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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 16th – Eric, Showing His Feminine and Masculine Sides

Jess talks to Jameka inside and tells her she didn’t know what Dustin was going to do, yet they all knew what Dick was going to do. Jameka notes that they never vote out who they say they are going to and wonders what is up with Eric. She can’t figure out why he would vote out Dustin after being saved by him the week before. Jess blames it on Zach, and says it wasn’t Eric at all.

Zach comes outside and mentions the tarp that is now over the backyard to keep out the airplanes, and the talk switches to high school. Dick says he went to a Christian one across from Disneyland called Melody Land. Their name was The Flames. It switches then to a conversation about the Raiders, and he mentions again being a Jets fan, and says when he and Vincent would go to Raiders game, they wouldn’t wear their Jets jerseys.

Dani gets her HoH room and finds a letter from Nick. He doesn’t say much other than he is glad she is doing well and he’s happy he still gets to see her face often. He also hopes there will be some get-togethers for them in the future. He tells her to say hi to Zach and to tell him to quit fake sleeping. He ends it with “To be continued.” It’s written in handwriting that looks like calligraphy, and Dick adds that Nick had said before his mom was an art teacher. Dani also gets The Faint CD and corn dogs. Imagine how nice it would be to read her letter, listen to The Faint and eat corn dogs. What a night!

Dinner arrives, and it’s Chinese food. All the containers are labeled so Eric knows what he can and cannot eat because of his food allergies. Before they eat, Dani gives a little speech about starting out with more people and being happy to have that group with them now. Amber takes this opportunity to talk about this being hard for her, but she says she’s not mad at anyone. She doesn’t want anyone to treat her any differently.

Of course we need to analyze the fortune cookie messages. Jameka knows hers sounds like an eviction when it says she will soon be crossing warm waters for a fun vacation. Jess’ tells her the time is right to make a new friend, Eric’s that it’s okay to slow down and smell the roses, Zach has someone else’s as it says others fine his charm irresistible, Dick’s that others will be impressed with his artistic side. Maybe Dick’s and Zach’s are switched. Dani’s tells her to focus on her long term goal, Amber’s that good news is on her way, and Jen’s says that she is inclined to come up with unconventional solutions.

After dinner, Eric and Jess decide it’s best to lay low this week, and Eric points out week 5 isn’t a week you want to win HoH, but week 4 is. Are his numbers going by how many people are left? He also wants to get Jameka out sometime in the next few weeks, and I’m thinking that has to be because he knows she can beat them in final 2, especially in Dustin and Amber’s eyes. Dani lets Zach read her letter from Nick. Happy to have been mentioned, he says to Nick watching that he won’t let the FSA down. Which alliance was that? There have been so many, I can’t remember. Dani and Zach agree the house will be better this week, as they won’t have to deal with Dustin’s snide remarks.

Amber is by herself still, mumbling that they shouldn’t have gotten Eric out. Well, Honey, you just couldn’t go back on your word swearing on your daughter’s life, as you thought God would rather you keep a guy around that wanted to spread around rumors that would hurt your daughter, rather than you going back on your word to keep the guy. You decided to listen to the guy that was so arrogant he put himself on the block this week. That was all your own undoing.

Dani and Dick talk about the planned noms more in detail. Amber and Jameka will go up, and they will tell everyone playing to let them win, as they want to backdoor Jen. If Jen ends up playing and winning, they’ll take out Amber, but they’d rather Jen go first, and Amber the following week. Dick starts talking about the importance of PoV in final 4, as they decide who goes home. Dani doesn’t even want to go there yet. He kisses her and tells her how proud he is of her.

Apparently Jen and Eric lost yet another beer pong bet to Dani and Zach. They have to dress in each other’s clothes. First they think they will get around it by just switching t-shirts, but that’s a no go. Eric thinks then he’ll wear Jess’ athletic shorts, but again it’s a no-go. He ends up wearing the outfit Jen wore the night they arrived in the house, including the matching headband. It’s just kind of funny it fits, even to the point of being able to zip the dress up easily. Even Jameka has to laugh at this tonight. They have a beer pong rematch, and with Eric still wearing the dress, a red flower has been added to his hair.

Dick joins Jameka and Amber and tells them he knew they wanted to get Dani out, and they refuse to admit to the truth. He says Dustin told him that, but they can’t believe Dustin would do that. He talks about Dustin’s arrogance and smugness, and says the things that he said last week about Eric and Kail weren’t true, as it was really Dustin and Kail that had an alliance. He knew Dustin wasn’t being truthful last week when he agreed to be the deciding vote and didn’t want any insurance votes. If they weren’t in the house, Dick says, he would have beat the hell out of Dustin for calling Dani a skank. Dick realized Eric and Dustin were working against him back with the votes for Nick, and it was then he planned to go against them.

Jameka brings up the PoV comp with the bunny suits, and Dick tells them to notice it was on that question Dustin went out. Amber says she did yell at him about that. Wow, I’m sure that really would stop him from doing that again, Amber. He also thinks they’ll find out a lot about Kail outside the house, as she was there for a reason. I’m not sure why he decided to purge like this, but when he leaves, Jameka does thank him, and seems sincere, although she really doesn’t have a choice right now.


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