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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 15th – Little Person, Big Paranoia

You know it’s going to be an interesting day in the Big Brother house when the first thing you see (besides sleeping hamsters) is a little person dressed as the Mad Hatter, jumping around on the purple couch in the living room. He walks around the house, plays with the settings on the toaster, and dons Dick’s sunglasses and dances around. Too funny – I can’t believe that no one is awake yet to see this! His hat has some playing cards on it, and he’s wearing a clock around his neck that looks like it came straight from Flava Flav’s collection.

Zach gets up and watches the Mad Hatter as he starts to spout clichés. “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” “There is no little enemy.” “Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.” “A snitch (sic) in time saves nine.” Amber and Jameka get up next, as Zach goes around trying to wake up the others. Dustin comes out and instantly looks terrified – remember, he has a fear of little people. He says his heart is beating really fast. Heh.

Everyone’s up now, just kind of standing around and watching the Mad Hatter as he dances around and repeats his phrases. He’s added a new one, too: “Fish and visitors stink after three days.” There’s some whispering going on, but most of them are just watching. Zach goes up behind the little guy and starts aping his moves, saying that he might be able to learn some new ones from him. Amber is gushing, saying that she’s in love with him. Jameka looks scared. Dick and Daniele look like they’re having fun, and are quite amused.

The Mad Hatter follows people around the house, into the bathroom and hopping on the scale, upstairs to the HoH room, and through the kitchen and living room. He hops up on the counter in the kitchen, as he keeps repeating his phrases. The hamsters are milling about now. Some are watching him while others are getting dressed.

We get a shot of the backyard, where a barbershop quartet is hanging out waiting for the hamsters. There’s also a guy on stilts dressed as a pirate. This is better than the mime! BB announces that the time is 12:36:47 as the doors open and the hamsters head outside. The barbershop quartet launches into “Ivory Rag” as the hamsters stand and watch. The little Mad Hatter is dancing, and the pirate on stilts is walking around. Surreal.

When the song is over, the pirate steps up and says, “It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail. And, after all, what is a lie but the truth in masquerade? Always drink upstream from the herd. Gentlemen, please, another one.” And with that, the quartet is singing “I’m Just Wild About Harry.” The pirate, by the way, has an awesome speaking voice. Cut to trivia, so we don’t get to see what else happens in the backyard until it’s time for them to go back inside.

When we come back, the pirate is repeating his phrases. Jameka and the others thank them all as Daniele opens to door. Inside, there’s a cage holding some white rabbits, and a guy dressed all in white who appears to be a statue. The surprises just keep on coming! The bunnies have playing cards attached to their collars, and the cage holds a number of coloured vetoes. There’s a sign on the cage that reads, “Welcome Friends.” Daniele is enamoured with the bunnies and takes one out of the cage to hold.

The statue is doing a series of movements that include an angry face, a surprised face, a “shhh” motion, and shooting a bow and arrow. Some houseguests are walking around looking at everything, while others are just sitting in the kitchen trying to take it all in. The little person is still walking around repeating his phrases. He goes over to the statue guy and starts mimicking him. Jen calls out that the statue dude must be Joe. Hee.

Dustin, Jameka, and Amber have their heads together and are whispering, as are Dick and Daniele. Eric is ruing the fact that he’s not up on his Alice in Wonderland trivia. He thinks that most of this stuff doesn’t mean anything, it’s just BB trying to mess with them. Good try, Eric. The Mad Hatter comes out of the bedroom with Dustin’s pillow, and he’s dancing around with it. This amuses Dick.

Eventually BB calls for another outside lockdown. Daniele, Dick, and Zach take their time going outside, hanging back to see the statue go through his motions one last time. The statue and the little person wave goodbye as the hamsters go into the backyard. There’s nothing out there this time, so I guess the festivities are over. As Jen would say, “How fun!”

The hamsters are now in deep thought. Eric mentions that the Mad Hatter messed up and said “snitch” and “stitch” in one of his phrases. Dick jokes with Jen saying that the little person was pointing at her picture while he said, “Fish and visitors stink after three days.” Hee. Dustin goes over to the Jack Shack to sit and think by himself. Zach joins him there, while Dick and Daniele also go off by themselves to figure out what it all means. My guess is that the HoH comp will be based on questions about all the stuff they just witnessed, and that it doesn’t all tie in together like the Coup D’Etat clues did last season. But I could be very wrong.

Daniele is complaining that she’s hungry and lightheaded. Dick wants her to concentrate on all of these clues and help him put it together, but she’s more interested in whining. Dick says that he needs to take a little break from her right now, and she answers, “Thank god!” He’s soon back and in her ear about the clues, and they argue a little bit over what the Mad Hatter actually said. Lots of whispering going on around the yard, and most of it is hard to hear.