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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 19th – Daniele Gets the Message, Loud and Clear

Now we move on to Eric and Jessica talking about how they must be America’s Sweethearts. Sadly I think that title is still reserved for Daniele and Nick. Why is that? I don’t see a lot of people gushing over Eric/Jessica, yet the goofy video tributes on You Tube are still popping up for Dani/Nick. They talk about where they’ll end up living – Kansas or NY? Eric suggests that they compromise and move to LA.

Jen and Dick are sitting outside talking. Dick is actually doing most of the talking, and it’s mostly about Dustin and the whole vote flip thing that Dick thinks he pulled off last week. I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of the fact that America actually helped him a great deal with that one. Then he’s off talking about past BB seasons, and singing the virtues of Will, Janelle, Lisa, and BB3’s Danielle.

Daniele and Zach are in the HoH room discussing how Jen is going to flip out when she finds out she’s on the block. Jameka comes in and Zach leaves to give them time to talk. It’s a quick conversation, with Jameka saying that she hopes Daniele has a good week as HoH, and that she respects whatever decision Daniele makes with the veto. That’s pretty much it. When Jameka leaves, Zach comes back in and the two of them try unsuccessfully to get the spy screen to work.

Zach and Daniele commiserate over the fact that (they think) there are still six weeks left. I have no idea how they arrive at that number, since the finale is set for September 18th. They both think that there has to be a double eviction or something coming up. Zach suggests that maybe there will be three people at the end to face the jury, but Daniele points out that there could be a tie that way. Zach thinks that America will get a vote. Only if you smarten up and send Eric to sequester, people.

Speaking of Eric, somehow he’s agreed to be painted by the rest of the hamsters. He lays down in Jessica’s bed in his shorts, and the painting begins. They’re using paint and Q-Tips for this little craft project. Jessica, Jen, and Dick are all painting with abandon. There are designs on his forehead and around his nipples, as well as phrases such as “I love Zach” on his stomach. Jameka comes in to watch, but does not participate.

Daniele and Zach come downstairs, and Daniele joins in on the painting. Zach makes comments as the girls work on their masterpiece. Dick is outside smoking, and when he comes back in he’s amazed at how much paint Eric’s body is sporting.Eric stands up so they can paint his back, and Zach is in on the action now too. He’s getting a lot of heat from the girls for mixing the paint colours though, instead of using a fresh Q-Tip for each one.

Eric is finally allowed to go to the gym and check out his new body art in the mirrors there. BB tells him to put his microphone on. Heh – silly BB. There are all kinds of phrases on his body now, including, “Dustin, come back!”, “I’d do that for a dollar,” and “I miss the touch of a man.” Eric wants to go into the DR now with some elaborate story about falling in love with Dustin or something, and he wants someone to go with him. Zach offers several times, but Eric wants Jessica.

Amber and Jameka, who ended up sitting most of the painting session out, are whispering in the small bedroom. They agree that they can’t trust Dick or Daniele, and Amber says that she has some sort of plan to get Zach out next week when she wins HoH.

Eric goes to take a shower and wash all the paint off. Zach watches from the couch, and Jen is helping Eric get the paint off of his back. She goes to clean her ears and says that there’s all kinds of gunk coming out of them now since she’s been using the stuff BB gave her for her infection. Charming. Daniele comes by, and Jen says that BB made Eric wash off all the paint, which brings us to the trivia/vortex.

Zach, Amber, and Jameka are all in bed now. Eric finishes up his shower and climbs into a bed with Jessica. They whisper and giggle for a bit, and then Eric brings out the Woobie. Which, I must say, was a rather lame thing for BB to ask us to vote on. And the results are just as lame. Anyway, Eric says that his mom gave him Woobie when he was a kid, and he thinks that Jessica should hold on to him now to protect her from Zach. She laughs and says that she likes the Woobie.

They cuddle and chat together, and Jessica says that she doesn’t know what she would have done if Eric had been evicted. He says that he’s glad he stayed, and not just because of the game. She agrees with him. Aw.

Looks like the rest of the houseguests have hunkered down in bed now. Eric and Jessica play with the Woobie for a while longer (sounds rude, but isn’t) and Eric gets up to go to the washroom. He looks at the camera and says that “Eric and Woobie just banked $30,000! Thank you!”

Meanwhile, Dick is farting like a lunatic in the round room, and Jen is spouting out hilarious comments to accompany the barrage. She asks him to check his drawers for “remnants” and asks him what he’s been eating. They’re both laughing, but Jen is seriously grossed out. Another fart, and Jen calls out, BB-style, “Please stop singing!” Hee!

Back to Eric now, who is in a bed by himself. Jessica is sleeping, cuddling the Woobie. Eric’s got some motion going on under the covers there, and he ends up with a wad of tissues in his hand. Why does BB want us to see stuff like that? And why do I report it?

Finally it seems that everyone is sleeping, even Jen, although there’s still the occasional blast of gas from Dick. Maybe Jen’s passed out from lack of oxygen? Or would that be OxyJen?

It’s finally turning into a real game in there! Want to check out the feeds for yourself? You can get 14 days for free by visiting this link: Watch Big Brother 8 on SuperPass

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