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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 19th – Daniele Gets the Message, Loud and Clear

BB must be feeling generous today, because we get no morning wakeup call and our beloved hamsters sleep the entire morning away. Zach is up around noon, showering and picking his nose. Seriously, this is the way I’m going to spend my Sunday? Wakey wakey people, there has to be something better to watch than this.

Jen comes out next, as Zach is preparing to grill some salmon for himself. He talks to his salmon and makes “mmm” noises. It’s like Bizarro Barbeque out there. He’s telling the fish not to get too comfortable. Jen comes out, and Zach asks her if she’s going to work out. Smart girl that she is, she says yes and heads away from the Salmon Whisperer. Zach takes his grilled masterpiece into the kitchen to eat, while still talking to it and making yummy noises.

Eric, Jameka, and Dick all crawl out of bed and begin the milling around the house routine that usually takes place hours earlier. And then … many of them go back to bed. What a promising day this is turning out to be.

Daniele joins Dick and Zach in the backyard, where Zach shares his opinion that Daniele and Amber might be going to view the finale of Pirate Master. Heh. Don’t see that happening. They mention going to a spa, which I’m sure would be a terrifying and confusing place for our Amber. Lots of chatter going on about weight loss and gain, the other houseguests, and stuff that I’ve already forgotten.

The next few hours are more of the same. People sleeping, talking about ordinary things, and pretty much just putting in time. Lots of tanning going on in the backyard, which is always a lot of fun to watch. A few people are being called into the diary room, so everyone thinks something is up. Daniele thinks it might be about her birthday party, and she’s getting a little excited about the idea.

Jameka and Amber talk a bit about what’s going to happen this week. Jameka says that Eric told her that the plan is to backdoor Jen, but neither one of them will be 100% sure until Thursday’s vote. Jen has mentioned a few times that the DR asked her who she thins the replacement nominee will be, so she figures something is up. Daniele is not impressed that BB is meddling this way. Oh come on Daniele, surely you know by now that the producers like to try and influence things in the house?

Jen and Zach go to work out. Hours pass, with nothing happening. Really, I would love to make this interesting for you to read, but I have nothing to work with here.

Jameka and Amber get together for another chat, and Jameka says that she think Daniele will try and make some sort of deal with Amber to take her off the block. Amber worries that, if she makes a deal, the only people she’ll be able to put up when she wins HoH will be Eric and Jessica. Because, you see, Amber is still having and believing in visions of her winning HoH on Thursday. As she does every week. And we all know how well that’s been working for her so far. Jameka advises Amber to only agree not to put Daniele up, and leave Dick out of it.

Eric and Jen discuss the possibility of the veto being used. Jen thinks that she’ll be backdoored eventually, but not this week. Eric says that it would make sense to keep the nominations the same, but no one ever knows with Daniele and Dick. He warns her not to trust them. When Jen leaves, Eric goes and tells Dick all about the conversation.

Daniele and Amber sit down for a chat. Amber is being Amber – talking nonstop and not really making a whole lot of sense. She says that Eric already told her she was safe, but she still wants to come off the block and wonders what kind of deal Daniele wants to make with her. Daniele says that Amber isn’t the target at all, and she will gladly take her off the block if Amber promises not to nominate her if she wins HoH. Amber says no, she wouldn’t nominate Daniele, not for the next several weeks. And she promises this on her daughter’s life, of course, which she swore she would never do again.

Amber goes on to say that she will vote however Daniele wants her to. Dani says that she knows that Amber won’t vote against Jameka, but she swears that she would if Daniele uses the veto on her and keeps her safe this week. She feels that she would owe her that, and would even vote against Jameka. Wow. Just wow. She says that she doesn’t have a final two agreement or even an alliance with Jameka. Which I’m sure Daniele isn’t buying.

Amber blathers some about how everyone likes her, and that Dustin did her thinking for her in the game but now she realizes that she has to look out for herself. At least I think that’s what she was getting at. She thanks Daniele and promises not to tell anyone about their deal. Daniele says that she won’t tell Dick about it either, and asks Amber to look surprised when the veto is used.

Downstairs, Dick has grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for those that can eat them. Amber goes straight for the bathroom and tells Jameka about the deal that she just promised not to tell anyone about. But she leaves out the part about being willing to vote Jameka out of the house.

BB calls an outdoor lockdown, and Daniele is sure that they’re setting up for her birthday party. She’s even more excited now. After more mundane chatter and tetherball in the yard, it is indeed time for the birthday extravaganza. Except that it’s not really that festive. There are party hats, and Daniele gets a card from her friend Lindsay and some guy named Paul that she went to school with. She also gets some homemade cookies from Lindsay’s mom, and some stuff from Bath and Body Works. And yes, she got her red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles that she’s been asking for all season long. Curiously, there is nothing there from Grandma, Vincent, or the boyfriend.

The hamsters are enjoying the cupcakes, and Jen wants to know if the sloppers can have one too. Everyone seems to think they can, and we get the vortex for a minute. As it turns out, Jen, Jameka, and Amber are not allowed to enjoy a cupcake. That’s just mean, BB. There’s a lot of discussion about what red velvet is actually made from. Really? None of them know? It’s just chocolate cake with like two bottles of red food colouring mixed in. That’s it, that’s all.