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So You Think You Can Dance, August 15th – The Fab Four

Lacey and Sabra dance together as well tonight, and do so to a Wade Robeson routine. Lacey is to be a mother fox and Sabra a baby fox. When Wade found out he would be choreographing something for them, he explored different female relationships, and came up with this. Sabra says it reminds her of being a kid and playing animals. Lacey says it’s harder than she thought, as she has to support all of Sabra’s weight, and while she’s only about 4 foot tall, it’s all muscle. Tonight they are the foxy ladies to Koyal (Songbird) by Nitin Sawhney. Oddly they both dance at the beginning with scarves in their mouths, and I have not a clue was that is supposed to be. A dead animal? Something about it is mesmerizing.

Nigel notes that one great thing about art is you can’t disagree, you either like or dislike it, and he didn’t get this one at all. He thanks goodness that we were told it was about two foxes, as for all he knows they could have been velociraptors. He thinks Sabra nuzzled well, and as he says this Mary starts nuzzling him, so he adds Sabra’s nuzzling is not as good as Mary’s. This is a tough one at this stage of the competition, and he’s not sure if this was the right time for Wade to experiment. Mary doesn’t feel it showcased the girls’ talents to the best of their abilities and asks how they critique or judge that. She does believe they did what was asked of them, though. Dan thinks there will be people that absolutely love this and people that do not. He did feel there was good attention to detail and he liked how they went from slow to quick in the beginning. Sabra’s not having too good of a day here, is she?

Cat now sits down for a chat with Danny, and they talk about the one person that is always in the front cheering the loudest for him. that would be the woman that adopted him when he was 10, Travis Wall’s mother. Remember Travis from last year’s show and final 4? The way he explains it, it seems like he just happened upon the auditions, but that can’t be the truth. He best routine so far he feels was the samba with Lacey. The whole talk of him being arrogant makes him feel very misunderstood, and it closes him up more than it opens him. He feels most comfortable when dancing. He does his solo to the Gavin DeGraw version of We Are the Champions and he has some of the most amazing leaps and spins, at one point 8 leaps across the stage and half way back, but it seems to lose me of the dance aspect of it to get all those in.

Nigel tells him there are no words. He and maybe Blake on occasion, he thinks have been the best two dancers ever on this series. He feels every young man watching the show should aspire to be as good as Danny. Mary tells him he’s just crazy and there was craziness all over the stage. She gives a wooh, and says she couldn’t ever tire of watching Danny dance. Dan any he couldn’t either. He also wants to know what’s in the water at his mom’s studio, what with Travis, Danny, Jamie … Jamie? She was a Wall student too? Just proofread this paragraph and am giggling about Danny dance. Dan. Have to love he alliteration.

With the girls dancing like foxes together, of course the guys will as well. They will dance to a Mia Murphy contemporary routine, and she says in the kingdom of So You Think You Can Dance, she is the queen of hearts. They will be two princes battling for the throne … and $250,000. Whatever they can think of that’s dangerous, they’re doing it here. They know Nigel really likes masculine dance, so that’s what they’re gong for. Dancing to Are You the One by the Presets, they start out sitting in thrones, jerking to the beat, with sticks in their hands. They taunt each other, threaten, and show off. It’s absolutely marvelous and they pull of their characters quite well.

Nigel admits it won him over. It was very strong with great technique and he loved the way the choreography didn’t get in the way of the dancing. He cracks he wasn’t sure which was Prince Harry and which was Prince William. Mary loved it as well, and says it was so believable from the very first second it started, when they were only moving their fingers, and you could feel the tension. Even the irritating clapping Danny was doing in Neil’s face was great, and Dan then does the same to her. She thinks this showcased their talents so tremendously , and feels it will be a number she will always remember. Dan liked how Danny and Neil were throwing down the athleticism They played two different characters, and the rawness of Neil’s technique and refined moves of Danny were insane.

In Saber’s interview with Cat, she says she was born in the Netherlands, but moved to Germany for 8 years due to her family being in the military. She was sad to leave it all to come to the States, but now loves traveling. In her audition for the show she was hungry and nervous as she’d waited all day and was the second to last in her group. Her favorite bit was Wade’s solos as they each got to show a little of their personality. Talking about the roar from that dance, she says she is a loud person and people are always telling her she is too loud. They talk, too, about Dominic Sandoval always dropping her, and they show when he dropped her really badly in dress rehearsal right on the back of her head. Sabra says she will never take anything for granted. She dances her solo to James Morrison’s Wonderful World. She dances with such a celebratory, freeing feeling.

Nigel says Sabra has this energy that draws us in. It’s a marvelous quality that you just can’t give to people and you can’t teach. She has a piece of magic, he tells her. Mary says you can teach all the time about the different qualities in dances, but after dancing for just four short years, she has everything it takes to be a champion of this show. She is inspiring to so many people who think it’s too late. Dan says he’s not going to lie. He was on the other side for awhile and thought Dominic was carrying Sabra. But she can stand along on this stage and hold her own, and every time she comes out she does something else that surprises him. He knows she deserves to be there.


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