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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 18th – Eric Feeling Left Out Yet Again

Eric finds a whole sink full of ants, and when he asks wherever they could be coming from, Zach tells him his butt. I have to say, I am enjoying Zach more and more lately. He’s opening up, dropping the dirty old man routine, and he’s showing a dark, dry humor which I really like. Eric moves on to playing with Jess doing a fake true/false game, and one of the questions is if Jen is in her 3rd month of pregnancy. Jen walks in and says, “True or false … I don’t like it when you are talking about me and I can hear you.” She also clears it up and says she’s about 6 weeks along. She’s joking … I think.

The joking about the questions continues, with Dick opting for taking Carol to a deserted island with him, as he could have sex with the corpse afterward, and there’s something about Zach being named sexiest bunny by 36%. 19% thought Kail would make a fine politician. Jen starts making some great connections between the percentages of people and how they were voted out. She wonders if maybe America are the people doing the voting out and not them. Eric changes the subject. Interestingly, but Jen and Dick are making strides in figuring it out.

Being that people are making connections, it’s even less of a good idea for Eric to keep moping about not playing PoV. He repeats that he complained about it a few weeks ago, and was told once there were 6 people let, he’d have no choice but to play. He’s eating a chicken and rice dinner which he says is a little dry, and Dani is eating ice cream. I swear I have never seen people eat so much ice cream in my life. Jameka is taking out her braids while they’re eating. My jr. high music teacher would have a fit with that. He hated people combing their hair when we were singing; I can’t imagine how he’d feel about this.

Eric hopes that now that he has appeared in a dress and done naked jumping jacks, they will finally have to talk to him on the live show. He thinks Julie will be forced into talking to him and Zach with the more interesting people gone. He still just can’t let it go. He noticed that all seven of the other HGs were called during ball selection, even Jen, yet he wasn’t ever called.

It seems Nick, Mike, and Jen all applied to be on Survivor as well as BB. Eric says they would have all died on Survivor, and Jameka predicts it would have been murder. When Dick is asked why he didn’t apply for Survivor, he agrees he would have died. could he go that long without his cigs?

People keep leaving the group outside and eventually all that are left are Dick and Jameka, leaving a definitely uncomfortable situation. Dick goes in, and Amber comes back out, and she and Jameka talk about making a deal with Dani to take Amber off. As if on cue, Dani then comes out and joins them. Were her ears ringing? She’s upset because BB won’t tell her where she’s going on the trip she and Amber won. Maybe it’s to Nick’s place. They’d both enjoy that. They think the trip would have to be Sunday or Tuesday.

Zach and Dick are a bit befuddled at the fact that Jameka thinks she has a chance in the game. They agree they can’t let Amber win HoH next week, and can’t let Jameka win PoV. Dani then talks with Zach, and he tells her how meanly Jameka and Amber are treating him since Dustin was kicked out. Dani is enjoying her time without him in the house much more, and Zach agrees it’s better. She says she’s tired of Dick acting like a dad here, when he never has before. She complains about her bad childhood, and says Dick, her mom, and her grandparents were always in court fighting over visitation and custody. She says it wasn’t about love, but just getting back at each other. Isn’t it always? Zach points out from talking to Dick, it seems he did the best he could, and Dani says he didn’t do all the things as a parent that he says he did. Bitter, Table of 1?

Amber takes the opportunity to chat with God again, this time in the hammock. She’s not mad about not winning the PoV, and is thankful he let her win the trip. She wants His help if Dani approaches her for a deal. She’s not sure what to do. Punt? She’s hoping to get discovered from being on the show, because she knows she has a really pretty face and could be a model. That is, when she’s not busy inspirationally speaking or nursing. Dick interrupts her chat, and says the PoV didn’t mean anything to him, “no offense.” She says it’s hard, and he says he knows, as he was in the same spot last week. As he leaves, he tells her he just wanted to be sure she was okay. Before he leaves, he advises her to go join everyone inside, and tells her his advice from their first week there is still good advice. She takes out the garbage, then joins the group.

Jameka and Amber then talk alone quietly, and Amber shares with Jameka Dick’s advice from week one, to not isolate herself. She thinks Dick really likes her. They try to think of deals she can make with Dani to come off the block, and think at first that Jen will go up, but then realizing she is on slop for so long, figure it will be Eric that goes up in Amber’s place, if she comes off. Man, are they off target with that. Do they not get it that a deal was struck to get Dustin out and get Jess and Eric to side with them?

“The feast” arrives, and everyone is able to participate in it, including those on slop. Eric mentions during dinner that he might get a tattoo of a house with an 8 in it. That’s about the most excitement that the feast generates.

After, Dani tells Dick and Zach that Jen is annoying because she complains about everything. This absolutely silences Dick and Zach, as truly, no one could complain more than Dani herself. Inside, Jen, Eric, and Jess are saying they’ll get married on CBS’ dime after the show and have spinoff shows, assumably like Rob and Amber. Jess says she doesn’t want to do The Amazing Race, though.


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