the show now and knows what’s going on in the house.

Jen is called to the DR, and Eric starts bashing her again talking about all the lies she’s told in the house, and how unattractive she is. Jessica looks uncomfortable and asks him to stop. They chatter a bit more, and Jessica goes inside to get something. She comes running to the door and shouts to the rest of the hamsters that Jen’s picture is black and white now. They all rush to the house, and Jessica is laughing because they all believed her. Hee.

The feeds go to trivia for quite a while. We get a couple of breaks though. The first one shows Eric talking about BB preserving the integrity of their game, and the second break comes a bit later, showing Jameka praying outside.

Then we’re back, with sporadic trips to the trivia screens still happening. Jen is eating again, and the others seem to be aghast that she just keeps doing it. Eric wonders if she thinks someone will defend her actions. Jen tells them that she won’t be voting for them – she’s going to vote for Dick or Daniele, because they’ve been playing everyone all season long. Eric says that no one cares.

Dick is saying that the vote will now be 6-0 for Jen leaving, instead of 5-0. So I guess Jen’s penalty nomination was replaced with an automatic vote against her? Somehow that doesn’t seem like a fair punishment for continuing to break the slop agreement she made.

Jessica is making macaroni and cheese, which wouldn’t deserve a mention here except that Zach asks her if she’s going to add the butter soon. She says no, not until she drains the water, and Zach is surprised. He always adds the butter to the water to make the noodles soft. What? Okay, I admit that part of me wants to try it just to see what KD tastes like in Zach’s world.

Jen goes to work out, and the boys all end up in the pool with Jessica. Zach suggests that BB should give them water balloons. And a pool volleyball net. He thinks that this would bring unity to the house, but Jessica thinks that they don’t want the house united. Zach then suggests that they do chicken fights in the pool since there are four of them, but Jessica is so against this plan that she gets out of the water.