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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 20th – Jen and the Forbidden Fruit

Jen leaves and loans Amber a top for her trip. Amber complains it’s wrinkly, and when Jameka tells her to iron it, she says she doesn’t know how. She has never ironed anything her entire life. I realize we live in a world of permanent press, but that’s ridiculous. Jameka does the honors. Seeing a dress on Jess’ bedpost, Amber grabs it and suggests she wear it as a shirt. Jameka tells her to try it on. It’s nice how she assumes everyone will share with her now. The DR probably told her to, as they don’t want her in sweats.

Amber and Daniele are called to the DR, and Dick and Jameka hug them in case they are leaving right now. Instead, they’re back right away, saying they were told they would leave sometime in the next 24 hours. I wish they would have snuck them away like they did with Jun in season 5, with no one knowing where she went.

Jen is still busy looking for a way to stay and sets to reading the BB rules book. She gets very excited when she finds the section that says BB can step in and have America vote instead. She declares America must love her. For some unknown reason, since she’s in the kitchen, Dick assumes she’s reading the rules about food, and that really makes no sense at all.

Amber, Dick, Dani, and Jameka talk about Jen, and say they didn’t like her from her first moment in the house. They say Jen had said Jess was going to stay in CA after the show, but Jameka knows Jess plans to finish college and become an anchorwoman. Amber then uses this time to again say how it hurt for Dustin to leave, and she wishes there at least would have been a warning. Dani doesn’t appear to have anything to say about that really. Dick shakes a can of nuts loudly as he searches for his favorite nuts, and Dani tells him to knock it off. He apologizes, saying he didn’t realize she’d taken over as queen of the house. Jen comes outside and Dick lights up a cigarette, prompting her to retreat back inside. He declares it Jen repellent.

There really isn’t much going on at all, but small talk. Dick does tell Amber she looks better in jeans than her usual sweats, and she thanks him. He also checks with Zach to be sure he isn’t making any deals with Jen, and Zach says he’s not. Dick notes they have another few easy weeks as they get rid of Amber and Jameka, but Zach is afraid of the backdoor move. Dick points out they pretty much had to do it to Jen this week. They also talk about helping out bug bites by covering them up with mud, and the talk turns to Survivor. They wonder how they would make do without fire and water, and Dick wonders why people don’t just look it up on the internet before they go. They do, actually.

Jameka comes outside and announces that Daniele was called to the DR and never came out and now Amber has been called in as well. Zach tells a story about going to Mexico on Spring Break, and the company going bankrupt in the middle of the flight. Everything went nuts and guerillas took everything over after they landed. They were stranded there in Mazatlan, and the president of the university flew them to Minnesota. It sounds a little too incredulous to me.

Eric gets up from his nap, complaining about being woken up by Jen slamming drawers. It looks like she’s trying to pack, even though she doesn’t have her bag yet. She packs some clothes in a garbage bag, then puts it back in a dresser. She then puts a bunch of shoes in a slop bucket, and shoves it underneath Amber’s bed. She adds stuff from the bathroom into the garbage bag, and Dick asks if she’s voluntarily leaving again, but she says she’s not. Even Dick asks how she could be packing without a suitcase. She goes into the kitchen and appears to be cooking light colored burgers, and Jameka tells her she didn’t come this far to blow it eating turkey burgers. Jen then asks what everyone is doing, and Dick cleverly tells her they were talking about her erratic behavior until she interrupted.

The talk leads into what Dani and Amber are doing on their trip, and they wonder if Chef Ramsey is cooking for them. Dick brings up The Restaurant. Y’know, that’s why I love the guy. I think he watches as much reality TV as I do. He also thinks it’s going to be an easy week for Jameka on the block, the easiest since Amber’s in week one. Inside, Jen isn’t content after not getting the attention cooking the burgers; she goes into the SR and starts ripping into Dick’s cigs. This isn’t going to go well. BB announces an order for her to go to the DR immediately. She then takes the cigs, puts them in the trash, and throws bleach on them.

Everyone outside wonders if she is DORing. Asked if BB can sue her, Eric says they couldn’t, but she would lose all the money she has earned so far. Zach points out in addition it would be hard for her to succeed in Hollywood like she wants. Jess and Eric say Jen told them that she made a fake body of herself and slept on the opposite side of the bed to confuse Dick, in case he tried to do something to her. The cameraman, aware of what is happening on the inside of the house, zooms in on what is Dick’s last safe pack of cigarettes outside next to him.

Zach says he is listed on IMDB.com, and the talk is that Jen says she is listed in there as well. As the talk moves to Survivor again, Eric says if he knew he was being voted off, he’d throw all the food in the river and destroy the shelter. Wasn’t it the one who ended up the winner in the season with Johnny Fairplay that did that?

Dick decides to do a little detective work, and goes inside to look for Jen to see if it seems she is trying to DOR. He wanders around, and even goes into the SR, but doesn’t see his destroyed cigarettes. Dick goes outside and reports nothing was found as far as Jen’s stuff packed up. Jess decides she’ll go in and investigate as well. Zach joins Dick looking, and they realize all of Jen’s stuff is gone. Dick, one step behind Jen, decides to get his cigarettes and put them up in the HoH for safekeeping, not sure what she will do. He heads to the SR to find them and screams out “F’ing Bitch!” He doesn’t see that they’re destroyed, just missing, and claims if they aren’t replaced, there is going to be problems.


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