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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 15th – Little Person, Big Paranoia

The lockdown is over now, and people are going back inside to eat, get dressed, and do their usual hamster things. Jameka and Amber hang back, talking about the morning’s events. Jameka is very serious about all of this, and Amber just looks confused. Which isn’t really out of the ordinary. Amber says, “A snitch is someone who always tells the truth, right?” Jameka agrees that it is. Oh brother.

Amber thinks that it all means that someone in the house has a very big secret. How she comes to that conclusion, I have no idea. Jameka thinks that it has to do with the vote this week. She thinks the six vetoes in the cage mean that one person wins HoH and six of them will get vetoes, so the nominations will be based on who doesn’t win one of these things. There’s some wild speculation going on here, including secret relationships between people in the house.

After some general milling about, Dick and Eric sit down to talk. Dick promises safety for Eric and Jessica, and says that he wants the four of them to make it to the final four. Eric is listening, and agreeing that Dustin needs to go, but isn’t sure if he needs to go this week or not. Dick says that, from what he’s heard inside the house, Eric will be joining him in sequester within the next two weeks if he keeps Dustin. He’s selling himself and Daniele as stronger players than Eric’s current alliance mates (which is true), and that any deals he considers would have to include Jessica. Aw. He says that for him to vote against Dustin, he’d have to be offered something big.

Meanwhile, Dustin, Amber, and Jameka are in the living room figuring out that Eric may be flipping sides. Dustin isn’t all that sure, but Jameka thinks that all the clues they got this morning mean that the power is shifting and that Dustin is leaving. Good grief. Dustin goes outside to break up the conversation between Dick and Eric, while Jameka spells everything out for clueless Amber. “The power has shifted,” says Jameka. “What does that even mean?” asks Amber. Gah. Jameka says that the two of them will be nominated next week, because Eric and Jessica are making deals with Dick and Daniele. Amber, who is slow to let this sink in, finally starts saying, “Oh god.” Over and over.

Outside, Dick has left the backyard and Dustin is asking Eric if he was offering deals. Eric says that Dick gave him his pitch, but that nothing solid was offered. Interesting. Dustin thinks that the “Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead” thing means that there will be one more nominee added on Thursday night, and that two of them will be sent to sequester. He’s stressing out over this, and says that he picked the wrong week to volunteer to go on the block.

A little later Eric and Dick resume their conversation. They don’t agree who the fifth person in their alliance should be (because they feel that they definitely need five for now). Eric wants Jen, Dick wants Zach. Go with Dick on this one, Eric. Zach will be loyal to Jessica. Eric hasn’t agreed on this deal, they’re just working out the what-ifs. Zach comes out and Eric asks him if he noticed the Sanskrit writing on the little person’s shoes. Zach says he did, but since he doesn’t read Sanskrit he didn’t know what it said. When Zach goes back inside, Eric tells Dick that he made that up – there was no writing on his shoes. They get a good laugh out of that.

Inside, Jessica has her HoH camera and is busily taking pictures. Eric goes to change into the “booty shorts” that he had to wear as part of a wager during beer pong. He backs out of the bathroom stall with the shorts on, stops for a picture, and walks back in. Hee.

Dick tells Daniele about the conversation he had with Eric, and suggests that she should talk to him too. She doesn’t seem to really care much, because she’s still complaining about how hungry she is. Dick tries to convince her to eat something, which causes her to whine even more. They argue a bit and Daniele goes inside in a huff. Dick starts swearing, saying that it’s the slop that’s doing this to her.

Eric goes to talk with Jessica about Dick’s deal. He plays it up, saying that he hasn’t promised anything but thinks it’s worth considering. He points out the disagreement about who the fifth should be, and thinks that it probably won’t work out in the long run anyway because these things never do. Good point. Eric says that it would be hard to trust the Donatos, but then again it’s hard to trust Dustin because he’s so shady. Jessica is agreeing to consider everything. Jen comes in and breaks up the conversation.

People are going off to take naps now, because they were so rudely awoken earlier by the hubbub in the house. Or whatever. Dick, Zach, Jen, and Dustin all talk idly about the visitors this morning and what the clues might mean. Dick is in a bad mood, which is likely the result of his daughter’s little temper tantrum earlier. He’s lashing out at Jen a bit, shooting down pretty much everything she says. She doesn’t care, of course.

Zach tells Dick that he’s figured out the clues, and that they mean that Dick will stay if the vote is 5-1 to evict him. Yeah, I know, I’m thinking the same thing as you are right now, dear reader.

Zach goes up to join Eric, Jameka, and Jessica in the HoH room. Eric tells Zach that Jessica could read the Sanskrit on the little person’s shoes, and that it said, “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” Hee! Jessica says that she saw all the phrases that the Mad Hatter was supposed to say on the back of his clock.

Dick and Daniele spend some time in the round room going over the clues once again. Dick thinks the numbers are important – the numbers on the cards, I think he means. The numbers 1, 5, and 9. They chew on all of this for a while, and when Daniele starts whining about not being good at this, Dick changes the subject to their potential alliance with Eric and Jessica. Daniele isn’t keen on the idea, because she doesn’t trust Eric. She thinks he’ll pull a Dustin and promise them his vote, then turn around and vote Dick out anyway. Dick doesn’t care – what has he got to lose? He says that if that does happen though, he wants Daniele to not make a big deal out of it.