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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 20th – Jen and the Forbidden Fruit

Proving that it’s a crazy evening, Jameka and Zach are talking cordially about her job. Dick rejoins the group after a shower, and says when he thought he was leaving, he never messed with her stuff like that. The talk is that Jen would have actually hit Dick when she was trying to grab for his cigarette, if Jameka wouldn’t have pulled her off. Jameka wishes Jen would have hit him, as then Dick would have retaliated, and it would have been a good week for her. Jen gets out of the DR and has another cookie and a cupcake.

Jameka says this can’t be real life, and Dick says it’s not. People like Jen don’t really exist. Jess joins them all outside while eating an apple. She tells Jameka she told the DR that all this wasn’t fair for Jameka and thinks she, meaning herself, deserves more of a punishment. The DR, of course, thought she was strange for bringing it up. Well … yeah! And Dick and Zach actually talk about keeping Jen for this and getting rid of Jameka since Jen has to be on the block and can’t be saved with a PoV next week if she’s still there.

Eric and Jess talk about Jen being pissed that she was talked into keeping Dick, saying it’s been detrimental to her this week, and she’s right. He says it’s been detrimental to all of them, though, except the Donatos. He wonders about the final four again, saying if it’s them, then it will be who picks off who first. They discuss themselves as a pair and say that Eric has many enemies, but Jess has none. He realizes even thought he’s one of the most liked people, he isn’t well-liked game-wise.

Jess tells Jameka that the DR said they would address proper punishments in the morning. Jameka says she had to walk out of there one time because she didn’t like their questions. They are sure the DR has favorites, and she says she doesn’t like the way they will badger her says, “Are you sure about that?” Jess asks when that happened, and Jameka says it was the week Kail went home, meaning it was the week that Eric was on the block. Jess wants some further clarification on that, but Jameka changes the subject.

Dick and Zach still talk about evicting Jameka and it seems like that’s t heir plan. There’s a karma thing they’re looking at that Jameka saved Jen, then lost the next 5 HoHes and now it’s going to be Jen’s actions that send Jameka out the door this week. They know it’s really going to bother Jameka, because she holds grudges. They want to make sure there is no loophole, though, and that it’s a 100% guarantee Jen would have to be on the block next week and c old not be saved with a POV. I don’t know about this. I’m thinking the mice are playing while the cat’s away, but when Dani gets back, I can’t see her going along with this. The cat wants that rat out!

Jess and Jameka tell Eric they know he’s the twist. What? Oh, they joke that they know he has a twin named Derek, and they switch behind the scenes. Egads. Not another twin twist. Jess wants him to paint jessica on his chest, and if he wins HoH, rip his shirt off and run around the backyard. Don’t give BB ideas for AP.

Zach and Dick then concoct the perfect plan. If they throw Amber the HoH next week, and Jen has to leave, then she can’t compete for HoH the following week, and they take her out, leaden the others to the final five. They know they need to get Eric onboard for this plan to work and are pretty sure he will be. Again, Dani is not going to like this. Zach goes to bed, and with everyone else now in bed as well, that leaves Dick alone, reading the rule book. He tells Vincent he misses him and hopes Dani is having fun, saying he sure did.

Dick had a good point during the night, wondering who should have better catch-up stories, them or Amber and Dani. A game show with Drew Carry and a chance to win $10 million or getting Jen to take a penalty nom and concocting a scheme for a guarantee final 5.

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