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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 20th – Jen and the Forbidden Fruit

It’s amazing the stuff that passes by Amber. She just seems so clueless, which is of course the reason she is still in the game. She’s not very threatening in that state. However, occasionally she’ll pull something out that lets us know she can be dangerous at some point. Today, though, it’s business as usual for her. She wakes up and wanders past the DR. They flash the light on and off to let her know they’d like to talk to her, but she’s oblivious as she wanders past few times, and she just ends up going back to bed.

Dick is the next up, and he wakes Jen up rifling through his things, but it probably isn’t nearly as annoying as his farts last night. Dick goes out for a smoke and mumbles to himself, then goes back to bed. Moments later, all the HGs are woken up by BB. When the feeds return, everyone is getting ready for the day. Eric takes a shower and complains that it’s going to take even more showers to get rid of the paint they decorated him with the night before.

Jameka and Amber whisper to each other about what Daniele is going to do with the veto. Jameka says if Daniele puts up Jen, then it might mean the LNC is still intact. Oh give it up. If you had a game of your own, you wouldn’t need to worry about a group. Stop flying UTR and hiding in the alliance; play the game!

The HGs are barely up for an hour, an Dani is called to the DR. Everyone is a little shocked, as that means it’s almost time for the PoV ceremony already. While everyone else is on lockdown outside, Jameka brings her curling iron outside with her to finish getting ready. A short time later we lose the feeds for the PoV ceremony, and when we return, Jen is on the treadmill working off her stress, as she has replaced Amber on the block. Eric doesn’t think she’ll be banging pots and pans over people’s heads like Dick was doing last week. Little does he know. Dick goes to see Jen in the workout room and explains one of the reasons this was done was because she keeps saying she’s not there for the money. She tells him she’s not going to vote for either him or Dani.

Eric tells Jess that Zach will be the deciding vote, and Jen can bother him all week long. But, who would be voting for Jen to stay, other than possibly him? The voters will be Eric, Jess, Amber, Dick, Zach. Who would be voting for Jen to stay? Zach is a possibility, but who else? Perhaps Eric is worried we will tell him to vote for Jen, and he’s trying to set it up with Jess so she won’t suspect him. As they continue to talk, it seems maybe he’s just saying this so that Jen won’t be bugging them all week and will only be bugging Zach. Speak of the devil, Zach walks in, but Eric tells him to go away. This prompts Zach to say Eric is really being an asshole today.

Dani, with Jen the target since the very beginning, advises Jameka on what to do and say all week to ensure she’ll stay. She tells her to keep reminding people she’s not a threat, because she can’t compete in the next three HoHes. Yet, at the same time, she warns to not sound over-confident either. Jen is outside talking to Eric, admitting it was a good game move for Dani, but acknowledging she won’t be voting for Dani in the end either way.

Jameka and Amber talk and decide Jameka will be staying no matter what Eric does, since Dick, Jess, and Amber will all be voting for her. Amber thinks it was God’s plan to take the HoHes away from Jameka and still thinks she herself will be winning HoH next week as a test from God. They discuss who to put up if Amber does get it, and oddly they never mention Dani and Dick. True, Amber made a deal with Dani, but not Dick. Jameka thinks it should be herself and Zach, but Amber doesn’t want to do that, and suggests Eric and Jess.

Dick is the next one to butt in on Jess and Eric, and Jess says Amber must be very happy to be off the block. Dick says Jameka should be too, because it’s obvious who the house wants out, but Jess points out Jameka is still concerned. They talk about how it is that Jen got on the show in the first place. Dick imagines if she would have made it on Survivor where she first applied, they would have beat her over the head with the immunity idol. They talk about sleeping arrangements after this week, and who will take the other round bed after Jen leaves. Zach’s name comes up as an obvious choice, if his legs aren’t already permanently locked in that cramped position from the small beds. All agree that Eric’s butt looked better in Jen’s bikini bottoms, and they wonder how desperate Jen will get this week to stay in the game. Again, little do they know

Jen and Amber compare notes in the bathroom, and Jen spills the beans that Dani had promised she’d have her back until they end, but she obviously didn’t. She acknowledges she said she wouldn’t work with Dick, and that must not have sat well with Dani. Her only concession, she feels, is that at least she’s honest.

Amber and Dani both begin packing bags for their trip. Dani has been told by the DR that it will be within the next 48 hours and was told to pack a bag of dress clothes and makeup, and leave it in the storage room. I wonder if it’s some type of premiere. What’s premiering this week? Amber can’t do this on her own, for some reason, and Jameka needs to pack the bag for her, then show her where she put everything. Amber admits she’s upset that the others all keep talking about Dustin and saying he’s ugly. Jameka points out beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Amber asks what that means. Sigh. She also says she thinks Dani will be favored since she is younger. If she only knew she was even younger than she admits to.

Dick explains to Jess and Eric that Dani told Amber yesterday that she was pulling her off and replacing her with Jen. Eric seems surprised that Amber knew, saying he’d asked and she said she didn’t. Dick explains that’s because Dani told her to act surprised, but either way it proves Amber is still lying in the game and still saying she’s not. Eric asks if there was a deal made, but Dick goes right by the question and talks about Dani being pissy with him. Dick tries to reassure Eric and says it’ll get hairy when it gets down to their final four alliance, but he won’t be upset either way who leaves. They just all want to get there, and he knows they can keep controlling it.


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