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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 18th – Eric Feeling Left Out Yet Again

In the hammock, Jameka keeps encouraging Amber to talk to Dani, but Amber wants to talk to Dani along with Jameka. Jameka, probably feeling pretty safe, does not want to. Amber really wants Eric to go up, and looking over at Zach lifting weights, she wishes it would fall on him. She thinks Jess is fake since she used to say she hates Dick, but is now all nice to him. Seemingly going through everyone, Amber says she thinks Dani likes her, because she can tell when a hug is real, and points out what she has done for Dani, such as throwing her the PoV in week 2. She knows if the noms stay the same, Jameka will stay, since she can’t compete for HoH, so she wants her to leave her a good good-bye message.

I just don’t know if I have ever known someone to be as narcissistic as Amber, but not get it, and think they spend time thinking about everyone else first. She wonders if Jameka has ever been asked about Amber being a motivational speaker someday. Whaaa? Asked by who, other HGs? The DR? Both Jameka and Amber think there will be sponsors lined up after the show willing to pay for Amber’s nursing education. Whaaa? Jameka doesn’t aim that far for herself, just thinking she’ll have white friends when she’s out of the house.

Dani talks about Kris having a second job, restocking for Fruit Lay on the weekends, and Zach asks her what kind of car she drives. The answer is a 2000 Eclipse, white, but she’s only gotten it washed twice, and she originally had gotten it for her graduation. My first car with a 1977 Toyota Corolla, orange, and I never washed it either, as I was afraid the rust was the only thing holding it together.

Amber is still going on and on, now talking about how hard it was to have Dustin leave, and that she kind of has a crush on him, because he reminds her of her boyfriend. Presumably, Jameka has had enough, as she just up and walks away, saying she’s not going to poop until tomorrow. Thanks for that info. Amber goes in, comes back, and says she just pooped. Thanks again. She then tells Jameka she wants to bring her daughter for a visit at Jameka’s.

Dani and Zach talk about Nick, and when he says he wasn’t going to vote him out, Dani says she fought to not do it, but decided to go along with the group. Amber made her so mad, she left, and cried her eyes out in the DR and the bathroom for 2-1/2 hours. Zach is incredulous about that length of time.

Jameka and Amber discuss Dustin not shaking everyone’s hands on the way out and that Eric has wanted all the guys out so far. They realize he didn’t even know it was coming, but think he just went out and said, “Hey Julie.” He sure didn’t seem that chipper to me. The other HGs are inside talking and playing quarters, and wonder what’s on Showtime, them or Jameka and Amber. If that audience is lucky, it’s the other HGs. Whatever they’re talking about, it still has to be better. Eric wonders if swearing is allowed on Showtime, and says, “F U America.” Do you think he’s not happy with our choices for him?

Dick and Zach go outside, and Dick says it will be great without Jen in the house as she is becoming annoying like a mosquito in his ear. Just like that, here comes Jen! Zach leaves, and Dick talks about taking Dustin out, prompting Jen to ask who’s going up this week. Dick says it doesn’t really matter either way, and Jen then points out that Jameka can’t participate in HoH for several weeks, but Amber has come close to winning both HoH and PoV this week.

Dani and Zach talk about Jen, and Dani asks why he thinks she put her up, and knows it was when she saw he and Nick laying in bed together. Zach says even when Nick was mean to Jen, she still obsessed with him. He explains they all knew there was something wrong with her since the beginning. She was attractive, but weird. He tells Dani to just remember that Dustin’s in Mexico right now, probably getting raped by banditos.

Dick is irritated with Dani for some reason. Talking to himself, he says she can’t just be happy and has to complain all the time. When she needs him she needs him, and when she doesn’t, she doesn’t. “Same f’ing BS all the time.” He tells Vincent he misses him, because his sister is driving him nuts. Jameka isn’t in a much better mood, telling Eric to bend over and make a finger disappear. Well, that’s nice.

Eric is still bemoaning not being able to play in PoVs, and Dick talks about this one being meaningless. They both agree that once someone comes off and Jen goes up as the replacement nom, she is going to shit, as she’ll know she’s going home. Eric adds that Amber thinks she’s going home. Dick wonders aside from himself, who the biggest a-hole was. Eric nominates Scott, of the 4 Horsemen fame, and Jase is brought up as well. Dick mentions Marcellas being the biggest blunder, that is until Dustin nominated himself.

Dick asks which season it was that for six weeks in a row the pawn always went home. The talk moves to the secret veto that has been used before, where you wait until the last minute, replace both nominees, and tell someone they’re going home. Dick asks Eric if the “Dustin face” thing bothered him, and he admits it did. Eric was also glad when Joe left, but Dick says Joe didn’t really bother him too much, and he thought he was funny. He says Dustin told him his hand slipped when he buzzed in for the prizes in PoV, but he wishes he would have just admitted he screwed up. Dick admits that the stuff he said to Dustin was pretty bad, and he got a few warnings because they were of a sexually violent nature.

Dick goes to bed, leaving Jameka and Jess to talk game while Eric sits nearby. Jameka just asks a lot of questions about the end game, final 4, but really will she still be there then? Jess keeps farting, cracking the girls up. Eric says the farts sound like trumpets, and he thinks they should send her in for a courtesy wipe.


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