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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 20th – Jen and the Forbidden Fruit

Dani and Zach join the other three outside and talk bout how miserable it will be in sequester with just Jen and Dustin. Zach goes inside, and once he does, the others all make fun of him for the way he follows people around and interrupts all the other conversations. Eric says Zach asked him last night what the plan was and said he was open to options. They can’t believe he’s still floating that much.

Jen joins Jameka and Amber in the bathroom as they do Amber’s hair, and Jen says she’s the only one here to have been on the block four times. Amber says she got the earrings she’s wearing from Wal-Mart for $9.97, and they’re just like her daughter’s, but when Amber wears them, her ears get infected, as they get itchy and full of pus that stinks. Jameka tells her to take them out then, saying that’s the same advice Amber would have for her daughter, so she should follow it as well. How does this woman take care of herself and a little girl on an every day basis?

After a discussion of who washes their hands properly after pooping, Amber says her boyfriend is missing her so much while she’s in the house that he will probably propose to her. Yeah, right after he smells the stinky pus in your ears. Jen tells her that Dani won PoV so that she could save her, then use it over her to get favors in return. Jen is upset about letting Dani and Dick talk her into saving Dick last week, and Jameka says she wasn’t tricked into it, and Jen should have talked to Jess or Zach. Of course, we know, both of them would have also told her to save Dick.

Jess, Dick, and Eric continue to talk, and Eric notes that Dustin never really did any cleaning or cooking, so why is it never addressed. Jess agrees with this saying, while no one pointed that out to Dustin, he had plenty to say to her about not doing work. She switches the conversation up to a household pet, and with the current kitchen infestation, she thinks an anteater would be a great idea.

Eric asks Jess if she is enjoying the water he brought to her before, and she says yes, and asks if he can hand it to her. When he says he can’t reach it, she says she does that to her parents all the time, and they bring it to her. It will only work with Eric three times, he says, before he stops speaking to her. He tells her not to burn through her chances this afternoon. Apparently it’s a day for Jess and Eric to get to know each other better, as she admits she smokes once in awhile if she’s in a bar. He says he hates smoking and his grandparents had tried to quit, but struggled with it. When Eric says he’s allergic to it, she asks how he goes to bars, and he says it’s illegal to smoke in bars in New York.

Zach comes out and interrupts, and says he misses Sports Center. That’s it. Jess suddenly has an urge to go in, as does Eric, saying he might take a nap. He’s bored, and that passes time. Jen now joins them, and Zach says he thinks he might find something else to do in about five minutes. She asks whose dog is in Jess’ bed, and she says it’s hers and she’s had it there since the beginning, hiding Eric’s secret about his Woobie. You know that’ll make it on the show Tuesday night.

Jess tells Jameka inside she is at her breaking point with Zach, and Jameka says it’s getting so down to the wire they have to just wait it out. Jess says she wishes she would have won the trip or that he would have, so that at least she would have had a break. Jameka now realizes this is why everyone now came inside, to avoid him. Amber is undecided whether she should make some slop to eat or not, unsure when they are leaving on the trip. Dick tells her for all she knows she might be taking slop to go on her trip. Jameka and Jess talk about Dean, and Jameka mentions he probably didn’t sign a release since he’s in Iraq. Jess says it doesn’t matter as her dad has power of attorney. Amber asks what power of attorney means. Again, she’s a mom, and is able to take care of herself and her daughter? How?

Dani is called to the DR, and Amber gets very excited thinking “it’s time.” When Dani comes out, she says they’re spending the night somewhere. BB, of course, warns her not to talk about her DR sessions. Oh, C’mon. She can’t tell her about this? She tells Jen she was told to pack PJs, a hat, jacket, and sunglasses. Jen thinks maybe they’re going out of state. Amber goes in and out of the DR getting her own directions, and she and Dani compare notes. They were told more dressy, and that they can’t wear anything with patterns on it. Despite Jen being very jealous, she is a big enough person to allow Amber to borrow her jacket.

Daniele talks to Jen about why she put her up. She thinks it’s great Jen doesn’t need to worry about money, but Dani says she struggles every month to pay her bills. She also tells her the stories she head about Jen stabbing her in the back and that she was after Dick. Jen declares she is bothered that Dani didn’t tell her, saying that she would have saved Dani if she were on the block. I don’t think I’d bet the farm on that one. Dani mentions hearing something about Jen talking to Jess about her being in an alliance with her dad and Dustin, but Jen swears she never mentioned Dani, and it was only Dick and Dustin she was talking about.

Jen just wants Dani to know that it sucks. Dick has trashed her since week one, and no one really talks to her. Dani does want her to know it is in no way personal, and she looks at it from a game standpoint. She thinks they’re the two toughest competitors there. Jen counters Eric would have had an easier time being sent home, like that has to do with anything, and says that Dick told her he had nothing to do with her going up. If she is voted out, she is not sticking around to go to sequester. She will wear her tennis shoes and walk all the way if she has to. Dustin may be willing to sit in sequester, but Jen figures that’s because the stipend is more than he makes in two years.


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