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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 15th – Little Person, Big Paranoia

Jameka, Dustin, and Amber are also trying to figure out the mystery of the day, and the only interesting thing that comes out of this conversation is the fact that Amber has a dinner date with Zach tonight. Dustin and Jameka think that Zach planned this so that he could confuse Amber about the clues and stuff, so they warn her not to even talk to him about that.

Jen and Daniele are outside, and Jen asks Daniele if she’s promised her vote to anyone. Um, hello? Daniele says that no one has asked her. Duh. Jen says that she promised her vote to the LNC so that they wouldn’t target her. They ponder whether the clues today have to do with the eviction on Thursday night, or are for something after that.

Dick heads upstairs to talk with Jessica, who is sleeping. She has to take a moment to orient herself before she can chat. This is either a really good time to propose a deal with her, or a really bad time. I guess we’ll see which one it is. Jessica says that she’s talked with Eric, and Dick says that he’s talked with Daniele. He says that the biggest concern that they’ll have is trust, because Daniele doesn’t trust Eric and Eric has every reason not to trust Dick and Daniele.

Dick delivers his spiel, which is similar to the one he gave Eric. He points out that Jameka can’t win HoH for four more weeks, and Amber is generally useless in competitions. He says the same for Zach, because he keeps throwing them. Hello? Has Eric won anything yet? No, because he keeps throwing them. Dick says that the four of them are the best players in the game, and it makes sense for them to team up and get everyone else out. He says that he knows Jessica made a deal with Zach this week, and Jessica explains that Zach said right before the HoH comp that he wouldn’t put Jessica up if he won, so she said the same thing back to him.

Dick explains that he and Daniele honestly thought that Eric was responsible for all of the things they accused him of last week, but now they’re discovering that a lot of it was actually Dustin. He points out that Dustin would flip on Eric and Jessica in a heartbeat to save his own ass. Jessica agrees. He wraps things up, thanking her for listening to him and promising to send Daniele up to talk to her about it.

Dick goes around looking for Daniele, and finds her in the backyard. She’s complaining that there’s nothing to do in the house, so he suggests that there’s a discussion that she could have with Jessica, because she’s waiting for her. Daniele looks put out as Dick explains, and eventually she gets up and trudges inside. Suck it up Daniele, this is your chance to save your dad.

Jessica says that obviously Daniele knows what she just talked to Dick about, and promises that this conversation can stay between the two of them if she wants. Daniele says that the only thing that’s really making her nervous is the lack of trust between herself and Eric. She thinks that Eric will want revenge for what she put him through last week. Jessica says that she understands, but this is a great deal to make. She says that she only has Eric, Jameka, and Amber on her side.

Jessica says that Daniele hasn’t had the chance to play the game as herself with her father in the house, and didn’t know if she wanted that chance or not. Daniele says that it’s a good point, but she feels like she’s in too deeply now and has to play with the situation she’s in. There’s a bit of talk about Dustin and how the two most hated people in the house are now on the block. Jessica says that she’s not sure if Dick and Daniele will completely trust her now, since she nominated both of them this week. Daniele says no, she doesn’t hold that against Jessica after what went down the week before.

It seems that Jessica is completely on board with this now, as she’s saying that she’s close to Jameka and Amber, but “sorry girls!” Daniele can’t wait to see the look on Dustin’s face when he finds out he’s been evicted. Jessica says that she will talk this all over with Eric, but if it’s going to happen then they all need to be able to communicate with each other. Daniele promises to talk to Eric as well and try to get their issues sorted out. Jessica offers the HoH room if all four of them want to talk together. Jameka pops her head in the room, sees that it Daniele in there talking with Jessica, and leaves immediately even though Jessica is calling to her to come on in. Nothing like adding a little kindling to the paranoia fire! Daniele and Jessica think that they should try and keep this alliance a secret if they can. To which I wish them the best of luck.

Zach is downstairs starting the prep for his dinner date with Amber. He’s making chicken for her, in case you were wondering. Dick is there making small talk with Zach. Daniele comes downstairs to talk to Dick, and she tells him that Jessica agreed to the plan too quickly, so she thinks something is up. She wants to talk to Eric now.

Eric is actually talking to Jessica, going over the pros and cons of keeping Dick in the house. He worries about the trust thing too, and wonders if Dick and Daniele will turn around and nominate him as soon as they get the chance. He says that he wants Jessica to feel good about what happens because it’s her HoH week. He promises to take the heat for whatever fallout there is from either side, but says that Jessica will have Amber and Jameka to talk to but he’ll be the outcast. So he’s gently pushing for the Dick/Daniele deal.

Jessica admits that she can’t decide what to do. She says it all sounds great when she’s talking to Dick or Daniele, but then when she’s alone she worries that it’s the wrong thing to do in the game. She points out that she and Eric would likely be safe for a while if they kept Dustin, because the only person who would nominate them would be Daniele. Eric says that he came into the game to win the money, and thinks that shaking things up now would secure him a better place in the game than if he sits idly by and does nothing. Then he repeats that he won’t do anything without Jessica, and that he wants her to be confident in whatever they decide.