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So You Think You Can Dance, August 15th – The Fab Four

Switching partners, we now have Neil and Lacey doing the Lindy Hop with Nick Williams and Kristin Scroll. I’ll preface this here by saying I don’t know how they make it all the way through this whole part and never mention the spectacular lindy hoppers from the auditions. It’s explained as a dance with crazy lifts, lots of drops, and fast footwork. It’s also one of the hardest partner dances to learn. Neil thinks it will be really cool to work with Lacey, as long as she’s not scared of him dropping her. Even the basic steps are so fast they’re not basic. They lindy right into Bill’s Bounce by The Big Elliot Swing Orchestra. remembering Lackey’s background is in swing, you would think it would be a little easier for her. It is just amazing to watch, although it’s hard to tell if their form and technique are always on.

Nigel says it is such a tough routine and to keep their energy up at the end of the show, they succeeded and must be exhausted, although you would never know it. At the beginning of the night, he said to Lacey please use your partner more, and he thinks she did for this. Mary adds that as tired as they both must be, they still really pulled it off. It took smooch partnering skills with all the lifts, lifts that are very difficult to pull off. She does note an arm in the dance not swinging as much as it should, but also says it is deserving of a scream and being on the hot tamale train. Lacey is ecstatic, as she has never had a Mary scream before. Mary adds that Lacey is in her element because of swing, and Lacey says it’s actually the exact opposite. Dan says that’s what he’s talking about and what he’s been waiting for. It was entertainment at it’s best and was enjoyable to watch. He says if you’re not entertained by that, you’re just a boring person.

I can’t catch her last name, as the thunderstorm warnings in my area block it out, but the choreographer for Sabra and Danny’s cha cha is Melanie, Tony Meredith’s assistant, and the one who filled in for Jessie when she was ill. Sabra notes this is going to be difficult, as they don’t know anything about the cha cha and don’t have good attention spans. She and Danny tell each other they’re great and love each other’s shirts, and it almost seems like they’re trying to force the chemistry. For Sabra the footwork is hard because she doesn’t count while dancing. They dance tonight to Gotta Get Down by La Negra Tiene Tumbao, and it’s a very hot dance, but they are missing a little of the sexiness. They also aren’t bringing sexy back. Maybe it’s her. Halfway through, the sexiness comes in as it slows down and pulsating lights are added. It’s also odd to see tiny Sabra in heels, as it seems she’s usually barefoot.

Nigel says it’s really a shame Danny and Sabra have never partnered before, as they really do work well as partners. There was a certain technique that was lacking in the foot action for a proper cha cha, yet he admits it’s tough and takes years to learn. He prefers, though, to concentrate on their personalities, mostly because they don’t want Sabra slammed for a third time in a row, I assume. The performance end was superb as usual, and he never realized the cha cha included the “Beyonce” bounce. He tells Sabra she should take up ballroom and Latin, as she really does seem to suit it well. Danny is told he was tall, and he she have gotten down a little. Well, there has to be at least a foot difference in height there, if not even even more.

Mary tells Sabra and Danny their weight needed to be more forward, and it wasn’t rhythmical enough for her until halfway through when it went into slow motion, and they started to relax. The performance level picked up so much through the second half and all the way tooth finish. They nailed it by the end. Dan isn’t going to question Mary’s expertise in ballroom. It was a “little okay” in the beginning, but like Mary said it turned in the second half and became so much fun to watch. It was hot and they nailed it.

Summing the evening up, Nigel says at this stage he doesn’t think it matters what he says, and most night it probably doesn’t matter either. He would like to advise America to take into account as they-vote not just tonight, but the whole season, and how these four have improved across the season. He wants us to know while it would be good to see a girl win for a change, his personal point of view is he’s happy to see anyone America chooses, as they all deserve it.

Mary thinks in the next 24 hours the four finalists will definitely deserve a good night’s sleep to heal those bodies, as they really put them through the test. It’s being one of the toughest competitions and dance events of their lives, showcasing each one of them tonight, as they’ve been able to show their strengths. She, too, feels any one of them could win and she would be very happy and honored for them to be the champion of the show. Dan points out form week one to s now, watching how these dancers held their own has been amazing. He wants to speak on behalf of all the choreographers, it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with them, and they are all great in their own way.

Now that we’ve ended the show very PC, let’s look at it realistically. Could any of the four win? yeah, I guess. But I don’t look for it to be Neil, despite his good looks and the way he’s improved. Sabra, Danny, and Lacey have been audience favorites, but only Lacey has been throughout. I don’t think she ever ended up in the bottom group of dancers. My money is on Lacey, but I won’t be shocked if Danny or Sabra take it.

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