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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 15th – Little Person, Big Paranoia

Jen is in the HoH room, singing the praises of her last night sleeping in the same room with Dick. Too bad the Mad Hatter didn’t utter the phrase about counting chickens before they’re hatched. Jen and Jessica are clad in their bikinis, and head out for the hot tub. What I don’t understand is why the hot tub is such an attraction after spending the entire day sitting outside in the heat. Is this a California thing, or is it everywhere?

Jess and Jen are talking about the clues from this morning. As are Amber, Jameka, and Dustin upstairs. As are Daniele, Dick, and Zach. I’ll spare you the details, because it’s nothing we haven’t heard. And if we haven’t heard it, it still doesn’t make much sense.

Eric finds Jessica, who is no longer with Jen, and tells her that he thinks they’ve made the wrong decision. He thinks they should evict Dustin. Jessica looks a bit unsettled, like she’s not sure whether or not to trust him. She asks him why, and he says that they’re siding with Jameka who can’t win HoH, and Amber who is “royally garbage.” Ha! He says that Dustin has deals with everyone in the house, and has plans for the game that don’t include the two of them. He’s talking kind of fast, so I’m not sure if Jessica is actually absorbing this or just questioning his motives.

Eric is really selling this, saying that he came here to win the game, and feels that this is the time to step up and do something. He says that they are now two HoH’s away from being completely safe in the game. I have no idea how he calculated that one, but we’ll go with it for now. He says that they can trust Daniele and Dick, because without this alliance they’ll have no one else in the house.

Eric promises to take the bullets for Jessica after the vote. She insists that she doesn’t have any enemies in the house right now, and that she just spent ages assuring Dustin and Jameka that Dustin would be safe this week. Eric says he knows, and that he’ll take the blame for all of it. Jessica still looks nervous and unsure, and she’s having trouble looking Eric in the eye.

Upstairs, Amber, Jameka, and Jen are once again going over the clues. People, give it a rest. Just for a while. They talk about the HoH comp, and then wonder if next week’s veto will have a special power. Hopefully it’s the power to exchange some of these people for fresh and interesting houseguests.

Eric shares a story with Jessica about an appearance on the show “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.” He says that he came to a point where he only wagered 20 crime bucks, and the others wagered 50 and they moved on while he didn’t. (The story is longer, of course, but that’s the gist of it.) He says he doesn’t want to make that mistake again, he wants to take the big risk and hope it pays off. Jessica finally agrees to make the deal with Dick and Daniele, which floors me. They will nod to Dick and Daniele to let them know that it’s on. Then, when Eric asks Jessica who she wants to see nominated next week, she says, “Daniele and Dick.” Heh. They think that Jen getting HoH would be good, because then she can take care of one of them. Way to head into an alliance, guys. They plan to talk to Jen and Zach tomorrow to get their votes and avoid a tie.

Eric goes to Dick with the nod, and Jessica nods to Daniele. Dick and Daniele meet up and compare notes, and are very excited about the new venture. They decide to nominate Amber and Jameka if they win HoH, and then try to backdoor Jen. But Daniele warns that they shouldn’t talk to Eric about this yet because he wanted to keep Jen for a couple more weeks.

Dick says that he’s not going to betray Eric now, not if he’s going to take this risk and vote to keep Dick in the game. Daniele mentions how they’ll have to target him eventually, but Dick won’t hear of it. He goes on and on about what a leap of faith Eric is taking, turning his back on his alliance and everything. Daniele is saying that she still doesn’t trust him, and that she wants her, Dick, Jessica, and Zach in the final four. See, this is where the problems with this new “alliance” will be. The only person committed to it is Dick.

Daniele says that she’s tired and wants to go to bed, so she leaves. Dick is left alone to complain that he shouldn’t have to kiss her ass. Indeed. He complains about giving Jen the slop pass, and then about women in general. There’s really not much else going on in the house. A few people have gone to bed, it looks like, and others are brushing their teeth and stuff.

Jessica, Eric, and Jen are all up in the HoH bedroom. Talking about how the DR has been asking about their three-person alliance. Say what? Now they’re making fun of Jen for her “Safety” answer in the veto competition. They go over the clues AGAIN and then run through the order of stuff happening in the house. Kind of like Jedi drilling, only dumbed down. They joke about going downstairs and hiding things so that the other hamsters will think it’s part of the twist or competition. Jessica watches on the spy screen as Eric and Jen go down and do just that. They’re enjoying themselves immensely.

Jen and Eric come back upstairs and they all share a good laugh. They think they’re going to be busted anyway by BB. Jen decides it’s time to go to bed, so off she goes downstairs to spend what she thinks is her last night sleeping in the same room with Dick.

Eric and Jessica discuss their new alliance. Jessica still doesn’t seem all that comfortable with it, and worries about Jameka and Amber, who she says she is close to personally but not strategically. She wonders if they should tell Jameka tomorrow what’s going to happen. Eric says they should sleep on it and then decide in the morning.

Jameka comes into the room asking them if they’ve slept at all yet. They say no, and she turns the lights on and sits down. Just make yourself at home there, Jam. They discuss Zach and his weirdness, and how Jameka got frustrated with the visitors today and just wanted them to leave. The first people that don’t live in the house that you’ve seen in 45 days, and you can’t wait to get rid of them? Methinks Jameka is going to need to spend some time with BB’s psychiatrist when she gets out of there.

Jameka wonders if Dick knows that he’s leaving. Eric sort of grunts that yeah, he probably does. Jameka thinks it’s suspicious that Dick is back to insulting Jen again. She also thinks that Dick is upset that Daniele isn’t spending more time with him on his last day in the house. She doesn’t feel bad for him though, because he was so degrading and nasty this week. She finally gets up and leaves, saying that she’s going to try and sleep but there is so much racing through her mind. Eric and Jessica must be ready to shout, “Hallelujah!”

Once Jameka is gone and the lights are off again, Eric and Jessica hunker down under the covers. Not snugly or anything, you understand. They’re at either end of the bed, and you could easily fit another person between them. Eric says that if Jessica needs to talk, she can wake him up. She says no, she wouldn’t do that. She says that she feels bad about keeping Dick, and Eric says that they can talk it all out in the morning.

Jameka goes downstairs, has a bowl of cereal, and heads to bed herself. It’s about 6 am. These people are going to have some pretty screwed up sleeping habits when they get home. At least they have an excuse – I’m going to be suffering from the three-hour time difference as well as the late nights!

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