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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 19th – Daniele Gets the Message, Loud and Clear

And … that’s all for the birthday festivities. Remember when April had her birthday party and got all those gifts from K-Mart, and then thought that they would hire her as a spokesperson when she left the house because they must love her so much? Yeah, those were the good old days.

Daniele is sulking in the HoH room, probably because she didn’t even get a card from Kris. That’s gotta hurt. Dick is outside asking Jessica to talk to Daniele, because she’s upset but won’t talk to him with all of the cameras and stuff. Jessica promises that she’ll try.

Daniele comes downstairs and talks briefly with Amber about the veto meeting. She says she has no idea yet what she’s going to say when she takes Amber off the block. Dick comes in and asks Daniele if she’s okay and if there’s anything he can do. She gives him one-word answers and basically ignores him. She sits there silently for a few minutes, then heads back upstairs, gets into bed, puts on her headphones to listen to her CD, and pulls the covers over her head. So much for the best birthday ever. Then again, it’s not actually her birthday until tomorrow.

Zach goes upstairs to try to talk to Daniele. He rings the doorbell, gets no answer, and instead sits on the couch outside the door moving the chess pieces around on the board. Aw, poor Zach.

Amber and Dick are talking about life after BB. Amber thinks it’ll be cool to do all of the interviews and stuff, and then have people recognizing her from the show. Oh dear. She wonders if BB has been showing clips of her crying. Every damn episode, Amber. Every single one.

Daniele comes out of the HoH room and runs into Zach out there, and they talk about relationships. He’s not exactly sensitive, as he says that her boyfriend can’t be happy watching all of the stuff that’s happened with Nick. He relates his own problems, wondering if there will still be a chance with his ex when he gets out of the house or if she’s already met someone else.

Back to Amber and Dick. She’s saying that she doesn’t actually have a steady job at the casino, but she calls in every morning to find out if she’s working that day. And she supports how many people on that income? Amber might be a tragic mess, but I have to give her credit for not completely losing her shit with so many people relying on her to pay the bills. She says that she asked her boss (who she points out is very feminine and may or may not be gay) for the time off at the last minute, and told him it was to be on a reality show. He told her it would only be okay if it was his favourite show, Big Brother. She said she couldn’t say and ran out of there, and he told her not to embarrass him.

Eric is next on the “Cheer Daniele Up” house tour. He ends up telling her about his girlfriend, and how he’s not sure if they were even together or not when he came in the house. He doesn’t know if she’s been sleeping with lots of other guys over the summer, or if she’s waiting for him to return. I think we can safely guess which way she’s leaning, don’t you? Apparently this is some kind of long distance relationship which goes really well when they’re together, but not so much when they’re apart.

Amber is reassuring Jameka that she will be safe this week, because Daniele wants the replacement nominee to go home. They speculate over who that will be, Eric or Jen. Then it dawns on Amber that if the veto thing didn’t pan out, she would have been the target. She’s silent for a minute, and then it’s like that thought just disappears from her head. Poof. Back to babbling.

Jameka goes off to do something that doesn’t make her want to poke skewers into her brain, and Amber lays in the hammock praying. She thanks god for making her the person she is, and says that she just loves the person she is becoming. Eric pops his head outside and yells that they’re starting up a game of Quarters (which is, as far as I know, a drinking game), and Amber asks him for a minute because she’s praying. He apologizes for interrupting and goes back inside, and Amber says, “Well, um, I’m gonna go now.” Hee!

A rousing game of Quarters ensues, with everyone either playing or watching except for Dick, who is taking a nap. The game morphs into “Spin the Can” except that there’s no kissing involved, it’s just questions. Ask a question, spin the beer can, and the person it lands is the answer. Yep, it’s as dull to watch as it sounds, but I’m sure it’s more entertaining for the hamsters than tanning.

The clock inches towards midnight, and when it finally strikes there are happy birthday chants for Daniele. She says she wants Eric to wear one of the girls’ bikinis for her birthday, and Zach offers (offers!) to don the unitard. The two guys head off, and Zach gets serious telling Eric that either one of them could beat Dick in the final two, but not Daniele. Eric brushes him off, saying that they should talk about this later because it’s Daniele’s birthday and they should be having fun.

The boys head to the bathroom, Zach carrying the unitard which he seems really happy about, and Eric with one of Jen’s bikinis. Jen is in there, and doesn’t look all that amused. Zach gets the unitard on without incident, while Eric is afraid to come out because his “legitimate balls” are exposed. Dude, have you actually seen Jen’s bikinis? Of course your balls would be exposed. I’m not even going to consider why they’re “legitimate.”

Eric comes out backwards as he did with the booty shorts, runs around the kitchen a little, and then heads back into the bathroom and crouches in the shower. Zach really isn’t getting much attention in the ‘tard, poor guy. The boys change back into their regular clothes. Happy birthday, Daniele!

Eric is now talking to Jameka, telling her that Daniele is stressing this week because she didn’t get anything for her birthday from her boyfriend. He says that he thinks Jen might be going on the block tomorrow and that she would be the target – but even if that didn’t happen, Jameka is completely safe this week. He tells her to just relax and ride it out.