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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 16th – Eric, Showing His Feminine and Masculine Sides

Today’s the big day, the day when we find out who will be evicted. In this point in the game, anyone leaving would be big news, but we have the two alpha males duking it out tonight, Dick and Dustin. Dustin thinks he has a lock on it, and has been very, very arrogant about it, yet Dick is trying to set up a new alliance that could feasibly make it to final 4 of himself, Dani, Eric, and Jess.

The HGs are woken up and ushered into the HoH for a lockdown. For the majority of the time, they’re just sleeping n there. To say it’s a boring couple of hours is an understatement. Dick celebrated the end of the lockdown with a “Woo F’n Hoo,” and I have to say I feel his pain. It makes me wonder if they’re really doing something to the rest of the house, or if they just want to lock everyone up for part of a voting day so they don’t have time to change their minds about the votes.

Eric proves to be the ultimate alliance partner as he returns to the HoH with a garbage bag and helps Jess pack her things to move out of the HoH room. Jameka is moving her things out as well, and thinks it’s a double eviction because of the bunnies in the house yesterday. Dick is downstairs being a vacuuming fool, and says it makes him feel like Superman. Once Jameka makes her way downstairs, Dustin whispers to her that he’s a little worried about tonight. They are cleaning the bathroom along with Jen, and after, Amber, Jameka, and Jen clean the floors. All this time, Zach is putting on his socks. Apparently he doesn’t have to clean because of a beer pong bet.

While the cleaning continues, some start lunch. Jameka, very lost in thought, sits and peels apples for a baked apple thing she’s making. Jen is eating egg whites with only half a yolk. Eric and Jess continue their normal banter talking about her food smelling and his face smelling. Jess notes that every time something good happens for her on BB, she’s wearing a shirt that comes down easily. That includes when she was selected for BB and the tube top she was wearing when she won HoH last week. Maybe it’s not karma, and she just needs a better tailor.

Zach and Dustin have a very odd conversation in the gym. Zach out of the blue says his penis is huge when all of America now knows it is not, Dustin says he knows the Donatos are the king and queen of deals, and wants to know if Zach made one with them. Zach tells him he hasn’t, but wants to make sure if Dustin wins HoH, he won’t put him up. Dustin mentions something about not doing that because of the deal he and Zach have had since the beginning. Well, that’s news! Dustin leaves and Zach flips him off. I guess that says who he’s voting for!

Just before we lose the feeds for several hours until after the live show, Dick tells Dani that if something goes wrong and he leaves tonight, he is happy about the experience and having the chance to share it with her. She, so caught up in emotion, says not a thing, as usual.

When the feeds return, there is mostly happy-go-lucky chatter going on between the HGs, all except Amber and Jameka who are sharing hugs and whispers. Amber leaves, and Jameka mutters to herself about “typical,” then reads her birthday card. Just a little light reading she’s taking in it seems. Amber then heads to bed to have a good cry alone. Dick, Zach, and Eric talk about Dick’s goodbye speech mentioning Carol. It seems it might have been yet another beer pong bet.

Dick and Dani talk about the the week’s nominees, and figure they’ll keep with the plan of putting up Amber and Jameka and using Jen as a replacement nom. They’d rather keep Jameka over the others, since she isn’t much of a threat without the power to win HoH. They also note how Dustin was definitely shaken up over the whole thing. Dani is so happy about the whole thing she actually does a happy dance.

As the Donatos rejoin the group, there is talk of a missing spatula, the visitors yesterday, and cartoons. Dick cracks me up, as even though I knew he is the same age as me, he starts talking about the Groovy Ghoulies. Dani mentions Gem and the theme song, but that was a little past my time. Then, in an odd moment, Dani asks Amber what she thinks her daughter thought of the shout out on today’s show. Amber, of course, cries, and Zach and Eric just make fun of the whole thing saying Amber will be able to play it over and over, just as Eric and Zach will, and Eric even refers to it as soft core porn. That’s just weird, when you consider the fact the conversation started with Amber’s daughter.

BB stops the feeds and we don’t get to find out exactly what they’re talking about, but on a discussion about the DR, Eric says last night someone told him don’t make me come up there and talk to you, and Dani adds in they threatened her. With what? When? Who? I hate when they do that to us.

Dick unpacks his bag, which includes some things he was taking from the house as mementos, such as a chef’s hat, and Jess reclaims her old large bed. Poor Zach is never going to get one. I’m surprised he doesn’t want to vote out Amber on that alone. Dick says he’s glad he was in the situation he was in this week, and says he danced around the yard after he stayed thanking Fred. He is asked who Fred is, and he explains since he doesn’t believe in God, he calls him Fred. Thank God (Fred?) Jameka isn’t around. Dani says this is the best 21st birthday present ever.

Dani finally asks what’s with everything around the house missing, and Jen finally admits she did it last night when Jess and Eric were watching. They hear a plane flying overhead, and Dick suggests it’s Dustin heading off to Mexico. They talk about how Jameka and Amber are wondering what happened. Dick says something really noteworthy, and that’s that Eric is somehow involved with the show. Woah. Amber comes outside to the hot tub, and Dick tells her he will give her Dustin’s tattoo sleeves that he stole. So in other words, he’s says, “Sorry I took out your best friend. Here, let me give you the stuff I stole from him.” I’m sure it’s a great consolation.


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