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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 20th – Jen and the Forbidden Fruit

Jess recalls the DR asking her what she thought Jen might be crazy enough to do, and right now she’s considering she’s even crazier than Dick. Eric asks Dick to give some advanced warning if he’ll be getting the pots and pans out. BB finally talks to Dick, and just when it’s getting really good, we get trivia. Jameka and Dick find some of Jen’s hidden things and he heads upstairs with her stuff to the HoH. BB tells him that hiding things is okay; destroying them is not.

Just like magic, there are three brand new cartons of cigarettes in the SR room, and Dick wastes no time taking them up to the HoH. Jen reappears and tells BB that’s f’ed up to give Dick more cigarettes, and tells him she bleached and smashed his other ones. He tells her it’s too bad she’s not getting her clothes back. Dick heads up to the HoH room to watch his stuff, and Jen heads out to talk to Eric and Jameka. She cries to them and says it’s not fair for them to replace his cigarettes when she asked them first and got their permission. This whole time, whale she cries, she’s eating forbidden fruit in the way of a turkey burger and an apple.

Jen and Dick talk again, and he’s super mad that they had a deal not to mess with each other and she went and did this. He also says that he knows she was told hiding is okay and destroying wasn’t, and now she’ll be wearing those same clothes until she leaves on Thursday. Jen points out Amber has some of her clothes, and he says he’ll get those too.

Spilling the beans, as apparently all she has is literally the clothes on her back, Jen tells Jess and Eric that Dani already told her that the four of them had a deal to go to the end, and that she had already secured the votes for Jen to leave. Eric talks about a saying they have in the Stein family and says there’s a so that goes along with it, but he knows he’ll get in trouble for singing. Jen tells Jess she’s sorry that she probably won’t get beer tonight, but she thinks Jess should lay off a little anyway. Dick comes out, lights up, and blows it in her face. She tries to snatch the lit cigarette out of his hand twice and he warns her she’ll get burned, and she does. We lose our feeds; what a surprise.

While the others try to carry on, Jen and Dick sit there and snipe back and forth with him calling her every four letter name in the book. When it all settles down, Jen asks Jameka what’s up, but is ignored. Jen says she just can’t believe he can say all this stuff to her for a month and she can’t destroy his cigarettes. Dick eventually goes upstairs to listen to music in the HoH, and now Jameka tells Jen if she needs to talk she’ll listen, but it’s funny that she was ignoring her before. She tells Jameka that BB kept her in the DR while they were buying the replacement cigarettes. They were supposed to be so Jen could then hide them instead, but he found the replacements before they got a chance to hide them.

Jen appeals to Eric and Jess for votes, but gets interrupted by Zach coming out to grill a steak. Jen leaves them to the hot tub, and Eric tells Jess her foot is lost and it has found his shorts. He asks if she isn’t afraid of underwater cameras, and asks how long she can hold her breath, saying he only needs thirty seconds. At least you admit it, Eric. He sits up on the edge of the hot tub and gets upset that Jen and Jess can see up his shorts. They complain that he probably looks at their boobs all the time anyway. Jameka is inside making slop, wondering what the punishment is for being on the block and and on slop, yet eating. Dick is out of the DR, thanking Rich for the talk, and is deciding to only bring one cigarette at a a time out.

Jen goes inside, grabs a cookie and eats its, then puts in another trip to the DR. When she comes out she tries to find the replacement cigarettes. She then says if she stays, she’ll have a penalty nom for eating, and won’t be able to save herself with PoV, so she’s not going to stop eating. Dick points out it’s not nice to say in front of Jameka. Dick tells the camera that he usually dates bitches like Jen, but they’re always gone before the second date.

Dick and Jen banter back and forth more, and he asks if she wants some ice, then comes out and drops it in the hot tub where Eric and Jess are. Eric and Jess totally ignore Jen, until she asks Eric if there has ever been a penalty nomination before, and he says no, which she thinks is awesome. It’s clear that Jameka isn’t happy about this while she does dishes, but it’s unclear if it’s about all of this, or just Jen eating in front of her. Jess goes in to ask, to clear it up, and Jameka says she’s upset about the whole thing. She’s afraid now that people will keep Jen, since she has a penalty nom. Dick and Eric are out in the hot tub together, both bashing Jen. Eric says no movie could have been this entertaining, still believing that Amber and Dani are at a movie premiere of some sorts. Wait until they find out they are out with a chance to win $10 million.

Jess wonders outside if Jen will have to be taken out on a stretcher or in a strait jacket, and Jameka says that didn’t even happen to Chicken George and he was on slop for much longer. Yes, but he didn’t have Dick constantly berating him. Zach is out of the DR and says he confirmed what Jen was saying about the penalty nom. It’s correct. Jen comes back outside and is asked by Eric if she has to stop eating now that she got the penalty nom. She explains they didn’t tell her, but she’s going to keep eating until they do. Jen is then called the DR, with the assumption she’ll be told to stop eating. What are they going to do that they haven’t already done? Zach asks Eric about Jen’s stipend, and Eric tells him Jen says she’s not staying for the jury anyway.

Everyone is telling Jameka that Jen eating isn’t right, and she says the problem is that the Executive Prodders left just before she started doing it, so there isn’t much they can do. They talk about what happens if she does stay pas this week, and say three of them would then be nominated. Jess wonders if she’ll be headed to the psych ward after this, and well, you have to wonder. I’m not being mean or trying to be funny, but it oust seem sot be an honest statement. She clears it up and says everyone has to admit Dick has made her life a living hell in there.


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