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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 16th – Eric, Showing His Feminine and Masculine Sides

When Dick is gone, Amber says there has to be an agreement between Eric, Jess, Dani, and Dick for final 4, and that there is no way she and Jameka will have the votes to stay. She hates Jess, but Jameka tells her not to say that. Amber thinks it will be her and Jen on the block, and if one comes up, Jameka will go up. Well, she’s close, as usual, with her thinking process, but still doesn’t quite get there.

After Jess walks in on Dick in the toilet, he wanders upstairs to the HoH and looks through Dani’s things. He mentions that between the two of them, they have won half of the HoHes and POVs in the house. Jen comes up and joins them and asks if they have deals with anyone. Dick refuses to answer, but thanks her for keeping him. She says that “the place we don’t talk about” (DR) obviously wanted him to stay over Dustin, and she then gets yelled at by BB.

Jameka tells Amber not to worry about all this as Dustin did it to himself with his boastfulness and arrogance. It’s Jess and Eric that Amber just can’t get over. She also talks about the words for her daughter on the show and wishes she had something for her niece as well. She feels like a big nobody without Dustin there, and she’s mad at Jess and Eric getting off scott free, especially since they still have each other.

Dani tells Dick that Jen told her she feels sorry for the next person sent to sequester that has to spend the time with Dustin. She also said they better not do that to her. It makes Dani feel bad for plans to backdoor her, but not Dick. He points out she won’t be the one voting anyway, it will be the rest of the house. Dani can’t believe Jameka is still upset about the PoV with the bunny suits. They also discuss how the house, despite having one big alliance a few weeks back, is now divided into twos.

Eric comes out of the DR and joins Dani and Dick, saying Dustin had asked him about the vote that morning, and Eric gave him some BS, ending with Dustin saying he wasn’t worried, as he was sure it was going to be 4-2 or 5-1 for him. Apparently America has voted for Amber to be on the block, as Eric starts right in pushing her, wanting her in Dustin’s place on the block. He wants to bury her spirit completely. Well, that’s nice. He also wonders about their deal, saying they never had a chance to finalize it. He thinks they should mock Kail and do a handshake in the SR.

Zach joins them in HoH, and they bash Jameka, talking about all the calories she consumes. Dani thinks it’s funny she says she needs to run a mile to work off a chocolate chip cookie, yet pours half and half on her cereal. Eric thinks Joe’s having a coke party in Chi-Town watching Dustin get evicted, and Dick figures Joe is on some BB message board with an avatar of Dick banging pots and pans over Dustin’s head. Kind of funny, since my fellow live feed recapper, Aurora, has an avatar of Dick shooting himself in the head. Zach brings him back down to earth, and tells him Joe hated him too. After realizing that Dick went up against both Joe and Dustin and survived, Eric says he’s the gonorrhea killer. Dick thinks “Penicillin” should be his new moniker.

Later on, Amber and Jess are laying down in the big bedroom, and Eric psyches himself up for a big move. Knowing it’s coming, Jess calls out to Jen to be on the watch from her room, and Jameka comes in to stand and watch. Eric comes in, drops his pants all the way (they were halfway off while waiting to run in), and does jumping jacks naked. It has to either be another beer pong bet or wish fulfillment of the girls who felt gypped when they were the ones that missed seeing “it” before. Everyone seems mighty impressed with his size, as Jameka tells him “it” was slapping him in the nipples. It was really hard to see in the dark room, but due to the girls’ reactions, I think he will have some fans when he gets out of the house.

Dick asks Dani who would have thought that the two of them would still be there, America’s A-hole and America’s Sweetheart. He mistakenly thinks she is the darling of all the fans. He leaves HoH and proceeds to have a Dick at Nite show, saying that the order of evictions should be Jen, Amber, Jameka, then Zach. Just like Dustin, though, he shouldn’t count his chickens/HGs before they’re hatched/evicted. He also says maybe evicting Nick wasn’t such a mistake, if it could be going so well right now, and says the worst thing to happen would be for Jen to win PoV, then HoH. He worries what his son and mom are thinking, and figures Dustin is walking around the hotel room in his robe trying to figure out what happened.

Dani is still awake in the HoH, listening to music and wearing Nick’s shirt. I think she’s giving a pretty clear message there to ole Kris, just like Jess and Eric are doing for their former alliance. I think it’s pretty safe to say the LNC has gone from that, to the LNC5, to the “Good People Alliance,” to GONE.

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