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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 15th – Little Person, Big Paranoia

Eric points out that if they do decide to agree to this deal, then they’ll also need to work on Jen and Zach. Jessica thinks this is all too much work. He asks her if she wants to think about it some more, but she says she just wants to make a decision and get it over with. She says that she really wants Dick out this week. Argh. Eric asks her how she’d feel about breaking a tie, and she says she doesn’t care. Amber comes in, so the discussion is done for now. Amber’s all ready for her date with Zach. This should be, er, not that interesting.

Amber leaves, and Eric mentions that strategically they should try and get Jameka out before her weeks of not being able to compete for HoH are done. Jessica agrees. They agree that Dick will leave this week, and they’ll talk to Daniele and explain this to her so she’s not surprised when the vote is revealed.

Jameka is harassing Amber about how something big is going down, and says that Dustin feels it too. But she’s not talking about the vote – she thinks the visitors are signifying a big twist in the game or something. Amber doesn’t seem to care much. She’s busy applying dozens of coats of mascara in preparation for her date with Zach.

The date begins, and as Amber and Zach are both sitting on pillows on the ground in front of the little table, Amber says that Zach should go on The Bachelor. Um, I guess this would be in the same universe where Amber would be on America’s Next Top Model? Zach says it’s too fake for him, but he liked that “ovulating chick” who freaked out when she was cut on the first episode. Hee – Zach watches The Bachelor! Then again, so do I.

They talk about the vote, and Zach admits that he made a promise to Jessica and he intends to keep it unless she tells him otherwise. He talks about how arrogant Dustin is, and Amber points out that Zach and Dustin are very close in the house. They are? When did that happen? Zach mildly bashes Dick, and Amber says that she feels badly for Daniele having to lose her father in the house.

Jessica, Jameka, and Dustin are holed up in the HoH room. Dustin is paranoid, thinking that there’s going to be another competition before the vote tomorrow and that someone else will go on the block and he’ll end up evicted. Or something like that – it’s hard to follow his logic sometimes. Jameka is taking all of this very seriously as well, and she keeps stressing the six vetoes thing. He admits that he’s freaking out because he’s on the block, and Jessica assures him that he’ll be safe. He says he knows, but it’s still stressful.

Zach and Amber are talking about Zach’s job. He’s trying to explain 3-D graphics and design, but Amber doesn’t quite have a grasp on exactly what he does for a living. He mentions that he has some great ideas for reality shows that he wants to share with Alison Grodner. Oh dear. At least he doesn’t want to star in a sitcom, but still.

Back upstairs. Dustin wigging out because he thinks this competition is going to happen tonight, and last all night. I have no idea why. Jameka says something about never putting up one of their own again, but Dustin doesn’t bother to respond. He’s too busy being stressed out for all of them, and all the people who have had to endure watching Dick stress him out, and for anyone the world over who has ever had to deal with stress. Okay, I made that up. Once again they’re thinking that the clues point to a big secret that someone is keeping, and they think that person is Daniele because she doesn’t talk to them much.

Speaking of Daniele, she’s having her talk with Eric outside. Eric says that the more he thinks about it, the better the deal with Dick and Daniele sounds. Ah, so we haven’t lost him! He thinks that going to the end with the strongest players makes more sense than sticking it out with Jameka, who can’t win HoH, and Amber who is useless. He feels that Jen is just a big liar, and Daniele agrees with him. He goes on to say that he and Daniele are the best players in the game, and that they shouldn’t let the floaters and people who can’t play the game dictate where they end up.

Daniele says that if they agree to this, they should try and keep their alliance a secret. She wants to go after Jen next, but Eric isn’t comfortable with that because Zach would be more loyal to Dick and Daniele. I think he’s forgetting Jessica there. He points out that he’ll be making enemies in the house if he does this, and losing jury votes as a result. Daniele thinks that only Amber would hold a grudge against him.

Eric brings up the trust issue, and says that he only wonders if Dick and Daniele would turn on him. Daniele says this is a concern for her too, but Eric says that if he makes this move, there would be no reason for him to turn on them after shaking up the vote. He has no incentive to double-cross them if he votes to keep Dick in the house.

Daniele says that she’s tried to play strategically, and thinks that her dad is more emotionally driven. She agrees that the four of them are the strongest players in the house, and strategically it would be better for them to team up than try to play against each other. She says that once they get rid of Jen, it will be easy to get to the final four. If they can put the trust thing behind them, they’ll be extremely strong together.

Inside, Zach and Dick are playing beer pong. Beer pong looks like fun to play, but man is it dull to watch. The HoH group is still obsessing over everything.

Eric and Daniele are setting out the rules for their alliance. If one of them is on the block, the other three must vote for them to stay. If there are two of them on the block, Eric and Jessica have each other’s votes and the same with Dick and Daniele. Final two votes will come later. They will try to keep the alliance hidden, and that way they can use each other as pawns if they need to. Eric agrees to talk to Jessica, and he will let them know if they’re on board with the deal. Then they’ll iron out any other details later. Meeting adjourned.

Dick goes outside to smoke, and he looks very pleased. He’s talking to himself, saying “Who would have thought?” Meanwhile, Eric is showing Daniele that if you look closely through the mirror, you can see one of the monitors. They see themselves on the monitor, and BB tells them to “stop that!”