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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 18th – Eric Feeling Left Out Yet Again

It’ll be interesting to see if Danielle’s good luck continues to hold up today. Last week her dad took her off the block with his power of veto, then he was saved, leaving both of them in the house. Dani then went on to win HoH, just days before her birthday. Her wish it to have Amber or Jameka win PoV, so that she can put Jen up and get her evicted. Will that string of good luck continue?

Jameka must be pondering the same thing as she gets up very early, by BB standards at least. She then goes back to bed, gets up again, brushes her teeth and washes her face, yet then lays down on the bathroom couch. She goes back to bed, and fifteen minutes later BB wakes the HGs up.

Amber is forced to go to the DR immediately after getting up. This is after she and Jameka were both called there repeatedly last night. What more could she possibly have to say at this point? I mean, what else could she possibly have to cry about? Surely we’ll be inundated with many of Amber’s tear-filled DR moments this week. I wonder if she has a premonition for the outcome of this week?

Dick finds a unique way to eat a banana by cutting it in half, the scooping out the insides and eating it off the knife. There seems to be no reason for it, other than just a weird Dick thing to do. Dani hears commotion going on outside the locked sliding glass door, and tries to listen in to find out what the PoV comp is going to be about. She gets yelled at by BB, of course.

Jameka is back in the bathroom, and tells Amber she has cramps and a headache, and her stomach is bothering her. True to form, Amber worries more about herself, wondering if she should take one of her anxiety pills today. Jameka advises her not to, so that she can give it everything she’s got. She says that’s why she’s not taking anything for her cramps, figuring the anger is going to help her out.

Eric talks to Jess about this conversations with Amber and Jameka yesterday. He wonders if it’s really in their best interest to get rid of Jen this week. If the Donatos still insist on this, he thinks it should be with some type of deal that Zach goes next week. We know Eric and know that means he’s feeling a little threatened by him. I wonder if this is all because he finally gets it, that he’s working for us. Maybe he finally realizes that if we asked him to get Amber put up, that we’ll probably tell him to vote her out, too. He follows this by saying that if either he or Jess win the PoV, they should take Jameka off. Yep, he’s playing for us.

Zach tells everyone he had a dream that the PoV comp was with all of them stripping and Eric won. It obviously has to do with Eric’s naked jumping jacks the other night, but is this because Zach can’t stop thinking about it, or is it just some really funky anxiety dream? We all know Zach would never win that one, unless they supply the judges a magnifying glass.

We lose the feeds for a short while, and when it comes back, the PoV comp players have been picked. Along with Dani, Jameka, and Amber, it will be Zach, Jess, and Dick, who was a HG’s choice for Dani. Eric is hosting, and it plays right into Dani’s good week that Jen is the only one not participating at all, meaning it leaves her unprotected and readily available as a replacement if Jameka or Amber come off the block.

The HGs also heard that the two players that come in first and second place get to go on at trip. Everyone has fun imagining the funny combinations of players that would have to go on a trip together. Before she found out she wasn’t playing, Jen was hoping it wouldn’t be her and Dick, but I think the funniest pair to go would be Jameka and Zach. Amber says God put her and Jameka in this spot so they could win first and second place and go on a trip together. She tells Jameka she should ask the DR if she can say a prayer and to not be embarrassed about it.

Sometimes Eric and Jess are just … way too close. She tells him in the midst of a conversation that she likes to poop. Great. Of course, it’s in the midst of trying to find out as much as they can about each other, most likely for a future comp, yet it’s still … TMI. He quizzes her about himself, and she guesses correctly that he bet 20 crime-bucks on Carmen San Diego, and he guesses correctly that she didn’t like her job at the theme park, because she didn’t like the staff.

We lose the feeds for not too long, only about an hour or so, and when we come back, it’s unclear whether Dani’s luck is still holding up for the week. Well, it seems like it is, but it’s not really what she wanted. She won the PoV. She has the power, which is great, but she didn’t want it really. She wanted Amber or Jameka to win and take themselves off so that she could put up Jen. So now, she’ll need to decide whether she wants to tip off Jen to her plan by putting her up anyway, or if she just wants to get rid of either Amber or Jameka by leaving the noms the same. The comp had something to do with the CBS poll and percentages. Maybe they had to guess where everyone placed in terms of popularity? And Amber came in 2nd? She’s the one that keeps thinking she’s America’s favorite, so that can’t be right.

It wasn’t a total loss for Amber, though, as she came in 2nd, so both she and Dani will go on the trip. Do they really have to go together? I really wouldn’t want to be stuck listening to Amber cry or Dani complain.

Why does Eric still keep going on and on about not being able to play in the PoV comps? We all figure that they have it fixed so that he can’t and risk his AP status, but in complaining about it and making it so noticeable, he’s tipping his hat that there’s something going on with his role in the game, and I’m sure BB isn’t happy about it. Although they can’t yell at him and says, “Eric, stop that!” or else it would be calling them out.


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