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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 18th – Eric Feeling Left Out Yet Again

After Eric gets a shirt for Jess, then goes in to pee and get a shirt for himself as well, he says that Zach told him that he threw the PoV for Dick last week. Which isn’t necessarily true. as Zach wasn’t going to put himself out when it didn’t matter to him. This is most likely Eric trying to move up Zach in the pecking order to get rid of him sooner. Jameka figures this proves that Zach and Dick are working together, and Eric says it’s been that way, he thinks, since Nick left. Jameka figures there were clues in Dani’s letter from Nick to support that.

The talk continues to trash Zach. Jess wants to call him out and tell him that Eric told her, but Eric says Zach has been the biggest liar of all, as he’ll tell you your opinion can’t be right, then he’ll go repeat it to Dick, but say it about someone else. I’m not exactly sure what Eric’s talking about. They can’t figure out how it was Zach that had the highest percentage for being the sexiest bunny. He was the funniest, that’s for sure. Eric also tries to place his own thing on Zach, saying he’s been asked only one question in seven weeks, so he must have a bigger part in the show than he’s letting on, because he’s not even funny. Yes, he is. I said before he has a really great dry, dark sense of humor.

Now for the biggest shocker of all, Zach and Jameka have a date set for Thursday. Obviously he wants to work on her for something, since there’s no love lost between the two. Eric just won’t stop. On and on and on with his gripes about Zach. If it were me, I’d begin to get very suspicious about his dislike for Zach by this point. When Jess goes in for a bagel, Jameka tries to get info out of Eric on who he thinks will go up and if Dani will use the veto. Eric, of course, is noncommittal, and she says she figures if it stays the same she’ll stay, because she’s not a threat because of the no HoH thing. They agree that Dick is getting better, and Jameka is trying to force Eric to admit he has some type of alliance going with him.

Jess returns and Jameka wonders if she should say something to Dani or not. Eric gives her some advice and figures Jen is the best case scenario for going up. He makes an interesting note that out of the people to lee so far, four of them have left without being an original nomination. They question who they would all vote for if Jen and Daniele made it to final 2, and everyone agrees they’d vote for Jen, but Eric adds in that he would kill himself.

Jameka still doesn’t want to go talk to Dani, and wants Eric to go up for her. Jameka, could you actually play the game at some point? It might be nice. These three start to wonder what was going on with Jen and Dustin. They didn’t seem to like each other, yet Eric says they were in bed with each other last week. Jess says Dustin wanted to cuddle, and they figure it’s because Jen has the mostly manly body. The talk about her gaining 12 pounds in 2 weeks, and Eric says her inny turned to an outy.

Jameka continues to work on Eric to go up to talk to Dani, and she uses the reason of her thinking the person being the replacement nomination is going to be either Eric or Jen. Eric says he refuses to cut a deal with Dani. Does Jameka honestly not get it that they already cut a deal? Sheesh! She says it sucks not having power. Did she ever? When did she have the power? Never, because she won’t play the game and then lost the power to play for HoH.

There’s talk of if BB has cameras under the sheets, meaning Jess and Eric, I assume, and Jameka leaves them alone in the backyard while she goes in to the dishes. But instead … they talk game. He says there is talk of letting Zach win HoH next week, but they both think that would be disastrous. They wonder if they should just pick a side and stick with it or keep floating back and forth, trying to figure who they want to be with in the final four. They figure probably only one of the Donatos and then someone else as well. Jess talks about how funny Dick was today, and Eric says he’s a different guy when he’s in control. It doesn’t matter to Jess; he was still funny!

Jess and Eric continue to just talk game, and it’s really annoying, because we all want them to get a little romantic with each other. The closest they get it talking about Amber getting jealous of them, and Eric saying it was embarrassing. They also talk about what happened last week, and about a possible girls’ alliance. Mostly, they’re arguing about the things that Amber said, and Jess just wanting Eric to admit that’s what he’s upset about. They solve it all in the end, and talk about it being their first fight. They agree it will be a long 80 year marriage.

Dick wakes up and joins Eric and Jess for a short time, talking about being excited about Jen going up, then goes back to bed. Jess and Eric talk about a possible relationship, in their same joking way, and lay close to each other with their heads on each other’s shoulders. Just before 8 AM, they thank anyone who has watched them for the past 5 hours, you’re welcome, by the way, and go to bed.

Thus ends another long day on BB. I’m not sure if anything got accomplished, other than Dani winning PoV. She kept saying she wanted Amber or Jameka to win, so if Amber came in 2nd, why didn’t she just let her win? Unless of course, it was one of those comps w here they are separated, not able to tell what the competitors are doing. I think it’ll be Jen up on the block tomorrow, and when you think about it, she’s beaten the odds too many times, and really just needs to go. Out of the people that might go up, she’d be the funniest one to have to face Dustin alone in sequester.

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